Five Best Types of Shower Walls


During repair works in your bathroom you have a wide range of materials for your shower walls which have protective as well as decorative functions. If you haven’t made a decision concerning the material you are going to use, our review will give you a helping hand. We consider it important to get all the needed information regarding repair works and go to the store or shop online prepared to the things you can find there and knowing exactly which material, style, size and color you need. It’s especially essential if you do it yourself without any professional assistance. Of course, specialists can give you advice but it’s better to have some personal knowledge.

Our review will also be useful for starting interior designers which have little or even no experience in projecting shower or bathroom walls. They will learn about a range of available materials, their advantages and disadvantages, have a look at them and will be able to implement the received ideas in their work.

While investigating the topic we have come to a conclusion about five best options will ideally fit into any contemporary bathroom:

  • Glass tiles;
  • Ceramic tiles;
  • Fiberglass;
  • Acrylic;
  • Natural stone.

These five are the most common options, but you shouldn’t think that there are no other shower wall materials. We just chose those which are mostly used and rather affordable. Besides, these shower materials are widely presented on the market, so you won’t have any difficulties buying it in any market or online.

If you wonder why there are so many kinds available, we would like you to know that the materials are different, but all of them are rather good if you choose them according to your needs such as style and design, ease of keeping it clean, durability and many others. All of their features, advantages and disadvantages you will find in the following review. We believe that it’s important to know everything about each shower stall material, so you will be able to make your choice on the basis of a lot of information.

The Best Material For Shower Walls

shower wall material

We won’t take the right to decide which material is the best but we want you to see all the possible options and choose one knowing their pros and cons. We have decided to cover five best options in this review. You can get acquainted with all the options available and decide yourself what tile is best for shower walls. Shower enclosure materials really matter when it comes to style and design, as well as convenience of cleaning and durability.

All of the presented shower material options perform their functions perfectly, but there can be differences in installation processes, design features, types of cleaning and etc. we can’t say that any of the options is totally better than the others, but they all have something that can attract their users or some bad features which won’t be estimated well.

1.      Glass Tile

what tile is best for shower walls

Glass tiles happen to be very commonly used shower wall material because it’s perfectly waterproof. Its smooth surface makes the process of cleaning very easy and enjoyable. The tiles as well as the grout between them can be quickly cleaned by any universal cleaner or even some soapy water. It usually doesn’t need any special cleaners in a usual situation, but it’s better to clean it regularly, otherwise later it will be difficult to make them look perfectly clean.

The variety of available sizes, colors and patterns is marvelous, so you will definitely be able to choose the needed ones for your bathroom design. The price of glass tiles usually varies between $600 and $1,350. But you should take into account that glass tiles are rather fragile, so you may need some extra money to pay for its installation by specialists.


  • Glass tiles are easily and quickly cleaned;
  • There can’t be any mold or mildew growth;
  • They don’t absorb water;
  • Glass tiles are often constructed of recycled materials, which makes them eco-friendly.


  • Glass tiles cost a little more than another options because of their backsplash material;
  • You may need to hire specialists to install them.

2.      Ceramic Tiles

shower enclosure materials

Ceramic tiles are produced in a wide range of sizes, styles and textures. We are sure that you will manage to find the tiles according to your needs. Ceramic tiles are usually constructed through putting pieces of clay into extremely high temperatures.

If your ceramic tiles are installed carefully and accurately, they will serve as shower walls for a very long time. The cleaning here is also simple: you just need to use a rag previously dipped into soapy water to wipe the tiles. If you choose the most endurable backsplash tiles, the cost of them will vary between $3 and $7 per square foot.

Another important fact that if you get bored of the design or color, you can just paint your tiles without the need to replace them. In other words, these are the best shower walls for those who like to change the style of their accommodation.


  • The price is amazingly cheap;
  • You don’t need professional services to install them;
  • Ceramic tiles are waterproof.


  • Color variety is not so big as you would like it to be;
  • There can appear mold or mildew growth.

3.      Fiberglass

best stone for shower walls

The material is designed in a factory and forms one big sheet, which is very easy to install because of this feature. Fiberglass walls are very thick comparing to other different types of shower walls, and this quality makes fiberglass walls extremely soundproof. Fiberglass is considered to be the best shower material for condominiums or houses for several flats because of its functions.

Cleaning fiberglass is even easier than cleaning glass since there are no grout lines. Besides, fiberglass is one of the cheapest solutions for shower walls. Of course we would like you to remember that prices differ in various states.


  • You can install fiberglass walls yourself without any extra spending;
  • Medium-density and high-density kinds provide good insulation;
  • No grout means easier installation;
  • Usually comes with a plastic covering serving as a vapor barrier.


  • Some scientific research has shown that fiberglass is likely to cause cancer;
  • It can be sealed tightly along the nearer ceilings and walls.

4.      Acrylic

shower material options

Acrylic is usually sold in big pieces which ideally fit onto any shower wall. Acrylic is rather smooth and can offer its users a notable range of designs and styles. You can without any difficulties customize the walls in your shower or bathroom by coordinating the pieces of the material.

Acrylic is constructed in the bathroom with the use of triple-seal technology in order to make the whole construction endurable. The material is made in a way to deal with the harshness of everyday use. Acrylic doesn’t have pores, so there is no place for dirt or mildew or any other unpleasant things. The cost can be different, but usually acrylic is not very expensive for its users. Acrylic is believed to be one of the most practical shower walls materials options because of its qualities.


  • It is very endurable and perfectly withstands any cracks and dents;
  • You can install it and keep it clean and working without any difficulties;
  • The whole construction is lighter than other tiles.


  • The variety of styles is not as wide is it is wished to be;
  • Acrylic needs professional skills for installation.

