Best 9 Tips How To Remove Yellow Stains From White Cotton Sheets

How To Remove Yellow Stains From White Cotton Sheets?

You are a person who keeps your body, clothes, bed linen clean, but still wondering how to remove yellow stains from white cotton sheets and where do they come from … Is this familiar? Unfortunately, almost everyone with white bedsheets is faced with this situation.
Yellow stains on white sheets
Stains on bed linen are a purely household matter. They can appear for many reasons, but it is sometimes very, very difficult to remove them, especially if the spots are of natural origin. Every housewife should be able to remove stains of biological fluids that remain on bed linen after a night spent, since such an incident can happen to anyone, no one is immune from this.

This becomes a real frustration for homeowners, as there is often no visible solution to the problem. Even bleach cannot affect the color change! But what is the reason? You will find out about this in our article.

Why Do My Bed Sheets Turn Yellow?

Have you ever encountered the problem of unpleasant odor and skin stains on sheets and pillows? Have you ever gotten stubborn yellowish sweat stains out of your skin that just can’t be removed? These are stains from sebum that our body produces. This natural oil can seriously damage fabrics and is difficult to remove due to its oily texture.

The good news is that we will share the ideal way you can get super clean lingerie. In this article, you will find tips to help you get rid of bedding stains with safe, natural products.
yellow stains on white sheets
Thus, over time, your sheets may turn yellow for the following reasons:

  • sweat;
  • oils and creams for skin;
  • body fluids;
  • body lotions;
  • other skin care products;

It would seem that ordinary bleach can easily solve your problem. However, in reality we are faced with a situation where even bleach does not help. On the contrary, it can even increase the saturation of the stain and make it more visible due to the fact that bleach tends to oxidize and react to liquids.

What does a homeowner need to do to deal with stained sheets? If bleach doesn’t work, what is the best remedy? What needs to be done to avoid the problem and prevent white sheets from turning yellow? Without a doubt, in this article we will answer all the questions and help you keep your sheets white and clean.

What Can I Do To Prevent My Sheets From Yellowing?

At this point, you may be asking yourself – how do I keep white sheets white?
Unwanted stains are caused by bedsheets soaking up anything that comes into contact with them. The most common causes of white sheets becoming dirty are sebum, sweat, and other body fluids. Don’t worry, sweat stains on sheets are not a reflection of how clean you and your body are; there are no obstacles for your body to produce these fluids and oils.

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Currently, there are many ways that, fortunately, can minimize the problem.

Regular Washing

Of course, you cannot eliminate the secretion of body fluids, but the longer you allow these sebum oils, fluids, and skin cells to accumulate on your sheets, the dirtier they will become. Unfortunately, many people do not wash their laundry as regularly as they should.

white sheets washingAs soon as the sheets start to smell bad or the dirt becomes evident on them, only then the homeowners begin to wash. It is actually best to wash your sheets once a week or two. Washing your sheets usually reduces the number of skin by-products that can build up.


Using the Detergent Booster

Generally, washing with regular laundry detergent is sufficient to prevent stains. However, if you are still concerned about this problem, add a little detergent booster to your weekly wash. Borax and OxiClean are two very common products that can help answer the question of how to get sweat stains out of your sheets.

Their unique properties allow you to remove grease and sweat that remains on bedding and other fabrics. Wash bedding in warm or hot water, and never put sheets back on the bed until they are completely dry.

OxiClean Versatile Stain Remover Powder

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Drying In The Sun

We know that you love the pleasant smell of your freshly washed out of order laundry. But not everyone knows what other benefits can be obtained from drying your sheets outside. First of all, it is the brightening effect of the sun!

white sheets drying

Direct exposure to sunlight on white sheets will help lighten stains that are starting to form. It might even prevent them from showing up on your sheet!

Other Tips To Keep Your Sheets White

We’ve prepared a few more tips for you to keep your sheets white:

  1. See your sheet manufacturer’s instructions for proper washing and follow these recommendations. You should find this information on the tag;
  2. Rinse the sheets in cold water for at least 15 seconds before washing them. This is to dilute the skin by-products that can lead to staining;
  3. Hot water is the safest for the fabrics of your sheets, so it is recommended that you wash your sheets in the hottest water possible (but as recommended by the manufacturer). Hot water is the most effective means for thorough cleaning;

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Spots From White Sheets

Unfortunately, even the preventive measures described above are not able to absolutely save your sheets from an unwanted yellow tint. Don’t take it personally and think that you are doing something wrong or ineffective – there is no doubt that the white shade of the sheets is very difficult to maintain.

Therefore, it is not at all necessary immediately, if something did not work out for you, to give up your loved ones, but already stained sheets. We know a few things you can do to get your white sheets back to the crisp cleanliness that made you buy them. Do not be tormented by the question of how to get yellow stains out of white sheets.

