How To Block Heat From Windows

40% of extra heat gets into your house through the windows. You’d better take it into account and apply one of the heat blocking window coverings. By the way, too much of sunshine not only leads to overheating, but also can make your soft furniture, curtains or carpets fade, or have a bad impact on your home plants.  That’s why in some cases it is absolutely inevitable to pick an appropriate means of keeping the heat, sun and unwanted glares away from you apartment. You can either turn yourself in speaking about protection of your windows, or fully trust the professionals in this matter.

Window glass increases the unnecessary heat coming into your home, so sometimes fans or cooling systems are just not enough to combat it. We dived deep into this topic to show you the more effective and low-cost means, so that you can choose the best way to keep heat out of windows for you.

Now come on and do your best to make your room cooler using the mechanism you prefer. The top options to fight with glare and radiation are the following:

  • Blinds
  • Awning
  • Foil
  • Bubble wrap

It is possible to select one of those options of house window sun blocker. Or there is no harm in using them in combination either. Each of them works in its particular way, but you still can gather the benefits from more than one of them to guarantee the maximum safeguard. Keep reading to get the details on every single of these ways to make your home cooler and life better.


heat reflective blinds for windows

Window blinds, or shades, are considered to be the best way to block heat from windows according to the United States Department of Energy (DOE). They typically consist of horizontal or vertical lamels which you can regulate manually to make the amount of sunlight in your apartment bigger or smaller. If the blinds stay in the completely closed position, it gives great insulation and helps making the temperature lower. The level of effectiveness may vary and can depend on several factors. Keep in mind, however, that the most powerful shades are able to prevent up to 45% of extra sun rays from getting inside your room.

The heat reflective blinds for windows will work the best way possible when they are properly installed. Their position should be turned upwards with convex side facing outside. In this case all the excessive sunlight will be sent up to the ceiling so that the temperature in the rest of the room becomes lower and glare level is kept to the minimum. And vice versa, if the blinds are turned downward, the spaces between them get wider. More of the heat and glare gets inside, and most part of the sun rays goes down to the floor, leaving less fresh air.

Fix the blinds correctly, which means leave them as close to the window itself as possible and also fix them tightly to the adjacent wall to keep the level of both heat gain and heat loss as low as possible. In general there is not a problem in mounting the blinds yourselves, but don’t forget about this small tips above.

And what can aid you even more, is the fact that heat blocking window blinds can vary in term of their protecting abilities. You should take into account such factors as which side the window is facing, what temperature is outside and what type of shades exactly you are using. Surely, you can’t change the former two of them, but can easily pay attention to the latter. Note that some kinds of these means of protection from the sun can be more effective than others.

The simple shape of Venetian slat-type shades can serve you pretty well in the serious mission of combating the heat. When they are fully closed they provide the maximum security. But you also may choose to set the angle of opening to customize the level of lightness in every particular situation. The number of options you can open or close them is quite impressive, so you can conveniently change the amount of light, heat, and glare. Or else, it is possible to send the sun rays right into the ceiling, which can be amazing, if it is painted bright. It will break down the light, which make you enjoy plenty of natural light, however, without too much heat.

The next model of them is total blackout blinds. Their most significant feature is their complete opacity, which fully block sun heat from windows. If you don’t mind lacking the ability to regulate the amount of light and glare getting into the room and are okay with steady level of darkness, this option is for you.

Frankly speaking, the leaders in blocking heat from getting inside are cellular or honeycomb shades. The original shape of honeycomb blinds is capable of holding air, lowering the level of heat. Another option is to add sidetracks to them to make their possibilities wider by getting them closer to the glass.

Besides, the color of your sun reflector for house windows is also of paramount importance. What counters the excessive heat best are the light tones such as white, ivory or beige. But here another problem arises: white honeycomb shades, for example, may simply not suite your room’s color palette. To solve this situation put some additional curtains, which hide the blinds and this time will play a merely decorative role. Or you can even extract the maximum possibilities of color if the blinds are of lighter tone from one side and of darker tone from the other. Lighter colors reflects the heat in summer, and darker colors trap the heat in winter, so this solution will serve you best throughout the year.


block the sun from windows

Pretty original, but at the same time the most time-proven way of how to block heat from windows is making an awning or eave. As it is placed outside, it keeps the heat at bay from the very beginning. As it reduces the amount of heat getting on the window, the amount of heat getting inside the house reduces respectively. It is always better to see an expert who knows exactly how to place an awning and what angle will be optimal. But you can make it a DIY project if you feel okay with it. This method is worth trying at least because it is said to decrease the level of heat from 65% to 77%, according to some calculations.