5.      Natural Stone

shower wall materials

Natural stone is a material which makes you enjoy its beauty every day of your bathroom or shower use. In fact, during our research for the review we have found out that stone is believed to be one of the most marvelous shower wall options because of its stylishness and durability. Stone are put onto concrete in order to create a wall. There are several types of stones which can be used for stone walls: onyx, travertine, slate and granite.

The stone has a wonderful feature to absorb water and soap scum, which keeps the shower or the bathroom walls very clean. If you want to make stone walls in your house, you should remember that you will pay from $100 to $300 for one square foot. Of course, this cost includes all the needed materials as well as the work of specialists.


  • Stone walls look amazing and very stylish;
  • The use and time don’t spoil the material, they make it better from year to year;
  • Stone will forever stay an important element of architecture and design;
  • It can be in different sizes and forms.


  • It is the most expensive among all the mentioned kinds of walls;
  • The material is really heavy, so installing needs several people.

What Stone Is Suitable For Shower and Bathroom Walls

best shower walls

Sometimes it’s rather difficult to choose on kind of stones for their shower walls since any of them can look gorgeous when installed correctly. We would like you to learn more about three types of stone which can perfectly fit onto your shower wall. Since we can’t name the best stone for shower walls, we would like our readers to make their own conclusions regarding the material.


best shower material

This stone itself will be a good choice if you want an elegant and classy bathroom. White type of marble is the kind of stone which will make your shower even gaudier. The cleaning is simple – you only need a high-quality cleaning product from any store.


different types of shower walls

Granite happens to be one of the hardest natural stone on our planet. You can’t do anything to it which will harm it, besides, there are no cleaning difficulties. Though it’s a stone, there are a lot of colors available.


best material for shower

The material is made of water, which makes it ideal to be put in wet circumstances such as showers and bathrooms. You should only be careful and keep the grout lines very small in order to prevent water from coming into the stone and destroying its structure.

What Is Usually Put Behind Any Shower Walls

shower materials

We all should remember that shower walls can’t guarantee 100% water defense, so you will need to add somethings in order to keep the walls from extra moisture. If you build your own bathroom for the first time, or you have decided to do repair works in your old one, you should take into account that you will need some waterproofing materials. Below we would like you to learn even more about types of waterproofing materials.

  • Drywall, or Greenboard

If you want to use drywall or greenboard, you can put it beside high-quality acrylic surroundings. The surround won’t let water damage the walls.

You should remember that you need to put polythene before using the surrounds.

  • Tile enclosures

If you need to safe the places of tile connections, you will need FibaTape in order to prevent extra moisture. You can also install polythene under the main parts of the tiles. In this way the tape will be saved from any moisture effects.

Which Surface Is The Easiest To Clean

materials for shower walls

Fiberglass is the easiest material to clean since it is produced in one big sheet, which is simple to be kept away from mold and mildew. For keeping fiberglass clean, you will need the following items:

  • A sponge;
  • A spray bottle;
  • Baking soda;
  • White vinegar.

The steps to clean your fiberglass walls will be the following:

  1. Put white vinegar into the spray bottle; shake it and the spray on the wall including any cracks. Let it stay for thirty minutes.
  2. Sprinkle some amount of baking soda onto the fiberglass. Take a sponge and make some circular moves with it wiping your walls. When soda and vinegar mix, they create some foam.
  3. Wash the walls with hot water and then let them air dry.

Shower Wall Panels VS Tiles

shower stall material

If you already have shower wall panels in the bathroom, we believe that you should know that they are better than tiles in many features:

  • For cleaning shower wall panels you need only some antibacterial spray, while tiles have grout gaps which potentially gather dirt and other unpleasant things, so cleaning takes more time;
  • Panels have a simple and nice design. One panel takes a huge area while using tiles you need a lot of them. Besides, panels can be fit very conveniently, while when you work with tiles, you need to make them dry, measure several times and cut before installing.

In Closing

types of shower walls

In fact, all materials, as well as presented above, have their own pros and cons. The choice of the fabric is up to you according to your needs and wishes and abilities of your shower or bathroom. We hope that our review will help you to make a choice which you will enjoy for a long time, even if you choose anything from other types shower walls!


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Where To Buy Affordable Wallpaper

If you think of using wallpaper for decorating walls in your house or apartment, we would like you to know the following three things:

  • It’s a wonderful way to change the spirit of the room (even inexpensive wallpaper can ideally perform this function);
  • It may seem challenging but we are sure you will manage to do it;
  • You can find several low-price options which will definitely meet your budget. Cheap wallpaper for walls can be found in many places, you just need to know where you can choose it;

What we also like about wallpaper is that it instantly changes the room and you don’t have to obtain any qualifications in order to implement it. If you have never done that before, you should just try to get the advice of the person who has already did it or you can find some tutorials on the Internet – they are rather good at giving all the needed information.

Another important point that there is a huge variety of options and prices: it varies between $20 per roll and $400 a roll of some designer wallpaper. Do we think that it is possible to buy wallpaper online cheap enough? Of course we do, but if you are not sure about the quality of such wallpaper, it will be better to go to some offline shop and see it with your eyes and touch with your hands.

If You Are Afraid To Put It Yourself

buy wallpaper online cheap

It may seem very difficult to decorate the room with wallpaper. But we can assure you that even if you have never done that before, you will manage to do it. Of course, you can be nervous and your first steps won’t be ideal but you will learn how to do it after a few actions. The practice during the first ten-twenty steps will give you the needed skill as well as will give you an image of how it will look like when you cover the whole space you are going to decorate.

Moreover, if you buy some budget wallpaper, it won’t be so awful if you spoil some place or two. You will just have to buy another roll and try it again. As we have mentioned, all you need is practice. If you manage to do this once, this skill will never leave you and you will be able to do it later in various places and in different conditions.

