How To Put Two Curtains On One Rod And Other Curtain Tips

Windows happen to be a very important feature of any apartment or house since they let natural light come into a cabinet or a room, while being covered they turn into an element of the interior design. The windows will work as an interior element when you lay curtains on them. If you have to deal with the issue of acquiring only one curtain rod for all of your planned window treatments, it is necessary for you to know how to put two curtains on one rod so that you can get the look you wish. Below you will find several tips and features on how you can cope with having only one rod for your curtains.

What About A Double Rod?

how to put two curtains on one rod

Of course, it seems obvious that the issue can be solved by buying and installing a double rod or two different curtain rods for double curtains. But in most cases people don’t have enough time or money to change their single rod into a double one. In fact, a standard but good double rod will cost from $120 to $180, which is rather expensive. So many people refuse to spend so much money on a double rod and prefer to deal with the issue using their single rod.

Besides, the installment of double rods happens to be rather challenging. A double rod tends to weigh a lot, so you won’t be able to install it easily and quickly without anyone to give you a helping hand.

That’s why we have decided to cover some other ideas and features.

Using Double Layered Curtains

curtain rod

When we speak about window decorations we can mention layering, which stands for applying two-panel or more pairs of curtains for covering the windows. The most widely spread practice is to combine two different styles of curtains. In such a situation people usually hang one kind of main curtains which prevent sunlight from coming to your room or cabinet and which have some colors or patterns, while the second type will be sheer curtains.

The standard scheme used in a typical window design is when the basic curtains take the left and right parts of the rods for curtains, while the chosen sheer curtains are placed into the middle between the basic curtains. This type of placing the window curtain panels looks very balanced and stylish. When the main curtains are placed at the edges of the rod, they create a wonderful effect that they have their own rod and at the same time they are efficient against too much sunlight.

If you would like to create such a look, you have to put one panel of your main curtains onto the rod and slide it to the end of the rod to give enough space for your other panels. Then you put one or two sheer curtains onto the rod. The quantity of sheer panels doesn’t play a very important role, they only have some style meaning. And to finish this task you take the remaining main curtain and hang it onto the free edge of the rod. The only thing left is to make the curtains look neat.

Nevertheless, if you use this scheme with three or four panels, you won’t have an opportunity to close the curtains completely. The sheer curtains being placed onto the middle of the rod won’t give the basic curtains an opportunity to be closed. Therefore, we can make a conclusion that the sheer curtains which you apply will have an influence on the volume of sunlight which will be allowed into the room and the amount of privacy you will be able to get. If you choose sheer curtains with lace patterns or prints, they will let in less light and will have a higher level of privacy in your cabinet or room.

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If you wish to, you can choose some white curtains or window decorations of light colors instead of sheer curtains. With such a curtain scheme there will be just a little sunlight in addition to a great amount of privacy, while the room will look very elegant.

Opting For Three Layered Curtains

double rod

While two layered curtains include two types of window curtains, as we see from this name, this scheme involves six curtain panels combining three styles. If you choose this type of window curtain panels and you don’t have an opportunity to install double curtain rods, the first pair of curtains will have a basic color which prevents light from coming and you need to hang it onto the edges of the rod. The second pair of window decorations usually acquire some pattern which includes the color of the main curtains.

Finally, the third pair will be presented by sheer curtains or light-colored or white curtains which are complementary to the other pairs of window curtains.

How do we arrange curtains onto the rod according to this particular scheme? We start with the first main colored panel and slide it on the rod to its edge to make some free space for other panels. One of the patterned panels goes next. After that you take one sheer panel, two sheers or two light curtains to hang them into the middle of the scheme. The second patterned panel follows them, and we finish the scheme with the second main colored curtain. To get the perfect sight we need to make the curtains look neat.

As a result, your window will be perfectly decorated with a beautiful set of gradient colors and materials. But we have to mention that this scheme will look nice and elegant if you apply it to a large window with a distinct width. If you try it on some little window, it won’t look neat and stylish.

Installing A Bungee Cord

double curtains

When we think of a bungee cord, we can consider those who jump off different structures with such a cord for having fun and thrills. But in our conditions a bungee cord happens to be smaller and not so powerful. Usually a bungee cord is a thick cord made of elastic materials which can be attached to a wall or some other structure at both ends and covered with some plastic or fabric to make it more convenient in use. The ends of the cord can be attached to different surfaces or get locked into each other.

Since bungee cords are produced in many sizes and can be stretched without being destroyed, such cords are ideally suitable for use on your windows. To apply bungee cords for window decorations you need a bungee cord itself and two pairs of curtains, a basic one and a sheer panel.

