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What is the Average Bedroom Size? 9 floor plans

If you’re here, more probably you know why you should know the average bedroom size. However, if not, here’s the explanation. If you want to buy a new house or a flat, one of the main things to consider is of course the dimensions of your future housing. The question is what parameters should each room have? It will be wise, to begin with, the most important room of the housing – a bedroom.

It is exactly the place where you spend most of your time at home. It is the place where you probably work, sleep, have a rest, study, and so on. From the article, you will learn what average bedroom size will be appropriate depending on different needs.

In general, the average bedroom size depends on the square of the house. The bigger a house the bigger a bedroom. That’s why all 9 examples of bedroom house plans from the article suppose the square of the house to be the average which is 2000 square feet.


So, let’s start!

Why Should We Know the Average Bedroom Size?


The reason why you should know the average bedroom size is, first of all, that awareness of it will allow you to fit all the furniture and free space you need in the room. Taking into account that you spend most of the time in this room, the task of organizing the space and definition of the room sizes becomes extremely significant. This way, applying the knowledge of the bedroom size will make you feel comfortable being in your bedroom.

Standard Bedroom Size


средний размер спальни


Since a bedroom is a multifunctional room which is used for almost all activities you do at home: working, sleeping, studying, resting, etc., bedrooms are commonly the biggest rooms in people’s housings.

The size depends on such factors as the size of the housing, the number of people who occupy the bedroom, the number of other rooms, the preferable amount of free space in the bedroom, the amount of furniture.

On average the bedroom square footage varies from 109 to 299 square feet. That mostly depends on the size of the housing though.

As for other dimensions of a standard bedroom, the average ceiling height is 9 feet. The width and the length vary a lot and it is even pointless to say it because it totally depends on your layout.

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Standard Bed Room Size with a Twin Bed


средний размер спальни

средний размер спальни

средний размер спальни

There are 2 types of twin beds: twin beds and twin XL beds. The difference between twin beds (38”x75”) and twin XL beds (38”x80”) is only in their length, which measures 5 inches. As you can see, a twin bed doesn’t suit very tall people. The average bedroom size of a twin room is 70 square feet. This square will be enough to place a twin bed, a dresser, a table, and some free space.


Standard Bed Room Size with Two Twin Beds


средний размер спальни

средний размер спальни


A bedroom containing 2 twin beds can be used as a guest room or a children’s room. The average square of it amounts to 96 square feet. This will allow fitting a closet and a sufficient quantity of free space.


Standard Bed Room Size with a Queen Bed


средний размер спальни

средний размер спальни
Bedroom with a queen bed
средний размер спальни
Bedroom with a full size bed


Dimensions of a queen bed are approximately 60”x80”. As it was said before, many factors such as the necessary quantity of free space and the furniture influence the size of your bedroom. The average size of a bedroom is 106 square feet. The example of a layout in the picture suggests a plan of a bedroom that can accommodate 2 bedside tables, a closet, and a table leaving enough free space.

There are 2 variations that differ from each other by the shape of the room and placement of the furniture and the door. They are a little bit bigger than the average bedroom, so you will feel spacious inside.

A similar option is a bedroom with a full-size bed, a bed of this type has dimensions 53”x75”.

As the furniture influences the size of a bedroom, we will give the average dimensions of the furniture here.

The average dresser depth is 15” to 20”.

All standard bedroom closet dimensions are written in the picture below. The average height of a closet is 75”, the width is 46 1/8”, the depth is 19 ¾”.

However, bedroom closet dimensions also depend on the type of closet, whether it is a walk-in closet or reach-in closet.

The average walk-in closet size is 4×4 ft.

средний размер спальни


 Standard Bedroom Size with King Bed


средний размер спальни


средний размер спальни
Bedroom layout with a king bed
средний размер спальни
Bedroom layout with a California king bed


A king bed size characteristics are around 80”x80”. The square of a bedroom with a king bed is 145 ft2. The important factor that make a difference in the definition of the square is the quantity of free space. If you’re going to have a sufficient quantity of walking space, but the furniture occupies not much space, the square should be at least 118 ft2.