You can go further into the external methods of combating extra light and glare. Depending on your level of experience take your own tactic or also consult a professional. Remember that plants and trees outside cast shade around them, which makes the space right outside your window cooler. Besides, when plants give their vapor to the atmosphere, they lower its temperature.


heat blocking window coverings

In fact, ordinary aluminum foil, or tin foil, can effectively block the sun from windows. Most of us got used to utilizing it as a material to preserve food, but little of us have ever thought of it as of a reflective window covering. Meanwhile, its abilities to reflect the unwanted sun rays are quite powerful. To use it as a potent yet low-cost sun reflector for home windows, simply place it all over your window thoroughly with the glossy side facing outside, make it lie with an even layer over the interior glass windowpane and carefully fix the edges with a tape. This will prevent most of the extra sunshine and glare from getting inside and make the atmosphere not only cool, but also pleasantly dark even in the hottest days.

There is one more similar solution of this kind. It is plastic film designed specially for protecting windows. This insulating film is easy to install on the window. When it is fixed to the interior glass windowpane, it creates a thin air layer between itself and the glass. This method of diminishing the level of light is rather mild, so even if you totally cover the windows with special plastic film, you still can enjoy some portion of natural light.

Bubble Wrap

sun reflector for home windows

Perhaps, you couldn’t even imagine this before, but bubble wrap really increases the insulating possibilities of the window. Moreover, it can either prevent the heat gain in summer season or prevent the heat loss in winter as well. Maybe it looks not as impressive as other options on this list, but it will not be a problem, if you don’t mind it. On the other hand, this is not only the most budget-friendly means, but also can be applied almost instantly.

To make this reflecting covering work, first of all spray some water on the glass. Then slightly press the bubble side against the window. Be careful, try not to pop it. Make sure that the wrap cover the whole area evenly and fits tightly. Then fix the edges with a tape and remove any excessive wrap on the sides to finish the job perfectly. Now you are pretty good to go.

So, as you can see, it is rather an unexpected way to block heat from windows. It is extraordinarily affordable, adds an effect of double glazing, and extremely easy to apply. Perfect means of reducing heat for those who want to save money and reach the aim immediately. A space of air trapped between the wrap and the glass increases the insulating potential of the window. What’s more, did you know that bubble wrap is capable of serving for as long as seven years?

A Few More Last Words

And here are a few more useful facts.

What If Do Not Open The Windows At All?

Don’t even try to think about it. This should be your last remedy in terms of blocking sun heat from windows. When the windows are closed all the time, there is no air circulation, which leads to negative consequences.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that stale air is one of the most serious environmental issues. Even the most modern and powerful heating or cooling systems can not replace merely fresh air coming inside through the open window. Closed windows leave you unprotected from the bad impact of cleaning products, air fresheners, mold, stoves, heaters, and tobacco smoke. And vice versa open windows can let plenty of helpful things inside, such as fresh air, sea breeze, or pleasant scents.

How To Reduce Heat Loss Through Windows?

In fact, you don’t have to waste enormous sums of money on complicated warmth-saving methods. Instead of this, try applying these quick and easy ways to keep warmth in your apartment:

  1. Put everything away from the radiator. Soft furniture, for example, steals the heat so that you don’t even notice.
  2. Hang thick curtains that have a thermal lining on the windows and maybe also front door.
  3. Use self-adhesive foam tape to seal any possible gaps on edges of the windows.
  4. Strengthen the back of the radiator with reflective aluminum foil.
  5. Attach a chimney balloon to the chimney. Special material of the balloon prevents all the heat from getting out.

What If Adding A Couple Of Plants To The Interior?

So, after you decided on how to block sun heat from windows, and everything is done, the time comes to put the final touches. You have reinforced your castle with foil or blinds, awning or bubble wrap, but this is only a technical part of the matter. Feel free to add some home plants to let some fresh breeze in figuratively as well. Tropical style will be the perfect setting for this interior solution. Stylish mini-botanical garden will have a cooling effect as everything green always does.

Now you are well aware of possible options of what to put on windows to keep heat out you have at hand. There is not much to do – just to turn everything you want into reality!


Bedroom Decor Design in the Colors

21 Teal Bedroom Decor Ideas

Our today’s staple of the show is teal. This color takes the place between green and blue on the color wheel and it is somewhere darker than turquoise. Teal managed to take both tranquility of its green component and also vividness of blue, which makes it a perfect color for a bedroom.

