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The Red Porch Light Meaning And Some Colors More

The standard tone of your light porches is usually yellow and close to pale. It happens to be ordinary, but what if we say that there are other tones that can be used, for instance, a red porch light? The color which you can choose for your light porch situated near the front door of your accommodation has 914808 various meanings. We have decided to tell you what sense is presented by every porch light color.

The most widely spread porch light tones have the following definitions:

  • Blue color means respect and support for those who work in the police, or it is connected to our knowledge of autism;
  • Green color stands for our honoring the USA veterans;
  • Red porch light will remind of American Heart Month, a yearly US tribute to heart diseases;
  • Purple color of your light bulbs reminds us of domestic violence and its victims.

In the following article, we would like to investigate some possible tones of your light porch bulbs more and show why it has appeared. If you are familiar with a porch light color meaning, you definitely will be able to define what your neighbors would like to pay attention to.

The Red Porch Light Meaning

What Does The Red Porch Light and Other Colors Mean?

So, what does a red porch light mean? The red porch light can be turned on not only one time a year. Of course, red light porch is suitable for October’s popular celebration – Halloween. February can also be noted by red light bulbs because of Valentine’s Day and American Heart Month as well.

The organization called American Heart Association has organized a campaign of turning on red light porches in February in order to spread heart health awareness. You can decorate your house with red details as well, but switching the color of the porchlight in front of your house is enough. The holiday was set in 2009 and is connected with National Wear Red Day, which happens on the first Friday in February in the US. In Japanese home decor the red color is also usually used.

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Actually, between 2016 and 2018, there was a rumor started by one Internet source that red porch lights stood for the fact that there can be found no guns in the house with this light. However, this source couldn’t allow any proof of this fact. In other words, if you have noticed red porch lights in your neighborhood, you can be assured that they’re not connected with guns at all.

The Blue Porch Light Meaning

blue porch light

The following will be useful for those people who have ever asked a question, “What does a blue light bulb mean?” When you choose a blue color for your light porches, it can have one of two meanings. One of the definitions of blue color light bulbs is connected with how we deal with the issue of autism. The story started in 2007 when April 2nd was named World Autism Awareness Day by the UN General Assembly. The day has been celebrated since that time for 13 years.

After three years of the situation mentioned above, Autism Speaks started a campaign under the name of Light It Up Blue in order to give people more information on World Autism Awareness Day.

Since that moment you can often catch sight of a blue porch light in front of houses in April, on Autism Awareness Day itself as well. Therefore, you won’t be surprised by the blue color of your neighbors’ porch light in April. In addition to this, you can also take part in this tradition.

In some sources you can also find information that since 2017 some USA residents use blue porch lights if they are willing to emphasize their respect for those who work in police and their families. So, we can see another reason for using blue porch lights.

The Green Porch Light Meaning

green porch light meaning

If you have ever asked the question,“What does green light on porch mean?”, you should read further. The holiday which is honored by turning green porch lights on is Veterans Day, celebrated on November 11th. You can take part in memorials and celebrations connected with this day or just keep your porch light green all November.

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If people have chosen to use green porch lights in March, they are likely to be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. This is a famous Irish holiday which is now celebrated in many parts of the world, where Irish people settled some years ago. Green happens to be a traditional color of Irish people, that’s why it can be turned on on that day.

Several sources will also mention that the green color of porch lights can be noticed in May and remind of Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Actually, this campaign is not only national but worldwide. The tradition of observing this month was started in the 1980s.

The Purple Porch Light Meaning

porch light color meaning

Occasionally you can notice a purple porch light in front of some houses in your neighborhood. This color stands for domestic violence awareness.

The tendency was set by the Domestic Violence Task Force in 2007. The campaign received the name Purple Light Nights and was developed to enrich awareness of domestic violence.

The month when the problem of domestic violence is raised in many parts of the world is October, so at this moment of the year, you can switch the color of your porch light to the purple one. This action helps to make the information about the domestic violence horrors more widely known as well as to remember those who have suffered or even died because of facing domestic violence.

The Blinking Porch Light Meaning

blue porch light meaning

What will you think when seeing a blinking porch light in front of some house? You may decide that the light has just broken down and needs a replacement.

Of course, it can be that way, but in some cases, it can happen to be a signal of an emergency. Some homeowners can flash a blinking porch light if they are willing to set a sign for an ambulance, police officers, or firefighters. The blinking porch light will make it easier for those who working in any emergency service to make clear which house needs attention. It’s rather challenging for emergency services to read the signs while driving, so such a light porch will save them some time.

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Some people wish to redesign their porches or buy a flame-like light porch in order to create a flickering flame view.

Some colors don’t have wide-known meanings and can refer to a particular case. To give an example, we will say more about pink porch lights.

The Pink Porch Light Meaning

what does a red porch light mean

Pink porch lights in your garden can create a mild and calming atmosphere, but there is also a meaning which is posed by pink porch lights. There were two cases when pink porch lights were used.

The first case took place in 2016. Pink light was turned on in porches in order to remember the lives of 6 family members who were killed by a house fire in Nebraska. The porches were pink for the whole of November all over the state.

The second case happened two years later, in 2018. Pink light porches became a sign of support for a school pupil living in the state of New York fighting with an uncommon type of leukemia.

But sometimes pink color or any other colors of light porches don’t mean anything and only create a certain kind of atmosphere.

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In Closing

In the article, we have discussed some of the most standard tone options for porch lights. They have different meanings such as domestic violence awareness or giving a tribute to the US veterans. In other words, colored porch lights offer to us more aware of contemporary issues as well as some honorable facts of our history.

green porch light meaning

We hope that this article is helpful for you, and you will understand what your neighbors want to attract attention to and you will take part in these marvelous traditions.

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