How to install portable air conditioner in awning window

How to install portable air conditioner in awning window

An easy solution when the heat drives you crazy in summer is to get a portable air conditioner, we will show you how to install  portable air conditioner in awning window. If you don’t have the possibility to get a usual air conditioner, a portable one is a great substitute.

For example, one can’t have a usual air conditioner if an owner of the house doesn’t forbid to make any changes in the apartment or if the laws of the district don’t allow to add objects to the facades of the buildings, or you just can’t install such a mechanism physically due to the construction of the building.

 Most portable air conditioners are multifunctional and can be installed in different places: in a window (no matter if it’s s sliding window, an awning window, a casement window or a crank window), in the ceiling, in a door, and even in the floor.

However, sometimes, you will need special equipment if you want to replace the unit.

The main advantage of portable air conditioners is obviously the fact that you can transfer them in different rooms where you have an attachment to vent hose outside.

How to install portable air conditioner in awning window

The mechanism of work of portable air conditioners (how hot air transforms into cold air)

First, let’s look at the principle of work of a portable air conditioner. Knowing the mechanism, you will be able to install a unit correctly.

All portable air conditioners’ work is based on the effect of refrigerants. The cool air goes in a unit from the room and gives back. There are 3 basic parts of a portable ac mechanism: compressor, evaporator, and condenser.

Warm air from the room gets in a portable air conditioner, it is compressed by a compressor, as a result, it is heated. After the warm air goes to the condenser section where it turns into the liquid.

The evaporator makes the substance give the heat outside and become the cold air. Then the described process is repeated endlessly.

The effect is caused by the trait of the air to cool after it is compressed and turned into liquid.

The hot air produced by the work of the mechanism is sent outside through a hose.

There are 2 types of air conditioners: 1-hose and 2-hose acs. The first has 1 hose which transports the air both in and out, back in the room. To cool a unit, cooled air from the room goes in a unit, this way, negative air pressure is created.

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The second one lets the hot air through the one hose and lets the cool air from the outside through the second hose. This way, an ac with two hoses is more efficient.

Although it is wonderful, you need to heat the air to get it cooled eventually when we speak about portable apps.

Now you know that no matter what type a portable air conditioner is, it can’t work without an exhaust outside. It is absurd because a unit has to give heat outside.

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Guide on how to install a portable ac

There is step-by-step instruction on how to install portable ac in a window or another part of your room.

1.  Read the instruction.

First of all, you need to familiarize yourself with the instruction of your device. Each model is different and has its own construction and features in installing. Moreover, models have different sizes and are meant to be attached to different objects (door, wall, etc.).

2.  Definite the location of your unit.

The requirements are the following. There has to be a window or some other part of the interior through which you can vent hose outside and also an electrical outlet. There has to be enough free space so that the device could work properly.

Besides, organizing the place for the conditioner, make sure that the cables are not lying in the walking space so as not to trip. If necessary, you can attach the cables to a wall with the help of special fixings. Place the ac at a distance that doesn’t allow the vent hose to stretch.

3.  Check the details

How to install portable air conditioner in awning window

Take out all the details from the packaging and check the presence of the mentioned ones in the instruction.

·       Window slider connector

·       Exhaust connector

·       Window brackets

·       Vent/ exhaust hose

·       Vent hose adaptors

·       Screws, foams, and weather strips (if you need them)

Pay attention to the fact that you may need to apply some additional materials if the window brackets are smaller than your window size requires.

4. Install the brackets

Depending on the type of your window, installing the kit has to be done either vertically (for a horizontal sliding window) or horizontally (e.g., if it’s a standard double-hung window).

Put the bracket between the casing and window frame and learn if the details suit to the window. In case the window is quite big, 2 or 3 brackets are needed.

If so, connect the brackets putting one in another one, and fixing it with a screw when the bracket is in the window (or do what is said in the instruction, if you have a different technology). Regulate the length of the construction by stretching it.

Attach the weather strips or put some foam to a casing in order to seal the window and protect yourself from insects’ intrusion in the house.

5.   Connect the exhaust hose to a portable air conditioner.

The technique depends on the model of the ac. You may need to attach the vent hose and the exhaust connector first. Another end of the vent hose has to be attached to the window adaptor.