Regardless of the level of brightness, teal bedroom is able to set the serene and soothing atmosphere. Psychologists say, this tone has the power to take off the weariness, anxiety and fatigue. Considering that it has a green undertone, the interior with elements of teal instantly becomes fresh and lively. When planning a bedroom, it’s a great idea to select a color palette that is both calming enough for rest, and intricate enough to draw attention.

So, teal is truly a magnificent alternative to the natural blue and green spectrum. It is a deep and vibrant color associating with tropical latitudes and sea lagoons, which can help you to create the feeling of your own little oasis right inside your house. You’ll have a chance to go to sleep and wake up like in island paradise. Teal always puts a significant statement, so pay attention not to make the room too showy, but only slightly but a touch of sophistication.

Below we have gathered some of the teal room ideas which could become the source of your inspiration. With help of designs below you may construct the room of your dreams. And our today’s supportive players to perfectly combine with teal are:

  • brown
  • white
  • grey
  • pink
  • purple
  • orange
  • yellow

Brown and Teal

1. Mist

teal bedroom

Teal color is versatile and complicated in itself, but when you combine it with matching hues, the results can surpass all expectations. If you are wondering which color is considered to be the complementary for teal, the answer would be: maroon. That’s why the variants of combinations with all shades of brown will be the first in our list.

The whole conception of teal rooms like that may be characterized as contemporary. The tone of teal here is muted and it is supported by also muted tones of brown, grey and beige elements. White and grey hues of bed cloths and headboard are repeated in the upholstery of the bench at the base of the bed and a frosted grey rug. Wooden small cabinet continues the warm natural theme of wooden plank floor. The light of the chandelier is reflecting in metal frame of the mirror adding bright notes.

2. Luxuriant Dark Brown

teal room ideas

What catches the attention most of all in this bedroom when you look at it is the variety of textures. The sleek and crisp lines of dark wooden furniture match well with the polished crystal clear bases of nightstand lamps. The softness of light grey comforter and pillows is underlined by the deep teal rug thrown on the bed. Metallic splashes of mirrors and cushions ornament add luminous contrast to the suede-like bedspread. The accent wall unites all the details against its background and makes the room look chic and glamorous.

3. Scandinavian Touch

teal rooms

Remember the rule: adding a chocolate tone into teal bedrooms is never a bad idea. Combination of misty variants of teal with deep brown shades makes the place casual and cozy at the same time.

In this particular example, Scandinavian motifs are clearly visible. It is expressed in natural colors, bold contrasts, clean shapes and also huge windows with white frames that let in a lot of daylight. The major accent here is teal bedspread clearly contrasting with crisp white and chocolate brown. Soothing background is reached due to the warm grey tone of the walls and flooring.

4. Cottage Warmth

teal bedrooms

Hazy teal adds a vibe of mysteriousness, however light and wooden tones prevent it from becoming too serious. General style is still straight and simple. There are several modern style elements, such as ceiling fan and copper rosette on the wall. But the common theme of the room is cozy cottage-like. It is supported by white bedding and dark brown chest of drawers with round handles. Shelf painted in the same color as the wall and wooden photo frames put the finishing touch of homey atmosphere.

5. Globally Inspired

teal bedroom walls

A royal combination of colors, teal and brown, dominates in the space. Luxuriant color of teal bedroom walls in contrast with furniture of dark wood sets the whole room a vibe of elegance. White stripe separates the ceiling from the walls, highlighting how high it is. You can face motifs from around the globe within the frames of one room. Curved four-poster bed, colorful bedspread and plenty of soft cushions is a reminiscence of oriental design. Lamps on each side from the bed make the light muted and mysterious.

White and Teal

6. Make a Statement

teal color bedroom

You don’t necessarily have to use much of teal color. If you feel overloaded, make just one component a central player. A piece of furniture in teal will be a magnificent pearl in the surrounding of light tones. Cold hues of natural colors and rich deep teal accent will make every space look perfectly clean. By the way, it is a trick for the room that is in fact a little messy. White walls, no matter with or without an accent wall will make the space put together. You can add a few more teal bedroom accessories as well, such as lamps or vases. Wooden details of furniture continue the basic theme. This room is a wonderful example of how effectively a dark teal piece is able to look against a white background.

7. Country Style

teal and white bedroom

This countryside chic is first of all reached through the color palette. The warm hue of wood gives the general feeling of integrity. Warm golden brown resonates with subdued variation of teal. Compact white nightstands with curved legs add a feminine and romantic touch. The cottage theme is also supported by the half-rounded windows with blinds framed by the teal zone and cream paneled headboard. White bed cloths and low storage spaces allows the space a lot of air.