In case you want both lots of walking space and furniture, the square goes up to 147 ft2. As you can see from the scheme, 2 bedside tables, and 3 closets can be placed in a bedroom. Except for a king bed, there’s a California king bed which has almost the same size, 72”x84”.

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Master Bedroom Size


средний размер спальни

Since a master bedroom is the main one, its size can achieve even 370 ft2, which in general will depend on the size of a house itself. For example, mentioned 370 ft2 square usually belongs to the houses whose square amounts not less than 3500 ft2. The average size of the master bedroom ranges from 200 to 300 ft2.


Usually, the part that is occupied by a bedroom amounts to 11%. Taking it into account, it is easy to understand the average master bedroom size, which is around 220 ft2. Proportions of such a size are approximately 14×16 ft2.


Though many factors have to be considered while accounting for master bedroom dimensions, we will give you approximate measurements based only on the house size. If your house has a square that is less than 2000 ft2, the size of the master bedroom should be approximately 230 ft2.

For a house with a square from 2000 to 3000 ft2 the size of the bedroom increases by 15% which is about 270 ft2. If you’re lucky to have a huge house with a square 3000 ft2 or more, the bedroom size achieves around 400 ft2.

As for the ceiling height, it has to amount to 7 ft as a minimum when we speak about habitable rooms. However, the height of the ceiling depends on the size of a room as well. To feel comfortable, a master bedroom should be at least 7 ft 6” high.

The choice of a bed for a master bedroom is various: it can be a queen bed, a king bed, a California king bed, a full bed and so on. Since more probably a bedroom is quite big, space will be enough for all the furniture and clearances.

If you need to have a bathroom really closely to yourself for some reason, you can build it in the plan of a bedroom, so it will be right inside your room protected by a wall, of course. Take into account the space that a bathroom takes when organizing your room.

The average master bathroom size ranges from 115 to 210 square feet in new homes.


Children’s Average Bedroom Size


средний размер спальни

Children’s bedroom requires less space than adults’ bedroom. The amount of the furniture can vary, but usually, children don’t need lots of things. However, remember to keep someplace for such things as a box with toys.

So, the average size of a children’s bedroom amounts to 11×12 ft, or 130 ft2, which is about 6.5% of the average house size. Although, if a child is only one, it is quite possible to have a smaller room, for example, 10×10 ft, or 100 ft2. It will be enough for comfortable living, for a bed, a closet, and a little free space.

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Since a children’s bedroom is going to be not really big, the question of the bed size becomes much more important, it is easier to make a mistake, so a bed won’t even fit in the room or a child will have a terribly small amount of free space. The same situation exists with the other pieces of furniture, too.

Here are approximate measurements. If a child has a double bed, the room size has to be 11×11 ft as a minimum. In case you want to make enough of free space and more furniture, the size should be 12×12 ft or more.

Guest Average Bedroom Size


средний размер спальни

The size of guest bedrooms varies depending on the house size a lot, too. Starting with 250 ft2 for small houses, the dimensions go up to 700 ft2 for the big ones. On average, the size of a guest bedroom is estimated at 450 ft2.

Standard Bedroom Size in an Apartment


средний размер спальни


The size of a bedroom in an apartment, except the size of an apartment itself, is generally based on the type and the size of a populated area. It means that the bigger the city (or the other area) the smaller bedrooms. It is caused by a lack of space in big populated areas. Taking average bedroom characteristics, bedroom size is 11×12 ft or 130 ft2.

Does Bedroom Shape Influence the Size?

As you know, almost all the bedrooms have rectangular or square forms. Other forms are much more difficult to organize, to buy appropriate furniture. However, it will look exotic and stylish if you will manage to find the necessary furniture and achieve harmony, so go ahead.

The Bottom Line

A bedroom is probably the most important place in the housing or at least one of them. That’s why it is critically important to organize it properly. One of the main components of the space organization is the definition of room size. It will help to have the necessary quantity of walking place and not to overload the room with the furniture.


That is all! We hope you learned everything you need to know to definite the right size of your future bedroom. Good luck!



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