richest people in the world

Top 10 richest people in the world 2021

Now we will tell you about the richest people in the world in our article and after that people will know interesting facts regarding successful businessmen who inspire us to gain tremendous results, indeed.

richest people in the world

So, for these aims world-known magazine Forbes released the top-rating of noblemen of this year and that’s why you can see who is on the top of rich and wealthy.

Well, the number one is Bernard Arnault: he is a leader in this prestige list although many people think that the first place should be assigned to creative Jeff Bezos.

Meanwhile, Frenchman Arnault became a financial star in 2021 when coronavirus was spreading all over the world and affecting on world’s global economy drastically. Nevertheless, he is the richest person deserving the position of course.

The Business of Wealth of Richest people in the world   

richest people in the world

To add to the above told, we would like to say that the quantity of billionaires significantly increases compared with the 2020 year and at this moment contains 2755 person plus 660 from last year, you know.

Forbes says that the total accumulated wealth of all list of noble people counts about 13 trillion dollars increasing 8 trillion dollars approximately within the last 2020.

This trend was influenced by cryptocurrencies fluctuations and huge volatility on stock exchanges therefore the number of richest people in the world came bigger.

Actually, the magazine includes 493 new persons who got billion last time and remarkably this quantity is coming every 18 hours it happens. We can underline Jay Adelson net worth in the list because she has about 38 billion dollars and she is considered as wealthiest among comers of 2020. It is amazing, isn’t it?

Also, we can mark such persons as Tyler Perry, a famous filmmaker, Guillaume Pousaz, a creative businessman of, and young lady Whitney Wold Herd who is the founder of the Bumble brand. Nice members of the list, indeed.

It is interesting to notice that prevailed number of fresh billionaires of the 2021 year was them in previous time. 250 persons of entrants returned in Forbes prestige data and this is amazing news for those people who want to be one of the richest people in the world.

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Who is the wealthy person in 2021?

richest people in the world

As we said, first place is taken by famous luxury businessman Bernard Arnault but he is stepped by four rivals each having a wealth of 100 billion dollars. By the way, Melanie Craft’s net worth isn’t including. Let’s go!

1. Bernard Arnault

richest people in the world

This noble magnate lived amazing 2020 year since his company LVMH increases own value by 416 billion dollars and this factor helps to be number one among richest people in the world. Besides it, Frenchman owns 47% of shares in the conglomerate, so his net worth is 196 billion dollars, you know.

The add of value within 2020 was about 30 % due to stock price surgaring this is impressive details undoubtedly. These things allow businessmen to surpass fantastic Jeff Bezos for some time and now Arnault is a leader in this race.

We think his past wife Anne Dewavrin would be glad about the fact. Well, let’s view Bernard’s wealth details deeper.

Size of wealth: 196 billion dollars
Activity: Goods in luxury field
Personal date: 5th of March 1949, French town Roubaix
Children: Antoine, Delphine, Alexandre, Frédéric, Jean they are richest people in the world
Wife: Anne Dewavrin ( 1973–1990) Hélène Mercier (1991 – present time)
Brother: Dominique Watine-Arnault
Background: Lycée Faidherbe, École Polytechnique

2. Jeff Bezos

richest people in the world

This man is one of the richest people in the world for sure and that’s why his face is often shown in different media of our society. He was on the wealth top for several years but now Bezos takes second place among billionaires.

His net worth is 186 billion dollars and generally, Jeff jumped for 73 billion last year after the share rate grew up due to investor’s interest increase. Meanwhile, one richest person in Michigan also ups his business recently.

Size of wealth: 186 billion dollars
Activity: Chain internet company Amazon
Personal date: 12th of January 1964, Albuquerque, USA
Wife: MacKenzie Scott (1993–2019)
Children: 4 who are also richest people in the world
Relatives: Jacklyn Bezos, Miguel Bezos
Background: Princeton University, Miami Palmetto Senior High School, River Oaks Elementary School

3. Elon Musk

richest people in the world

By the way, do you know worlds richest person 2015? But next guy wonders many people flying to place number three. Now his prosperity contains about 160 billion dollars and Musk has got this rate due to Tesla stocks increase almost 700% within last year. Yet then he was only 31st in the rating but now he is closer to Arnault.

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Elon is really one of the richest people in the world, indeed. Apart from it, he stayed the leader for a little time. So, our hero has excellent perspectives in near future.