The Three Main Types of Wallpaper

budget wallpaper

If you have never dealt with wallpaper, the first thing we should like you to learn about is the range of options among wallpaper. This is the main information you have to remember when you go shopping for wallpaper. From the kind you use a lot of things, such as the need to buy a special paste, depend. The types are the following:

  1. Traditional wallpaper

This wallpaper has no added paste, so you will have to buy it on your own, and it will keep wallpaper on the walls permanently. They are the most common nowadays but other types are becoming more and more popular. They are also good because, for instance, you can keep an extra roll for a long time and it won’t be spoilt;

  1. Pre-pasted wallpaper

This one, on the opposite, has a paste on its back, which needs water to become active. This wallpaper also stays permanently. It is very useful when you don’t know which type of paste you have to buy or you are afraid to put the paste yourself;

  1. Peel and stick temporary paper

This type has a special adhesive on its back, which gives a user an opportunity to put it on the wall and later to remove it quickly. This kind is perfect for those who rent a flat or for families with children who can easily spoil the wallpaper. In this case you can easily change the look of the room or the whole home.

We also would recommend you to buy a small piece and try it on the wall you are going to decorate. It will help you to imagine how the wall will look like after the process and will show you whether the chosen wallpaper will stay on the wall for a long time. It also will tell you whether the chosen type is suitable for you and you can easily implement it on the whole wall.

The Price Variety of Wallpaper

best price wallpaper

The prices for various types, for instance, the traditional one and the peel and stick one, will be different. Besides, any person has its own budget which they can spend on wallpaper. We again want to mention that the price doesn’t always affect the quality – affordable wallpaper can be very elegant and classy.

The only thing we would like you to know is that some high-fashioned wallpaper can cost around $200 a roll, while the other type will have the price of $20 a roll. But we should take into account that the whole cost will depend on the size of the area you are going to cover and on those who will do it: you or someone you will hire. The cost can also rise if you are going to buy a non-standard size of a roll, which was designed to cover bigger areas.

Below you will see the list of some wallpaper companies, which will start from those whose prices are affordable, and will finish on some high fashion options. We hope that by the end of this review you will manage to choose the source according to your wishes and budget.

Shops With Affordable Wallpaper Variety

wallpaper cheapest online

As we have mentioned, you will see the list of sources, some of which, actually have a lot of removable options. We hope that in these sources you will be able to find the design, color and pattern which you will enjoy in your home. This one is rather popular among customers at this moment.


affordable wallpaper

The price per one roll here varies between $24 and $50. Actually, the wallpaper from Target is thought to be the best price wallpaper in offline shops and supermarkets. The wallpaper of the cheapest price here, actually, happens to be rather good in use.

This source has a huge range of removable wallpaper for a low price. This one is also known as a good place for choosing nice and classy wallpaper.

Home Depot

inexpensive wallpaper

The cost for a roll starts from $20 and rises up to $80.

This source has various types of wallpaper, including the mentioned earlier traditional and peel and stick types. There you can find wonderful wallpaper which will give your room a certain cool spirit.


cheap wallpaper for walls

Here the price also depends on the height of your walls and goes between $7.99 and $99 for one roll. Wallpaper for cheap prices here is rather high-quality, so you won’t be intimidated or horrified by its look and its use.

This place offers high-quality removable wallpaper, which is also not easily damaged. This feature makes the wallpaper from this place ideal for children rooms.

Wallpops Nuwallpaper

wallpaper cheapest price

This source is more expensive (from $39 to $49 for a roll) and provides a lot of kinds of peel and stick wallpaper.

If you look for cheap but modern wallpaper, this will be a good choice since the company specializes in modern design tendencies.

Rocky Mountain Decals

cheap modern wallpaper

The cost here also depends on the height of the walls in your accommodation and ranges between $35 and $89.

This company can also offer good temporary wallpaper, which is perfect for kid or nursery rooms and cannot be damaged easily, while you can change in one step if it will bore you or your family members.

Chasing Paper

best place to buy wallpaper

The common price for a one size roll here is $40.

This place specializes in affordable fun wallpaper designs. You can find lots of style options here. If you look for some exclusive prints and patterns, you should definitely see what the shop offers for its customers.


wallpaper for walls cheap

The place offers two height options of 9 feet and 12 feet and the price between $45 and $90 a roll.

This source has all the three types of wallpaper mentioned above, so everyone can find here something according to their needs and wishes. You even have the opportunity to create your own design!

Wallpaperie On Etsy

low price wallpaper

The price of this source also depends on the height of the room and can be from $32 up to $111.

This shop provides peel and stick and pre-pasted wallpaper. It has designs which are perfectly suitable for nurseries or kids’ rooms. If you choose peel and stick option, it will be easy for you to change the design if your kids ask to do it.

Wallpaper Direct

wallpaper for cheap

This shop specializes in wallpaper coming from Europe and Britain, so the price range here is huge and starts from $32 and can reach more than $300 for one roll.

This place offers traditional and pre-pasted wallpaper as well as murals. It also offers free samples to its customers, so you can try them in your room before buying.

This company will be the best place to buy wallpaper if you design your home in European style. Of course, the assistants can help you to choose the option which will perfectly fit in your interior.

Walls Need Love

buy wallpaper online cheap

The place also has a wide range of prices from $48 to $532, but there are several size panels and even an extra-large roll for big spaces.

They also specialize in temporary wallpaper and murals and offer a huge variety of colors, styles and designs.

Wallpaper Shops With Higher Prices

budget wallpaper

Although the following options are not so affordable, we should still mention them. They provide a range of wonderful designs and styles, and, besides, sometimes offer good sales for customers. Some discounts happen to reach 50%!

