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Best Combinations of Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace Paint

Many of us stare at thousands and thousands of samples of paint hypnotized struggling to pick the only one of them. It is always difficult to stay on something particular because there are really lots of options.

If you wonder how you are supposed to narrow down your flow of thoughts just to one of the shades, bear in mind that it is quite a tough job. But the good news is you are not alone! That is why we are here to help you orientate yourself.

At first, let us mention that one of the most popular variations of white paint is a Chantilly Lace paint made by Benjamin Moore. The only thing left is to figure out whether it is a perfect shade for you personally. We hope that after reading this post you will definitely see, what color BM Chantilly Lace is, how it looks like, and what to expect from it.

What Is Chantilly Lace Paint Color?

chantilly lace benjamin moore

The official site of the manufacturer says about this tone: “As delicate and refined as the lace it was named after, this crisp, clean white evokes images of pure silk, soft linen and simpler times”.

Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace gathered truly positive reviews from professional designers and decorators. And not for nothing, because above all it can be described as “universal”. This paint is neutral white, without many undertones, so the white remains utterly pure.

Besides, it can be successfully used on all kinds of house surfaces, including walls, ceilings, and trim, which means that it is extremely versatile.

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What Are Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace Undertones?

benjamin moore chantilly lace

To proceed with undertones of this particular shade, first, let’s briefly clarify what actually an undertone is. The dominating color you see first when you look at the sample of paint is usually called a mass tone. As a rule, mass tone should be simple, like blue, yellow or green. But the truth is there are lots and lots of variations of mass tones, which differ in the slightest details.

Here is where undertones come into play. In general, they are described as differences of proportions in paint formulas. So, if the paint recipe has more cold or warm colors in its composition, we say that the hue has cold or warm undertones.

At first, it may seem too hard to distinguish any nuances, because every shade is complex in its own way. But when you train for a while, you will get used to it and soon will be able to define the subtle inclusions of blue or yellow in every shade.

Is Chantilly White Paint Cold Or Warm?

Now, when we made it clear what undertones are, it’s time to define which side our hero belongs to. Chantilly Lace paint is considered to have absolutely no yellow undertones, but contain blue or gray undertones instead.

So, it will be a suitable option in case you don’t want to see any hints of warm tones. But if you incline to more of a warm palette, opt for more creamy hues by Benjamin Moore, such as Swiss Coffee for example.

Chantilly white reads more cool due to its blue inclusions. This makes the whole space bright and airy. The shade of white looks clean and immaculate, making the room crispy.

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What It Can Be Combined With?

chantilly lace paint color

Take into account that white hues may read differently depending on many factors. Reflections of furniture and trim and even the view outside or time of the day may change the picture adding some new impressions.

Note that the direction your windows face is also an important player. Windows facing north add bluer or gayer shadows, while south-facing windows make the light pour inside.

All these various incarnations of the same color on one hand make the situation trickier, but on the other hand, give you unparalleled freedom of choices. Since white is an empty canvas, you may fill it with a lot of different things, which would be impossible with any other color.

If you are afraid that your room would instantly become too sterile because of the abundance of white, there are certain elements that help counterbalance it.

Add warm spots and offset Chantilly Lace paint with natural earthy textures. Brass or gold trim, wood furniture or frames, potted plants make space feel cozier. Woven baskets and jute rugs add a touch of nature and offset the neutral background.
You can also read about the combination of curtain colors for grey walls in another article.

Benefits Of Using White Color In The Interior

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To sum it up a bit, we will highlight some of the benefits you get when you paint your room white. So, below are the top five reasons making your white space absolutely amazing:

  1. You may have heard it thousands of times before, but the white color really enlarges the space, which works great on small rooms.
  2. This color has a decluttering effect, due to its purity and minimalism.
  3. White is considered to symbolize peace and cleanness, which brings psychological stability to space.
  4. It is truly a timeless classic. Clean basic colors never go out of fashion.
  5. As we mentioned before: it is a blank canvas to paint on! There is plenty of space to express yourself.
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With this list of advantages, it becomes way harder to name white “boring”.

What Finishing To Make?

There is one more trick you should learn about. In fact, you may use Chantilly Lace for trim, ceiling, and walls together – as we have said, it is pretty universal. But the finishing you apply may be different for all the surfaces. It will make the room look united, yet textured.  As an example, you can opt for

  • satin finish for the trim;
  • eggshell finish for the walls;
  • flat finish for the ceilings.

What Are Popular White Tones Except for Chantilly Lace Paint?

chantilly lace paint

If you finally decided that Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace is not your path, there are lots of other options by the manufacturer. Among the most popular of them are Swiss Coffee, White Dove, Decorators White, and Simply White. Great range to choose from!

To Sum It Up…

What else can be said: see the pictures in this post to get more inspiration! Chantilly Lace Benjamin Moore is a color that works in different parts of the home, on different surfaces, and in a variety of styles. So, everyone may find something unique for every purpose.

Secondly, don’t forget to watch the video inserted here to get a fuller understanding of what color is Chantilly. We hope that you figured out what you intended and are prepared to further steps!

chantilly white paint

benjamin moore chantillychantilly lace paintchantilly whiteVideo: Top 5 Benjamin Moore White Paints

3 thoughts on “Best Combinations of Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace Paint”

  1. Sandra Little

    I had my small craftsman house-painted Golden Honey and chose Cloud White for the trim. My painter painted Chantilly White instead; It seems to bright . My question is: does Cloud White work with Golden Honey ?

    1. Thank you for the question.
      Yes, it really works. Cloud White works with Golden Honey, also much depends on the additional accessories and their color

  2. I have an off white linen couch and two chairs——the couch is against a long wall. I am looking at painting my great room (consists of kitchen, dining area and living area) that has three North facing windows (so not much natural light) in either Chantilly Lace or Simply White. The three windows have shutters on them which are white and will not be repainted, so the color has to work with the existing shutter color. I have ruled out Dove White (too yellow against the shutters) and also ruled out Super White because of gray tone to the color. I am planning on using whichever color I choose in eggshell on the walls, semi gloss on the doors and trim and flat on the ceiling.
    The question is: which color will go best with my existing furniture and shutters.

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