Size of wealth: 160 billion dollars
Activity: SpaceX, Tesla
Whole amount: 163.8 billion dollars by Forbes
Personal date: 28th of June 1971, Pretoria, SA
Citizenship: South Africa (1971–nowadays); Canada (1971–nowadays); USA (2002–nowadays)
Spouse: Grimes (2017–present time)
Children: X Æ A-Xii, Nevada Alexander, Griffin, Xavier, Saxon, Kai, Damian

4. Bill Gates

richest people in the world

Well, here is our former long-time businessman who is still one of the richest people in the world. At this moment Bill ranks 4th position in our top-rating of great billionaires. His net worth is 124 billion dollars and this is no limit.

Size of assets: 124 billion dollars
Activity: Microsoft
Personal date: 28th of October 1955, Seattle, USA
Wife: Melinda Gates (1994-2020)
Children: Jennifer Katharine, Rory John, Phoebe Adele

5. Mark Zuckerberg

richest people in the world

So, do you know David Ellison’s net worth? Just check it now but now the story is about another champion. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder of well-known Facebook and his value was rising up in 2020 year.

Because of this social media helps people to keep in touch with their friends the stock price is getting on a high level, you know. Namely, that’s why the young man is one of richest people in the world.

Size of assets: 97 billion dollars
Activity: social platform Facebook
Personal date: 14th of May 1984, White Plains, USA
Wife: Priscilla Chan (2012 – present time)
Children: Maxima Chan, August Chan

6. Warren Buffett

richest people in the world

Now we will tell you about the legend of the investment world Warren Buffett who earned wealth thanks to successful forecasting in financial markets. The 2021 year also is remarkable for him because his prosperity grew by 28 billion dollars during the time. The Oracle is still the best expert in the field, indeed. Let’s view his details deeper.

Size of wealth: 96 billion dollars
Activity: Berkshire Hathaway
Personal date: 30th of August 1930, Omaha, USA
Wife: Susan Buffett (1952–2003), Astrid Menks (2006 – present time),
Children: Susan Alice, Peter, Howard Graham. They are also the richest people in the world

7. Larry Ellison


richest people in the world

Now the queue for another Richman who also had fantastic financial time in 2021. Mr. Ellison have got significant cash due to drastically rise in stock prices for Tesla. But for now, he is back down for richest person in Nevada.

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Size of wealth: 93 billion dollars
Activity: Software
Personal date: 17th of August 1944, New York, USA
Wife: Melanie Craft (2003–2010)
Children: Megan, David
Background: The University of Chicago
Books: Software: An Personal Portrait of Larry Ellison and Oracle

8. Larry Page

richest people in the world

The story is about a famous IT magnate and this is a tremendous fact to tell his net worth which equals approximately 91 billion dollars. It happens thanks to the qualified running of an internet business. So, Page has full right to be on the list of richest people in the world.

Size of wealth: 91 billion dollars
Activity: IT-giant Google
Personal date: 26th of March 1973, Michigan, USA
Wife: Lucinda Southworth (2007 – present time)
Background: East Lansing High School (1987–1991)
Relatives: Carl Victor Page, Gloria Page

9. Sergey Brin

richest people in the world

Our Russian is a leader in the field as well and that’s why we can say with confidence that he is one of the richest people in the world. Google has huge perspectives and consequently raises its assets, you know.

Size of wealth: 89 billion dollars
Activity: Company Google
Personal date: 21st of August 1973, Moscow, Russia
Wife: Anne Wojcicki (2007–2015), Nicole Shanahan (2018-present time)

Children: Chloe, Benji
Background: University of Stanford (1993–1995)
Relatives: Michael Brin, Eugenia Brin

10. Mukesh Ambani

richest people in the world

And finally, our list is ended by Indian magnate Mukesh Ambani who own prosperity about 84 billion dollars. That’s why he is the richest man in Asia.

The entrepreneur has knocked out another noble businessman Jack Ma who was the richest in the region for a long time and now ranks only 26th position in the rating. So, who is the most interesting man in the world net worth?

Size of wealth: 84 billion dollars
Assets: Various activity
Personal date: 19th of April 1957, Yemen
Wife: Nita Ambani (1985-present time)
Children: Isha, Akash, Anant
Background: Institute of Chemical Technology
Relatives: Deepti Salgaocar, Anil Ambani, Nina Kothari

richest people in the world

So, this is all about the richest people in the world and hope you knew many important facts in the article.

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