Hygge And West

wallpaper cheapest online

The prices in this shop vary between $90 and $195 for one roll.

The company offers traditional wallpaper without the added paste with a lot of exciting and sophisticated styles and patterns.

Lulu & Georgia

affordable wallpaper

One roll in this company can cost from $45 up to $420 and more. Of course, the shop offers discounts from time to time.

There are styles developed by several designers. Most of wallpaper is traditional, but there are some peel and stick options.


inexpensive wallpaper

The wallpaper of this company has a range of prices from $70 to $475. Rolls for big mural designs are usually larger than the ordinary ones.

The company is widely known for its wonderful murals. They can be presented as traditional, pre-pasted and vinyl wallpaper. The sizes can be customized for your needs.


cheap wallpaper for walls

There are different prices for a roll in this shop which start from $78 and rise up to $500.

The shop offers all three types of wallpaper: traditional, pre-pasted and peel and stick kinds. There is a wide range of wonderful and exclusive designs, you will definitely find something for your home.

Is It Possible To Put Wallpaper Onto Textured Walls?

wallpaper cheapest price

The answer to this question depends on two things:

  1. The wallpaper itself and the company which produces it;
  2. The type of adhesive used on the wallpaper or which you choose to use yourself.

It’s a good feature that most companies give the information regarding the possibility of using their production on textured walls. If you aren’t sure, you can get a sample and try it firstly.

If you have some questions how to do it, you can find a lot of good tutorials on YouTube.

In Closing

cheap modern wallpaper

To sum up, as we have already mentioned, wallpaper can change the look and the spirit of your home dramatically.

There have been presented several options of affordable and more expensive wallpaper which we were lucky to find while preparing our review. We just would like you to remember that wallpaper for walls can be cheap enough yet make your home beautiful, stylish and cozy. It’s not a common thing that low-price wallpaper is not good or elegant enough to be used.

Of course, you also can find a lot of options online, which can cost even less. But be careful – the wallpaper cheapest online can cost you a lot of additional repair works.

We hope that you will manage to find ideal wallpaper for your home!


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7 Ideas of Wood Wall Paneling

When you consider implementing wall paneling in your interior, you may be worried that this is an outdated design. We want you to know that it’s not: paneling has again become trendy but has changed to be more modern. Dark, laminate-covered sheets are no more used. If you manage to choose suitable wood panels, you will add a stylish flavor to your house.

Wooden wall panel decor may be a certain element which shows your guests your sense of style in design, so your visitors will be impressed. This can be an important feature especially when your work is somehow connected with architecture and design, so your house can be a living proof that you are a high-quality professional.

Wall paneling will be a great choice for your interior looking elegant as well as providing enough insulation. It keeps warmth well when it’s freezing outside, while during hot summer weather wood provides some coolness in the room. If you are willing to implement wall panels in your interior, you should think of seven main options in types of wood panel available for this:

  1. Shiplap
  2. Board and Batten
  3. Plank wall
  4. Tongue and groove
  5. Flat panels
  6. Beadboard
  7. Raised panels

It doesn’t matter, actually, which kind of wood wall paneling you will choose, but you should always remember about the look you want create, modern colors and patterns, and you will manage to create a wonderful interior where you will be able to enjoy a lot of life moments. It is often mentioned that the house, its look and its condition is the reflection of the homeowner’s character and mental health.

Below you will be able to learn more about every option, so this review will give you a helping hand in the process of your home design. Every type has its own unique style and can be used in different rooms, styles and conditions.


wood wall paneling

If you enjoy following contemporary trends in architecture and design, you are already aware of shiplap popularity. The mentioned style comprises placing horizontally running grooved boards stiffly to each other in order to create a weatherproof seal (we should not that shiplap is often used to cover the house exterior. The point where the boards stick to each other is named a “rabbet”. This particular rabbet happens to be a special feature which distinguishes shiplap from any other type of wood wall paneling.

It’s a wonderful thing to mention is that shiplap often happens to be a basic layer which should not be noticed. Sometimes a decorative wooden wall panel becomes a place where you can realize your creative skills. For instance, you are a good painter. If a wall panel doesn’t attract a lot of attention, your works of art on it will be noticeable. Another option is that you are a bit of an interior designer, so the right choice of the color can totally change the room and its spirit.

Shiplap is an interesting interior feature you should definitely consider when you plan your house. It gives us a lot of visual interest because of its long and clean lines. This option of wall paneling is more endurable compared to the other one, mere drywall. If you want to have beautiful walls, which won’t be ruined for a long time, shiplap will be an ideal choice for you. Shiplap is also rather strong against some physical activities such as an earthquake or hits of a strong person or whimsical children.

Nevertheless, the drawback of shiplap is that its grooves make it difficult to clean it and keep out of dirt. You will have to work more and for more time in order to keep it clean. Remember that if you want to cover all the walls with shiplap. Moreover, you should be careful while installing the panels in order to prevent them from rotting and ruining. Decorative wall panel wood should be taken care of accurately in order to make the years of its service long.

Board And Batten

decorative wooden wall panel

If you install this kind of wall panels, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful three-dimensional texture of your walls. Board and Batten, as the previously described Shiplap, firstly was used for the exterior siding, and only then came to our interiors. However, we should mention that this happened a lot of time ago, so shiplap and board and batten are typical for using them in interior design.

When we use the term “batten”, we speak of the molding piece which is usually put onto the joint between the boards. Any room with this paneling will look more sophisticated. As any other type of wood wall paneling, you can choose any color you like or enjoy the usual white tone. Decorative wood wall panels are beautiful themselves, so sometimes they don’t need bright colors and can be just matching with other elements of design and décor. But, if you want to, you can make the wood panels a particular element of design if you choose an unusual or some contrast color.

