How to remove mold from silicone caulk

How to remove mold from silicone caulk?Simple and affordable

You keep the shower clean, but you go inside and see the mold there? Today’s article will focus on how to remove mold from silicone caulk.

The first thing that comes to your mind is that it’s impossible, I keep the shower clean! But in fact, moisture and water are two components that are necessary for its appearance. Cleaning mold really doesn’t require much effort.

How to remove mold from silicone caulk?

So let’s start our article!

First of all, take some vinegar and wipe. This method is the most effective and does not harm our body. This is the best method before moving on to more violent chemicals.

Now we will tell you how to prevent the appearance of mold in your house, as well as the first signs of its appearance.

What is black mold?

 How to remove mold from silicone caulk
How to remove mold from silicone caulk

Black mold is formed in the air and falls into everything. If this surface is wet, then it is an ideal reproduction for mold. Mostly this mold is black, but it’s not the mold that can be in other parts of your home. There are many varieties of black mold, and this one is quite easy to remove.

Black mold on silicone around the tub, shower and sinks.

 How to remove mold from silicone caulk

Silicone is often used as a sealant that fills the desired space. It is nominally the most difficult to observe dryness and cleanliness in this place. As soon as you see the manifestations of black mold, wipe it immediately, it is an early sign of mold. Your space must have an appropriate level of humidity.

How to Remove Black Mold in the shower on silicone?

The best way to remove black mold in the shower on silicone is the vinegar solution. As previously mentioned, this remedy is the most effective of all.

Be sure, that you work in gloves. We recommend working in a mask and gloves.

Do not forget, you can use a toothbrush in hard-to-reach places. If the first remedy does not help you, then you can take bleach.

Does toilet paper remove the mold?

Everything that you need to know!

Usually! Toilet paper removes the mold! Take toilet paper and twist it like a towel, put it in the place where there is mold. Splash with vinegar and wait. Leave for a couple of hours and wait for the result. Don’t you believe this method will help? Check, don’t hesitate!

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video: How to remove mold from silicone caulk


Black mold is stable and doesn’t disappear

If the black mold is stable and doesn’t disappear, in this case you need to use bleach. Soda is also considered a good remedy. Fumes are dangerous, so do not forget personal protective equipment.

Take bleach and soda until the consistency becomes like a paste. The more pasta, the better the result. In the area where you put the paste, put the watered bag so that it does not dry out. Leave it for a few hours.

If the paste has dried and the desired result is not achieved add bleach.

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There are several ways to protect your bathroom

Now we will name a few ways to protect your bathroom from mold.

1. Exhaust fan

 How to remove mold from silicone caulk

Turn on the fan during a shower and leave the exhaust fan switched on for 10-15 minutes. Due to this, you can drain the room.

Few people believe that this is a good thing, but in reality, it is an effective way.

If you don’t have it, think about it and eventually buy it. This is especially necessary for cities where there are problems with moisture

2. Dehumidifier

 How to remove mold from silicone caulk

Dehumidifier – it is also a good device to get the required level of moisture. Buy the appropriate device and turn it on soon. But consider the area of your room, excessive dryness or humidity, will also have a bad effect on your health.

3. Process vinegar daily.

Treat problem areas with vinegar and wipe them every day. If that doesn’t help buy a special shower spray. But note that the product is without chemicals.

Remember that vinegar can be diluted with water if you do not tolerate this smell!

Warning Signs the Mold is Worse Than You Thought

Problems with water supply.


If you see that you have problems with the water supply, call a professional to repair it. A professional can see with the help of a thermal imager what is done inside the walls and where water is collected. It is better to eliminate this problem in the initial stages than to fight it after a while

Breathing problems.

 How to remove mold from silicone caulk

We do not recommend doing this work for sensitive people, who have problems with breathing, it is better to hire professionals. This can have a bad effect on people who have rashes, breathing problems, asthma, etc. Excessive exposure to mold-contaminated materials can cause adverse health effects in susceptible persons regardless of the type of mold or the extent of contamination.

It is a better motto put yourself in danger but to leave this work for the specialists of their work.

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Black mold in other rooms.