8. On the Beach

teal bedroom accessories

Marine motifs are still one of the most popular among the teal bedroom ideas. And not for nothing, by the way. Teal and white brought together give a fresh impression of seaside. Faded teal is combined with crisp white here in textile. Large windows with plantation shutters seem to let the breeze from the seashore into this embodiment of a beach house. The carpet on the floor and low chest at the base of the bed are sandy colored, which literally continues the vibe of the beach. The ocean-themed painting only makes the dreams of faraway lands closer.

Keep in mind, that the key answer to the question how to match colors together is stick to the common warm or cool color scheme. Particularly here the common spectrum is expected to be warm and sunny.

9. Charming

dark teal bedroom

Dark shades take the stage in this room. The deep tone prevailing here looks absolutely graceful. An interesting decision is that exactly the same color is repeated in walls and also curtains. Floaty texture of the curtains doesn’t let the teal overload the room.

Despite all its charming look, several items introduce a little playful portion. Mirror in wickered frame and ceiling fan are impressive examples of natural accents. Yellow cushions and golden letters on the cupboard are sharp eye-catching additions. On the whole the ambiance is inviting to falling into the world of dreams.

Grey and Teal

10. Feel Free

teal bedroom decor ideas

Teal and gray choice for bedrooms is rather popular. Feel free to play with this pair, the variations at your pleasure are numerous. Anyway, this is a unique couple that can be very winning.

This example is a proof that you should never be afraid to express yourself. The accent wall is made in bold shade with intricate floral ornament. The rich teal colored background is paired with light, emerald and also floral cushions, which makes the whole picture so eclectic.

Soft smoky grey tone plays its role to balance the abundance of luscious teal, which took the central place. Moreover, not only colors but also textures are mixed intricately. This is an example of how daring choice of wallpaper can make the room look luxurious.

11. Contemporary Classic

teal and gray bedrooms

Metal fixtures along the headboard are repeated in the bench backrest and together with clean lines look rather strict. The light wood plank flooring unites all the elements of décor. Thin bedside tables look almost invisible and create uncluttered effect. Muted teal is surprisingly well matches with red bedspread, not conflicting with it. White and coffee shades smooth over the sharp textile and upholstery color contrast, at the same time making it stand out. The wood frame of the bench with its slender tapering legs continues the general tone of chic and elegancy.

12. Sleek Lines

teal bedroom

This teal bedroom managed to do almost impossible: it has youthful romantic notes and still looks classical. Wide grey and white horizontal stripes divide the space into zones, which creates an illusion that compact room is actually bigger. Metal and glass accessories are shimmering touches to the matte texture of walls. Soft beige bedspread as well as pale Moroccan rug adds multilayer texture to the bedroom. The whole set of furniture consisting of a sleigh bed and series of cupboard of different sizes is painted teal and plays the central role here.

13. Minor but Significant

teal rooms ideas

Some of you may think that grey is too boring to use it in the interior. The example above comes into play to change your opinion. If you thoroughly think out the exact grey tone matching to your teal bedroom and complement it with right details, the result can be astonishing.

This bedroom made in industrial style looks unique and very thought out. Note that in fact the room contains not as much of teal. However, the concept is to spread teal splashes of different size and hue all over the place. By the way, who said that the shade of teal used within a room should be the only one? No one, it’s not a rule. More than one variant of teal add volume and texture to any interior. Pendant lighting and bed clothes embody deeper tone while cold faded one is neighboring with rough, grey walling. The general mood of the place is daring and innovative.

Pink and Teal

14. Blossom

teal colored bedrooms

Teal and pink compose a strong and gorgeous pair. Their alliance looks sophisticated and graceful. Particularly this tender pink and rich teal make a splendid duet resulting in elegant and a bit mysterious vibe. The bed itself is quite minimalistic. With its abundance of pillows and cozy bed spread it creates very soothing and sleep-inviting mood. Desire to take a rest from the long working day arises momentarily in such a tranquil space. Pale flower wall painting keeps a company to the soft rug. Miniature bedside table and wickered chair look almost dollhouse-like. Great idea would be the large, vertical window to let the sunshine in and out.

15. Sleeping Beauty

teal bedroom ideas

Fuchsia tone instantly makes airy teal and white bedroom more playful and vivid. Teal transforms any interior into a more fresh and youthful space. The shade of teal here is almost minty; it is more of a green than blue and it perfectly highlights the bohemian ornament of the bedspread. This shade of teal balances the deep luscious pink and pairs with the white. The same pink hue is repeated in textile and in decorative frames on the wall. So, matching colors, even if it is spread on the completely different parts of the room, is a good way to make a room look pulled together.