If you will manage to maintain your wall panels carefully, it will stand for decades and won’t be destroyed. It doesn’t need a lot of care; so many users enjoy this type of panels and don’t even think of other available options.

However, you should remember that this particular type of wall panels is rather expensive because there are required a huge amount of material and precise work.

Of course, the price can depend on the material. The most common options for this paneling to be made of are wood and vinyl. The latter one is cheaper and can even look like wood. The cost varies between $0.75 and $9 per square foot of material. Real wood paneling for walls often cost more for every type of wall paneling because the material is more endurable and looks more elegant and stylish. However, if you can’t afford real wood panels, you shouldn’t be sad since there have been designed a lot of materials which can imitate wood in a way that an ordinary person can’t tell the difference according to its look.

Plank Wall

decorative wood wall panels

When you use wooden planks, you can organize an elegant and gaudy space. You can choose planks made of wood, new wood or wood which has been reworked to look more vintage. You can play with the pattern you put the planks into: horizontal, vertical, diagonal or herringbone. another good point is that planks are offered in a wide range of sizes.

The type of the used wood, finish and color, and the pattern used when laying it out will seriously affect the whole spirit of the room. We also should mention that this type of wood panels is very good-looking in any style of interior. This happens because planks don’t usually acquire many decorative elements which are common to any particular style. Moreover, the color of planks can also be chosen from a wide range, so any interior can get some planks which are fit in well.

The total cost of such wood paneling will be determined by the type of the used wood and the square you need to fill in. Such things as MDF planks or purchasing whole sheets of wood and cutting them yourself will save some part of your repair works budget.

It isn’t so important which material decorative wood wall panels for interiors are made of for the whole look and spirit of the room since some cheap materials can be designed and laid out in a way that they will look better than the wood which is rotten or old-fashioned. It means that even if you don’t have much money, you can create a stylish and enjoyable interior where you will spend much of your spare time in good feelings.

Tongue And Groove

real wood paneling for walls

This type of woos wall paneling looks similar to shiplap, but the panels connect in the other way. While shiplap has the rabbet joints, this type of connection means that panels fit with each other tightly without any additional elements.

This type of connection has its own history of being used in woodworking and will be a perfect way to keep wood panels stiffly together. They look rather neat and clean. A good feature of this type of wall paneling is that it is easily cleaned. However, such precise type of connection of these wood panels may require more time for installation, and the process could be rather long. Wooden decorative wall panels of this type if maintained carefully will serve their homeowners for decades and will not be rotten or destroyed for a long time.

The cost of Tongue and Groove varies between $2.00 and $3.00 per square foot.

Flat Panels

decorative wood wall panels for interiors

Flat panels are famous for its clean lines and a high-quality polished look. This style of wood paneling took its beginning in the 19th century and has been becoming more and more popular through the decades.  This type of paneling is simpler than the look of raised panels. If you use flat paneling, you will add some stylish flavor as well as simplicity to your interior.

What is available for any type of wood paneling, you can choose the height you need. The most common options are the whole wall, three-quarters of the way up the wall or chair-rail height (twenty-eight to thirty-two inches). The texture of these panels usually fits well with pieces of furniture and design elements in the room.

Flat panels can also look like traditional wall panels and create a classic interior, other designs of flat panels can look more contemporary and sharp.


wooden decorative wall panels

This type of decorative wood paneling comprises accurately spaced grooves along the panels. The described kind of wall paneling can have different height and cover the whole wall or its part. The usual width between the nearer grooves can be 1.5 or 3 inches. If you want to, you can choose your own size.

There exist two kinds of beadboard: tongue-in-groove and sheets. The first one needs a lot of time and effort to be installed because you have to layout each board on your own. Sheet beadboards are offered in four- or eight-foot sizes. The boards are also convenient since they can be painted any color according to your wishes.

If you use beadboard paneling, you will give your space a traditional and elegant look. It can be mixed with any designing elements in a room. But we have to mention that you should be careful with its cleaning since it has grooves which are likely to collect some dust and dirt.

The money you will pay for beadboard paneling depend on the wood and its quality and the amount you need to use in order to decorate the chosen area. For real wood the usual price is about $1 per square foot, while MDF is between $.50 and $.75 per square foot.

Raised Panels

traditional wall panels

Raised panels have been widely known since the time when royal families used it very often a couple of centuries ago. The look comprises three-dimensional parts: its beveled panels are raised over closely put vertical and horizontal rails.

The use of this kind of wood wall paneling creates a gorgeous classic look. The most important thing is that the panels happen to be beveled, which attracts a lot of attention. With the use of raised panels you can add to your space some flavor of houses built and designed in the colonial era.

These panels are the most expensive option compared to all listed above.

How To Lay Out Wood Paneling On A Wall

types of wood panels

You can ease your work if you stain or paint the chosen panels before laying them onto a wall. When they are dry, you can easily touch any of their parts.

We also would like to mention that there are several options how you can stick your wood panels to a wall, which is usually determined by the weight of the fabric. Wood panels can be nailed or glued by a caulk or a special wood glue.

The Available Height Of Wood Wall Paneling

wall panelling types

It is not a difficult question – only you decide which height your panels will have. All wall panelling types can be adapted to the size you need and wish to get. It depends on the style you wish to implement, and it depends on the chosen height. The best advice we can give is not to forget about proportions.

If you don’t know the exact height you need, you can choose from standard options, which happen to be the whole wall or one- or two-thirds of the total height.

Wall Paneling Is Not Outdated

Wall paneling itself happens to be a rather contemporary method, but you should remember that some types, colors and patterns are out of style. For instance, if you have dark plywood panels in your house, you can make them more modern by sanding or changing the color to the lighter one.

Contemporary wood wall paneling works only for the best, making the design fresh, stylish, elegant and gaudy.