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An important moment is that the vent hose should be placed as straight as possible for the proper airflow and, consequently, for optimal work of the device.

6.  Check tightness between the brackets and the adapter

Check that the brackets and the portable air conditioner adapter are attached firmly. If not, use duct tapes.

7.  Test the unit

Now you’re done with connecting all the parts and installed a window air conditioner, it’s time for testing. There’s a special mode for this purpose. It allows to turn off the unit immediately if something goes incorrectly. All you need to do to accomplish this step is to press the “Test” button.  Press the “Reset” button so turn the ac again.

 In case there’s no possibility to attach a portable ac to the window for some reason, you still can have a portable conditioner at home.

You can rent a portable air conditioner through many parts of the room: either in the wall, the ceiling, or even the floor. However, you have to be ready to make a hole in its surface.



How to install portable air conditioner in awning window

To vent an air conditioner through the door, you need to know only the same as in the case with a window. The main difference is the size of the door which influences the amount of the brackets.

However, one more problem could appear since the door plays a security function. If it’s a sliding door, when you put the brackets between the door and the casing, you cannot use the lock.

But there’s a way out because it is more probably a back door that you vent an air conditioner through. You can put some long sticks on the rails.




How to install portable air conditioner in awning window

To vent the hose through a wall, you need to make a hole in it. You can use a jigsaw, for example. To make a corridor inside the wall, take plywood, connect pieces with screws and attach them to the wall with caulk.



How to install portable air conditioner in awning window

As for installing portable air conditioners in the ceiling, a drop ceiling is one of the most convenient to deal with. There’s a drop ceiling vent kit for the purpose.

You can just take out a panel and change it to a metal one that is adapted for an air conditioner (it goes with your portable air conditioner).


How to install portable air conditioner in awning window


How to install portable air conditioner in awning window

Depending on the type of window and type of window units you have, the installation technique and installation process varies.


Sliding windows


How to install portable air conditioner in awning window

Here the method of installation is the same as the one described earlier. If a window is opened and closed by the window sash sliding horizontally from side to side, a window sash moves vertically, so the bracket has to be placed horizontally. If a window sash moves horizontally, place the bracket vertically.

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Awning Windows


How to install portable air conditioner in awning window

Unfortunately, it is impossible to place the brackets in the window in such a way that there’s not any free space. To solve the problem, you will need to use an adhesive (Cool Seal). Cut a piece that suits the gaps between the portable air conditioner kit, casing, and window frame when the kit is placed in the window.

You can also buy special equipment for filling the gap between the kit, casing, and window frame. It is called “window seal for portable air conditioner”.

How to install portable air conditioner in awning window

One more option is a handmade window insert. Use plexiglass and some window frame for it. You can buy it in a local furniture store. Measure the window, buy a piece of plexiglass of the necessary size, make a hole for the hose or order this service.

Insert plexiglass in the frame, and the hose in the hole and fix it with screws or some adhesive. You also have to fix the gotten construction in the window.

The only minus of this method is that you have to keep the window opened when you use a portable air conditioner.


Casement windows (for a crank window, too)

The installation process for the casement window (crank window) differs a lot from the one which is used for sliding and awning windows.

You need to take out glass from one section to place one with the hole for the hose instead. The technology for casement windows is the same as in creating a plexiglass insert, but here you will need to learn how to put glass in a window frame.

The scheme works for doors with windows, too.


For the floor, it is possible to apply the same technique as the one for the walls. Be careful and learn what your floor is made of, what concrete details are there, and where the beams are situated so as not to come across one.

This option will suit only if you have a server room, some free basement or you can rent a unit through dryer vents.

Bottom line

So, as you can see, a portable ac can be installed by yourself quite easily if you have minimal experience in building works. Places, where you can get a portable ac installed, include a window (casement windows, crank windows, sliding windows, and so on), a door, a ceiling, and a floor.

That is all! We hope that you have received comprehensive information on how to install a portable air conditioner in awning window, we hope that you will be able to successfully install the unit and forget about the heat in your room.

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Good luck!

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