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Use Natural Bleach And Fabric Softener Substitutes

First of all, stop using bleach! This product is great for whitening many things, but white sheets with yellow spots are an exception and have their own characteristics. This is because the bleach oxidizes and reacts with body fluids. Therefore, bleach can make your stains even more visible.

We suggest using vinegar and baking soda instead of your usual bleach.

how to remove yellow stains on white sheets
A natural and harmless alternative to bleach is half a cup of baking soda. Add it directly while washing your bedding, along with your preferred detergent. In addition, we recommend replacing your traditional fabric softener with 1/2 cup vinegar.

Vinegar has many natural properties, so this product is incredibly effective at removing oils and grease accumulated in the fibers of sheets.

Use the Natural Properties of Lemons

Not everyone knows that lemon (and in particular lemon juice) has inherently bleaching properties. You can benefit from this and use lemon as a natural whitening and brightening agent. All you need is a saucepan, water, and a few slices of lemon.

Lemon Juice


We can help you prepare a great alternative to bleach. Just follow the simple steps:

  1. Take some lemons and cut them into pieces. There is no well-defined and limited amount, so use as many lemons as you need;
  2. Fill a pot with water and add the resulting lemon slices;
  3. You will have a mixture of lemon and water. Put the pot on gas and bring the mixture to a boil;
  4. Turn off the gas and gently dip the sheet in the water. Be sure to use tongs to avoid scalding yourself;
  5. Keep the sheet in the pot for at least 15 minutes;
  6. Next, wash the sheet in the usual way, that is, in hot water with your preferred detergent and detergent booster.

how to remove yellow stains on white sheets
As a bonus, you will get a nice lemon scent all over your home!

How To Remove Yellow Stains From White Cotton Sheets

If the sheet is made entirely of cotton, bleach will help get rid of the yellow stains.

yellow stains on white sheets

But you need to use it with extreme caution! For top-loading washing machines, follow these steps to use bleach in a way that does not stain cotton sheets:

  1. Fill the washing machine halfway with the hottest water that will not harm your sheets.
  2. Next, add a cup of oxygen bleach to the water. We recommend using the following proportions: 1 cup of detergent, 1 cup of powdered dishwasher detergent, and 1/2 cup of Borax or other detergent enhancers.
  3. You need to mix these ingredients in the washing machine until they are completely combined into one mass.
  4. Add sheets to the mixture and fill the washing machine to the end with hot water.
  5. Do not interfere with the washing machine and let it carry out the wash and rinse cycles as usual.
  6. Rinse the sheets again.
  7. If you have access to a clothesline outside, hang sheets to dry where there is sunlight. If this is not possible, a dryer in your home will also work.

What To Do About Yellow Spots On Pillowcases

The advantage of pillowcases is that, compared to sheets, they are not so vulnerable to various contaminants, because only the head of a person rests on them, and not his entire body. Therefore, the appearance of yellow spots on pillowcases will come as a shock to you, since you usually do not expect to see them there.
yellow stains on white pillowcases
However, this is not as bad as you think. It is quite natural that the face also secretes some amount of sweat and fat. In addition, your saliva can also cause staining.
Use an enzymatic cleaner to get rid of yellow spots on white pillowcases.

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Many pet stain removers you’ll see on supermarket shelves are examples of such cleaning products. One of the great products is this miracle of nature, a solution to remove odors and stains with a citronella scent. In addition, we recommend you another enzymatic cleaner – the popular and effective OxiClean.

The above remedies are sure to help you get rid of stains on a small amount of fabric. They are very easy to use: just dampen pillowcases or spray on the stain and allow time to destroy any unwanted oils and liquids.

Wash at your usual pace and routine, also in as hot water as possible, and using your preferred detergent powder.
How to Get Yellowed Bed Sheets White Again you can watch in the following video:

Yellow Spots Don’t Have To Be Persistent

You must be prepared for the yellow spots to be very difficult to remove from white sheets. But whatever those stains are, with the right techniques and the right removal products, you can forget about them forever!

Note that natural remedies such as sunlight, baking soda, vinegar, and lemons may already be near you or your home. These products are completely safe, natural and easy to use.

how to remove yellow stains from white cotton sheets
Of course, you can also buy the products you need in the store. It’s absolutely easy to get an enzymatic cleaner like Nature’s Miracle, OxiClean, or Borax just about anywhere. These products break down stain-causing oils and liquids, making them easier to rinse off in the washing machine.

A successfully purchased bedding set is the decoration of any bedroom. The modern industry is capable of offering a wide variety of products to demanding customers. A wide range of fabrics, stunning patterns, and textures will delight and delight anyone. However, even the highest quality linen is not immune to stains.

Don’t be discouraged: any contamination can be removed quickly and efficiently, you just need to know how to do it right.

Remember our advice and one day say goodbye to yellow spots on your previously clean white sheets. Don’t worry about how to remove yellow stains from white cotton sheets.

If you are still thinking about replacing your dirty sheets, check online stores where you can buy them. We recommend you to pay attention to red black and white bedding 

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