In Closing

used wood paneling

This review of available types of wood panels will be helpful for an ordinary customer as well as a professional designer who makes their first steps in architecture and design or has never implemented wood panels in their work.

It is not so important which types of wood walls you will choose, the main things you should pay attention to is color, pattern, size and design.

We hope that due to this review you will be able to make the right choice when planning your interior, and the used wood paneling will help you to enjoy the place you live in.


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Top 10 Types of Kitchen Curtains

When people think of their kitchen interior, they pay most of their attention to the appliances and pieces of furniture they are going to put at their place. Unfortunately, not many of us take care of the variety of kitchen curtains which seriously affects the whole feeling of the kitchen. We believe that knowing the types kitchen curtains available for the use is vital: you will learn a lot about colors, materials and designs which exist and which will suit one or another kitchen and create the perfect interior where you can enjoy the moment.

In order to give you a helping hand, we have investigated which types of kitchen curtains you can use and in which circumstances. This review can be very useful for ordinary customers as well as professional designers who have no or little experience of choosing curtains for their projects and want to learn about modern kitchen curtains and valances. The kitchen curtains material is essentially important. Patterns for kitchen curtains are also a field for investigation. Contemporary kitchen curtains can dramatically change the whole look of the kitchen.

In our review you will also get acquainted with some kitchen door curtain ideas. Remember that not every type of curtains is suitable for kitchen door windows.

Cafe Curtains

kitchen curtains

One of the most widely used curtains variants is kitchen curtains. The usual materials for their production are linen, sheer and polyester. From time to time café curtains are designed with pleats at the higher part, and they are usually hung from some type of rings, while their rods cover the lower part of the window. The style came into modern design from the past method how the windows of roadside cafes were covered some time ago. This resulted in the current name of this curtains type. Of course, contemporary kitchen curtains differ from café curtains from the past in some parameters.

1.      Full-Window Cafe Curtains

kitchen sink window curtain

This type of curtains is very long and stretches up to forty-five inches. They are designed to cover all the parts of the window and provide total privacy for homes of their owners. Usually full-window café curtains are hung near the very top or at the top itself.

Full window cafe curtains are the type of cafe curtains that are as long as 45 inches. They cover the whole window and therefore calm homeowners’ privacy concerns. This type of cafe curtains is usually hung close to the top or at the top.

2.      Half-Window Cafe Curtains

lower half window treatments

As it is seen from the name of these café curtains, they cover the lower half of the window, which gives them a wonderful opportunity to fit in with other items of the décor you use in your kitchen. Half-window café curtains can offer a customer a wide range of different colors and designs in order to meet any interior. These curtains also let a lot of light to come to your kitchen through the window, which fills the place with a nice glow. Sometimes they can be referred to as lower half window treatments.

Another interesting feature is that this type of curtains is not very expensive and can be used with any available budget. Moreover, they can be installed by the owner themselves, and it won’t take much time.

However, some customers may be worried that these curtains are not enough to gain the needed privacy in the kitchen. In this situation they may find a valance which will match their half-window café curtains and create an interesting peace of design. Fancy kitchen curtains will add a bit of elegance to your kitchen.

If you want to, you can search for some half-window curtains images in order to learn how they can look.

Valance Curtains

curtains for kitchen door window

Valance curtains happen to be the opposite of the types of the curtains described above. They are designed as small pieces of the material which cover the higher part of the window. The use of such curtains reminds us about the renaissance era which was again popular in the Victorian period.

This type of curtains is perfectly suitable for those owners whose floor space in the kitchen is very limited and they cannot use full-window curtains. For instance, near the kitchen sink window curtain should be short. They are also not usually used as kitchen door window curtains.

3.      Balloon Valances

kitchen door window curtain

Another names for this curtain is a pouf valance or a cloud valance. We can see from the names that such curtains has a shape of a balloon, which is made through doubling the material and putting the ends of the curtain into one point. Balloon valance are not usually used on their own and are often accompanied by café curtains to make sure that the owners are supplied with enough privacy and a soft look of the kitchen.

4.      Swag Valance

curtain for kitchen door

As you can see from the name of these valance curtains, they appear to be more exquisite. The effect is presented by the way their drapes are hanging from the top of the window, so the tails go down on both sides of the window. Swag valance curtains are thought to be more formal and has a very gaudy appearance compared to other type of valance curtains.

They are not usually used as curtains for a kitchen door window.

5.      Box Pleats Valance

kitchen curtains material

The mentioned type of curtains is designed in the way when the lower part of the valance has a straight edge, which width is separated into pleated parts. These parts are usually referred to as boxes and are equal, which makes your curtains look very distinguished. This fact makes your kitchen look delightful.

These ones can’t also be curtains for kitchen door window.

Shades Curtains

kitchen curtains sheers

Shades curtains are usually produces from tough kitchen curtains materials like polyethylene or lace fabrics. This type of curtains obtains panels which an owner can pull up and down according to their needs. This can happen through the use of a special cord. Shades curtains work as amazing insulators against cold and heat. We would like to mention three types of such curtains which are perfectly suitable for a kitchen.

6.      Roman Shades

half window curtains images

This type of curtains is very widely known. When you pull it up, it stacks exactly into pleats. They ideally perform their function of keeping the room dark when they are pulled down. The common materials for Roman shades are wood and other tough types of fabric. There are various designs and colors which can be fit in any interior and make your kitchen look as stylish as possible.

Roman shades are sometimes used as a kitchen door window curtain.

7.      Bamboo Shades

modern kitchen curtains and valances

The bamboo shades are different from the Roman ones because they let some light in when they are closed. Bamboo shades remind us of the tropical scenery and let your kitchen look relaxed and cozy. These shades are a wonderful choice for those homeowners who think a lot about our environment.  The shades are made only of natural materials and they are easy to take care of and to use.