First of all, to use this scheme, you have to put sheer curtains onto your bungee cord. Check whether sheer curtains can move on the cord. When you have done it, you have to attach the ends of the cord to the brackets of the window with the use of the hooks which come together with the cord. You have to make sure that the cord is attached well and that the sheers look neat.

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The second thing which you need to do is to hang the basic colored curtains onto the rod and install the construction in front of the bungee cord with sheer curtains. An interesting idea is to use a bungee cord for creating an elegant drooping effect just by setting the needed tightness of the cord with curtains on it.

We would recommend purchasing a cord with some additional length in case something goes wrong.

In other words, a bungee cord can be used as another rod while you have the only one installed.


Using Curtain Rings

bungee cord

Curtain rings are also often used for hanging one or many curtains. The only thing which you have to keep in mind is that if you wish to apply curtain rings, you have to make sure that all the curtain panels you are going to hang have loops.

As for the rings you are planning to use, you will have to buy the ones which will be at least a little bit bigger in diameter than the rod so that the rings will be able to fit around your rod together with the loop of the curtains on it.

The first thing which you will need to do is to make clear what quantity of the rings you will require and where they will be put. And you can also make a decision whether you would like to have tight curtain layers or create the already mentioned drooping effect. Then you should line out your rings and put them onto the rod or bungee you are going to use. When they are already on the rod, it’s easier to hang the curtains on them and you can see what the curtains look like on the rings.

When all of the rings are on the rod, you start hanging your window treatments. For it you take a loop at the end of the curtain and put the ring through a loop and repeat this procedure for as many times as you need to put all of the curtain panels onto the rings.

As for the effect you would like to create, if you need a tight curtain, you have to put your rings through each and every loop of your window curtain panels. At the same time when you wish to create a drooping effect, you should skip one or two loops between each ring you apply.

Applying Double-Sided Hooks

layered curtains

Another method of how you can get the needed layered look of window treatments is to apply double-sided hooks. Such things are occasionally used for hanging shower curtains, but we can also implement them in other rooms and cabinets. They are supplied with two hooks on opposite sides, so they have the ability to hold two curtains at one time.

If you choose this method to apply in your interior, you should make sure that the hooks are capable of holding a significant mass of fabric without being damaged.

Coat Hooks

sheer curtains

If you can’t have a second rod or a bungee, or you even don’t have any rods at all, you can use coat hooks which will be installed along your wall with the window. It’s not a common method but it can be simply used under certain circumstances. And you have to make sure that the coat hooks you are going to use will be able to hold curtains without falling or any other damages.

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And it’s recommended to choose not very heavy window treatments so that you won’t damage the construction by pulling them once.

To start with, you have to make clear how many loops there are on your curtains so you will understand how many coat looks you will require. Don’t forget that you need the coat hooks which are big enough to be able to hold several layers of window decorations if you will have to put several loops onto one hook.

The second step will be to make measurements of the distance between the loops and use this information to attach the hooks to the wall with the same distance in order to create a neat and elegant look. When all the hooks are set onto the wall, the only thing left is to hang a curtain or curtains onto the hooks.

If you want two or more layers, of course, you can put several curtain panels onto the hooks. But one more idea is to create another line of hooks to place the second curtain pair. Again, try not to choose heavy curtains which are likely to fall off the hooks or even push the hooks away from the wall. And if you like to fasten the curtains on the hooks, you can use some clips to make sure that the curtain panels won’t fall off if the wind is blowing.

In Closing


As we all understand, it’s very important to use window curtain panels in your house. They help to regulate the level of sunlight coming through the window glass. Besides, curtains can play their role in the interior design and become the center of attention or just a wonderful complementary feature.

There are many ways to organize the scheme of window decorations. The best option is when you have the opportunity to install a double rod so that you won’t have any problems with using multiple layers of curtains.

However, many people don’t have enough money or physical ability to use a double rod, so they need to have a solution for their single rods. We have discussed how we can deal with this problem. As you can see, there is a wide range of choices. You can use this single rod with two or three layers of curtains by placing all of the curtain panels on one rod.

Moreover, there are several methods which involve applying additional features. You may choose implementing a bungee rod, curtain rings, double-sided hooks or even coat hooks. Actually, the mentioned instruments can be used even if you don’t have any rod at all but have to hang your decorating panels.

We hope that this article is extremely useful for you and you will manage to use the advice presented in it and enjoy neat and elegant window treatments which meet your taste and needs.

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