Does black mildew grow not only in the bathroom but also in other rooms? Mould is not something that can wait. If mold is climbing up the walls and hiding behind panels, then you may need to call a professional to clean the area.

8 tips to get rid of mold properly

1. Spray bottle

 How to remove mold from silicone caulk
How to remove mold from silicone caulk

Spray bottle with ammonia. Mix ammonia with a small piece of water in a small vessel, in a room where there are windows for ventilation.

Pour the solution into a spray bottle with a funch. Evenly distribute this tool. In the corner, use more means, as it is more difficult to get there. Leave this remedy for 10 minutes and find a small brush. After that, you will have no problems with mold.

2. Rub with a brush until you see any changes.

Dry this place with a cloth, if the mold is still there, repeat the procedure until the mold disappears. If the mold appears again, then you have not fully cleaned the first time

3. Whitening.


If there is no ammonia, you can use chlorinated bleach. But know that ammonia is stronger than bleach, this method is effective against mold.

But do not mix bleach with alcohol, if you mix these two products, then dangerous smoke will form. Be careful!

Start by airing the soul, then see if there is dust, take everything left of the soul. Mix part of the bleach with a gallon of water and stir.

There are two ways to apply:

  • Sponge. This tool is suitable for small growths of mold. Modd the sponge and rub the problem area
  • Cotton coils. The third way is cotton coils, all the same as with a sponge, but just don’t press them. Place them along the problem areas and try to shoe a sharp object into the holes. Leave so for the whole night, in the morning remove and wipe with a sponge. If there is still mold, repeat the procedure again leave for 5 minutes and wipe with a towel.

4. Vinegar.

Let’s talk more about vinegar, this is a rather interesting tool. Vinegar not only takes away the fungus but also kills it. Usually, vinegar kills all kinds of fungus.


(If vinegar smells too much, you can dilute it with water)

To remove mold, follow these steps:

  • Spray vinegar into the area
  • Wait an hour
  • Clean with a brush or sponge
  • Wash off with water

5. Baking soda.

Baking soda removes moisture from the sealant, which prevents further growth of mold.

There are 2 ways to clean :

Add a quarter tablespoon of baking soda to the spray bottle and shake until it dissolves. Spray and wipe it. Spray again, but do not wipe. Let it dry so that nothing in the future forms.

A little water to the baking soda until thick paste forms. Apply the paste and wait 20 minutes. Wipe the mold until it disappears.

Many people think it is better to add vinegar rather than water. But there is a chance that you will be left with saltwater.

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6. Hydrogen Peroxide.

Hydrogen peroxide is available in every hostess in the house, so you will not even need to go to the store. Hydrogen peroxide is 3% the best way to remove mold.

Apply the solution to the sealant, let it fast for 10 minutes before wituring it with a brush or sponge. Later wipe the problem area with a cloth or paper towel.

7. Borax.

This tool has been used since ancient times. Add one part of the drill to ten parts of water and spray the solution into a mold area. Clean and dry it to get the desired result.

8. Replace the caulk.

If nothing helps you, then surely you will have to replace the seal. Do not buy the cheapest seals, so as not to fight the fungus. Silicone seals are more durable than latex. This option will help you completely kill mold from your home.

And do not forget to look at your problem area from time to time, so as not to call a professional.

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Here are all the methods that we know, how to clean you house from black mold. We will be very happy as our article will be useful for our readers and it will help you to get rid of black mold.

Choose the method that best suits you and get rid of it forever. Thanks to us, you will how to remove mold from silicone caulk.

Make yourself a safe place, without mold, and know that it is better to prevent the appearance of mold than to remove it later.

A few tips are still to complete. You can not constantly use ammonia or bleach, as this may cause a change in the color of your problem area. But vinegar spray can be used regularly, here color change does not occur.

Is it possible to use bleach frequently?

It’s quite risky, so take care of yourself, but so you can regularly do it.

We told you how to kill mold from silicone, from the shower, from the sink, from silicone caulking, from tile, from grout, and in general how to get rid of mold from the whole home. Hope our article will be very useful to you.

If you have any questions, you can write to us and we will be happy to answer you. So don’t get shot as soon as you’re going to get mold in your home.

Find more helpful articles and tips on our blog.

Good Luck!

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