Those who choose bamboo shades for their kitchens should be careful since the bamboo is very fragile and can be easily be broken. They are also not suitable to become a curtain for kitchen door.

8.      Pull-Down Shades

curtains for kitchen window above sink

This type of shades happens to be such curtains which you choose when you seek privacy and plainness for their kitchen. You can easily install them, and another good point is that pull-down shades fit into any interior and match any kitchen décor. Pull-down shades are usually made of such materials that are convenient to be cleaned.

We also would like to let you know that pull-down shades offer high-quality protection for the furniture from dangerous UV rays and at the same time let sunlight in the kitchen.

Sometimes the shades are also used as curtains for kitchen door windows.

9.      Sheers Curtains

patterns for kitchen curtains

Sheers curtains are usually made of lightweight fabrics, which are translucent enough to make kitchen lighted but also provide some kind of privacy. Such curtains are usually made of delicate materials and in mild colors, which is very important for the calm beauty of your kitchen. Some patterns can be implemented into such kitchen curtains.

What we need to remember is that we can easily install such kitchen curtains as sheers on any size of the windows. Nevertheless, these curtains aren’t good insulators, so the kitchen will be warm in hot weathers and rather chill during the cold ones.

10. Floor Length Curtain Panels

kitchen door window curtains

This type of curtain panels is also named as full-length. They are usually presented in various materials, designs and colors, and their length goes from sixty-three up to one hundred and forty-four inches. The curtain panels will be ideal for those kitchens which acquire enough floor space. When you buy such curtains, you should know exactly the needed length of the curtain. Of course, you can leave some extra length in order to have some material on the ground if you want to create a stylish feature. In this case you should remember to organize regular washing for the curtains.

These curtains are responsible for the total privacy of your kitchen and saving your place from cold or hot weather. Moreover, floor-length curtain panels look extensively elegant. Remember that these curtains are not for kitchen windows above the sink.



Most Amazing Miami Celebrity Homes

Celebrity homes in Florida concentrate mostly in Miami. It is so because, first of all, Miami is the center of the state. Moreover, it comprises a huge variety of luxurious amenities which are usually used by celebrities. We also can mention that Miami often becomes a place where a movie is shot or some TV show is prepared. And, of course, Miami is just a nice a beautiful city offering perfect climate conditions for its permanent residents and visitors from all over the world.

Famous houses in Miami have become a place for sightseeing for many tourists. We are sure that people seeing their favorite actor or singer on the screen are willing to see at least the outer view of the house this person lives in and spends their time. Miami celebrities don’t hide the places they live in; they just install security systems and hire guards in order to keep their and their family’s safety and get away from harsh paparazzi. Sometimes the security system turns celebrities houses in Miami into castles.

Celebrity houses in Miami are also a good element showing the design tendencies. Even though many houses were built some decades ago, they are often redesigned and supplied with modern features. Moreover, they have become a living magazine showing the most up-to-date interiors of various styles. In addition to a unique design, a celebrity house can obtain some popular or not so popular works of art since celebrities usually have enough money and taste to buy them and like to decorate their houses.

We also have to mention that celebrity homes in Miami are sold for years. Nowadays their price usually starts from about $4,000,000 and rise up to $20,000,000 and higher. It is very rare but it can happen that the price will be around $2,000,000. Moreover, the prices change every year, so many houses can’t be sold even for a decade. Sometimes celebrities manage to stop selling because they change their mind and want to keep it for themselves.

Furthermore, it’s a wide-known fact that in Miami Beach area celebrity homes aren’t usually permanent residencies. Since celebrities have to work a lot in various places, they often have two, three or more residencies in different parts of the country. It can be the reason why celebrities don’t care so much about their residence when they want to sell it – they are used to live for several houses and can buy some estate according to their working process and their family activities.

Miami Celebrity Neighborhoods

miami celebrity homes

Miami happens to be a famous place of living among celebrities. They love Miami but are very selective when it comes to a neighborhood. Of course, there have been formed several areas where they choose to live. The celebrities choose a neighborhood according to its features: the location, the coast, the convenience to get, the nearby amenities and even schools if celebrities have children. The most favorable neighborhoods are the following:

  • Star Island

This place is perfect to start our list. It includes just 34 houses, but they are the most exclusive ones not only in the US, but in the world. A passer-by can enter Star Island only after going through the guard gate. On the island live such celebrities as Shaquille O’Neal, Julio Iglesias and others.

  • South Beach, or SoBe

This neighborhood is friendly for pedestrians. Most celebrities like to buy their second or third house there, but there are no giant mansions in South Beach. The area is also famous for its nightlife.

  • Fisher Island

It’s a barrier island with the highest per capita income in the whole country. The island offers various types of residencies for every taste. It’s also full of different amenities. Such celebrities as Jim Carrey and Oprah Winfrey live here.

  • Coral Gables

Although the neighborhood is not so exclusive itself, it has a lot of amazing amenities in the surroundings. It’s also famous for its marvelous schools.

  • Palm Island

The third island in our list acquires amazing houses with swimming pools, giant outdoor spaces and other luxurious features. There live such celebrities as Anna Kournikova, Enrique Iglesias and others.

  • Key Biscayne

The neighborhood happens to be one of the most expensive in Miami. It has amazing amenities together with the close access to the airport, to downtown and to the best places in Miami. Key Biscayne is also enjoyed by business executives.

In this review we would like to show you some of the most marvelous celebrity houses in Miami.