Purple and Teal

16. Magician’s Laboratory

teal bedroom

Combination of rich dark teal and purple in bedrooms always looks whimsical and grandeur. The two bold colors work well for this bedroom. This bedroom is recommended for those bravest of you out there who is keen on color experimenting. The bedroom looks glaring with bright colors of teal, yellow and purple all in one place. Colored glass vases and lace metal furniture make this bedroom creative and special.

Royal purple bedding and ocean teal accent wall make a great match. A light cool shade of teal on the walls is complemented by a textured lilac rug. Lightweight curtains put an airy zephyrous touch. The white framed pictures don’t let the large area of teal to stay monotonous.

17. Lavender

teal bedroom

Those of you, who find the original purple too dramatic, may opt for the softer purple instead. This is a wonderful example when you want to be surrounded by lighter colors, but still eager to insert a bit of purple. Adding pale lavender tones into a teal color bedroom always brings a youthful, playful spirit.

This bedroom features one of those clear and simple designs that seems to make the place come to life. A crystal chandelier adds charm and sparkle. The silver flowers against the teal wall set the whole room’s tone. The ornament is supported with the other flowery decor all over the room. The flowers also bear the darker purple shade to play with the colors a little bit. This particular purple and teal bedroom could most likely be decorated for a teenage girl.

Orange and Teal

18. Desert-inspired

dark teal bedrooms

Teal color is unbelievably versatile. Sunset color palette seems very organic in a bedroom interior. Luckily, it matches the teal, even regardless of how light or dark it is. Orange and teal look utterly magnificent next to each other. Several different shades of them both will give striking complexity.

Look at this free-spirited teal bohemian bedroom with abstract artworks. Warm hues are beautifully paired with deep teal. No wonder, the color situated between blue and green on the spectrum highlights orange and yellow undertones. Natural wood furniture and a woven pendant light balance the cool blue-green hue. If you are eager to make a real statement, pair color-blocked walls with earth tones.

19. Southwest Spirit

teal bedroom

Even a few implementations of orange in upholstery or accessories are just enough to bring a fresh breath into the room in case you find a lot of teal too pompous. If natural earthy orange shades attract you more, use terracotta color as one of the teal bedroom decor ideas. For the ultimate bohemian bedroom, pair vibrant teal with earthy tones for a decidedly southwest flair. Green plants, colorful textile, an upholstered headboard, and a playful dotted blanket serve the common purpose.

Yellow and Teal

20. Spring Theme

teal bedroom

Awaken the senses. Aim for bright, fun and cheerful look with contrast color palette. Add yellow into a dark teal bedroom if you want a scheme that is full of sunny, positive spirit. Give any bedroom a bright, welcoming feel with uplifting, mood-boosting mustard hues. Yellow and teal are a really powerful combination and work well in a pair.

Clean geometrical forms make a sharp, contemporary finish. Hexagon frames make a break from traditional picture frames and also remind of the awakening of nature. Through complementary details like plants and stones, there always will be a part of natural warmth – no matter the time of year.

Feel free to express your personality. A bedroom that matches your style and gives you energy is invaluable. Consider adding some statements that are inspiring for you personally and embody how you live your life.

21. Daring Contrast

yellow and teal bedroom

Yellow and teal bedroom supported by crisp white will feature open and bright space. There is a high chance to feel the teal, as it is embodied in the whole wall.

The leading color is making a strong statement on the wall, so everything else stays rather natural and white. Add just a few accents of yellow and gray to keep it fun and lively. Tumeric yellow tone will instantly jazz up a neutral bedroom. Such bright elements as picture of a pear in the frame and chair with the wire frame bring a fun pop into the room.

Gray, chiffon-like curtains help to ground the window area. If you want to make your room feel bigger, making your curtains go from the floor to ceiling is a great solution since it draws your eye up.

Considering the amount of time we spend in our bedrooms, the importance of organizing it the best possible way becomes obvious. It’s the one room that becomes a personal sanctuary. Choose the bedroom color scheme that speaks to you most and get decorating, to make it feel like a dreamy space to spend your time.

We sincerely hope that this article was useful, and now you gained enough knowledge to embody even the bravest teal rooms ideas of yours! Don’t be afraid of experiments with different colors and textures and remember the major rule: the whole room color scheme should be either warm or cool. And what’s even more important – always rely on your individuality.