Miami Celebrity Homes

celebrity houses in miami

In Miami celebrity homes can be paid some more attention since, first of all, they are tremendous themselves because of their outer view and their location. Moreover, they usually obtain the interior design provided by a famous Miami orf the US designer. Celebrities also like to keep some works of art at their homes, which adds to their mansions a flavor of a museum or a gallery. And, of course, the house can show the character of your favourite celebrity since the designs differ from each other very much, and the exterior and interior is chosen by a celebrity according to their wishes.

We think that you’ve already learnt that there are many celebrity homes and mansions in Miami. We can’t describe all the famous homes located in Miami since you will easily become bored. We want to speak about some of them in order to show what is common for them and what is different. If you don’t find a description of your favorite celebrity’s home, you can easily find it online – there is a lot of information available.

You should keep in mind that any famous mansion located in Miami and described in this review can easily be sold and become some other celebrity or even business executive’s property.

Alex Rodriguez Miami House

celebrity homes in florida

Alex Rodrigues has built a contemporary mansion in Coral Gables, which overlooks Biscayne Bay. He had searched for a peaceful place where he could spend time with his daughters.

The house takes 11,000 square feet and is presented with one floor, which makes modernist interiors more grounded. The interiors are also mostly monochromatic with some bright accents.

The house is a place where there has happened an explosion of creativity, but it is also perfect for gathering with all the amenities inside and in the courtyard.

Rosie O’Donnell Miami House

famous houses in miami

The house of Rosie O’Donnell is situated on man-made Star Island, which is one of the most attractive neighbourhoods in Miami. It was built in 1923 and has 11,000 square feet and 203 feet of bayfront.

Although the house is old enough, it has been renovated and acquires such things as a modern kitchen, new fireplaces, a private office and a terrace, a swimming pool and etc.

Cher Miami House

celebrities houses in miami

The house is situated on La Gorce Island, where there are only 59 residencies. The neighborhood is believed to be luxurious. The house of 11,500 square feet is in the center of courtyards, which are supplied with manicured lawns and fountains and a beautiful backyard with palms, a pool and a private dock with the direct access to the ocean.

The house is designed with amazing arches, loggias and windows and doorways inside. The spaces are giant and sunny everywhere, which is supported by white walls. The house has three floors with six bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Lenny Kravitz Miami House

celebrity homes in miami

The former Lenny Kravitz residence has an uncommon style and was redesigned specially for the celebrity. The main color there is white and it’s decorated with eclectic furniture and some exciting structures.

The residence also obtains 100 feet of waterfront, and several windows of the house provide amazing views of Biscayne Bay.

Lil Wayne Miami House

celebrity homes miami

This house is situated on Allison Island, where you can get through the bridge. The island is located in the middle of the waterway to Biscayne Bay and the ocean.

The design of the house is projected in a way to make a feeling that it floats on water.

The house takes 10,472 square feet and offers seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms. Mostly the walls are moveable, so we can create the view without any walls at all.

The doors are mostly sliding and made of glass, so it seems that there are no doors at all, which is suitable for hot south Florida.

The house is supplied with the garage suite for three cars, a home theater, a fireplace, a pool house and many other creative features.

Anna Kournikova Miami House

miami beach celebrity homes

The house was built in 2000 and takes 19,281 square feet in the prestigious neighborhood called Sunset Island III. The mansion comprises eight bedrooms and the same quantity of bathrooms.

The main house itself takes 6,630 square feet and is decorated by amazing ivy. There is a lot of natural light in spacious rooms and halls of the mansion. The home is designed in a Spanish style.

The house also obtains 156 feet of water frontage and presents its dock where you can keep a long yacht.

Outdoors the visitor will enjoy a pool and spa supplied with an outdoor kitchen and a barbecue. Guests will also be happy to know that the territory of the mansion provides two guest houses.

LeBron James Miami House

famous homes in miami

The house has a wonderful view on a bay in Coconut Grove. It acquires such marvelous features as a chef’s kitchen, a wine cellar, an office and others.

The house is designed in light colors and has glass doors, which are often not noticed. It is a contemporary building of three floors in 12,178 square feet, where there are six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Apart from the living areas, the kitchen, the cellar and the office, the house also acquires a full gym and an amazing playroom.

The outdoors space is supplied with a summer kitchen, a pool and even a dock for a couple of yachts. There is also a guest house on the territory with one bedroom and one bathroom.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Miami House

florida celebrity homes

The house takes 13 square feet on the coast of a small river in Miami. The estate acquires six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a spacious home theatre, a giant gym and a swimming pool in the backyard. The pool is close to a jacuzzi and an outdoor space with a built-in barbeque and bar.

The house is designed in a modern Mediterranean style and has a lot of space and high ceilings. There is also a lot of dark wood used in the interiors, which contrasts with the white color also implemented there.


famous mansion in miami

In Florida most celebrity homes are situated in Miami because of its both central and coastal position, its convenience and – you can guess – its wonderful climate conditions.

Celebrity houses in Miami happen to be a special feature of the city. Everyone in the state, in the country and even in other countries wish just to have a look at how rich and famous people organize their living, how they choose their homes, how much money they spend on houses, and, of course, how they spend their free time, although they don’t have much of it.

Celebrity homes in Miami also reveal the architecture and design tendencies of nowadays as well as some previous decades since some houses were built years ago. The interiors are usually marvelous since they often result from the huge work of professional designers. We can find a lot of pictures and photos of such homes in the Internet as well as see their exterior with our own eyes – we don’t think that anyone of us is lucky enough to be invited to a celebrity’s house. And based on what we see we can develop our taste in design and architecture.

We have forgotten to mention that celebrity houses have become such a popular topic that any tourist can enjoy a celebrity house tour in Miami. Mostly the houses are shown from the street where they are located. Another tremendous opportunity is to take a boat tour around Miami coast and islands and to see celebrity homes from their coast side and even catch a glimpse of a celebrity spending their time near the pool or the barbeque.