8 bedroom house design

8 Bedroom house design: Smart planning

Are you looking for the best 8-bedroom house design plans? Depending on where you are going to build the house of your dreams, the house plans can differ a lot. So, we are here to help you!

What is B level house?

A B-level, or Bi-level house, is also known as a “Raised Ranch”.

This house includes two floors with a common entrance, hence the name is. The houses that are called Bi-level houses or Tri-level houses, according to the floor number, are variations of the split-level houses.

What are split-level houses?

Generally, it is a style of 8-bedroom house design with staggered floor levels. Split-level house plans typically include two short sets of stairs.

One of these sets runs upstairs to a bedroom level, and the second one goes downstairs toward the basement area.

Split-level house plans vs. Bi-level house plans

There is a common mistake that split-level houses and Bi-level houses are the same types of building. However, since these two can have similar plans, there are some distinct differences.

  • Bi-level homes have two levels, with access via the common entrance.
  • Split-level homes typically have three distinct levels. All of them are separated by short flights or sets of stairs.
  • In comparison to Bi-level homes, split-level homes offer more separated living areas, which means you have more privacy.
  • Most Bi-levels have an entrance that is located between the two levels.
  • Split-level homes generally have common living areas on the main level. These can include the kitchen, dining, and living rooms. The bedrooms are located on a level above. Such rooms as a family room, recreation room, extra bedroom, or storage are located below.
  • Most Bi-level homes have Ranch-style modifications. The split levels mostly come in multiple architectural styles.

What size are full-size house plans?

What is the standard drawing size for the construction plans?

The construction can come in several different formats. The most common are 18” x 24” and 24” x 36”. However, you can find some larger construction plans at 30” x 42” and 36” x 48” as well.

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What are duplex house plans?

A duplex house plan is a multifamily home that consists of two separate units which are built as a single dwelling. The two units are usually built either side-by-side, with two types of modifications: they can be stacked or separated by a firewall.

What are the purposes of duplex house plans?

  • Usually, duplexes have one owner, but may be shared by two households. As a variant, you can live in one unit and rent out the other one.
  • Duplexes can offer rental income and tax benefits.
  • This type of property requires permanent maintenance.
  • Duplex properties may cost a lot to get with a second mortgage.

Which is the best site for home design?

When looking for the best site for your home design, always consider these points:

  • Regarding the house plans. They should include all the necessary details that you need to obtain a building permit and start building.
  • Make sure that each floor plan is done correctly. You can see the list of features that a floor plan must have below.
  • Measure audience engagement and site statistics for better understanding. You can see how the services are used and enhance the quality of those services.
  • If you like one of the offered house plans, consider the similar plans of this designer as well. The more house plans you figure out, the easier it is for you to find the best one.

How much space do you need for the 8-bedroom house plans?

An 8-bedroom house should be at least 4,000 square feet. However, it can easily surpass 8,000 sq ft. All the extra details depend on such characteristics as room size, extra spaces (for example, media rooms or game rooms), number of bathrooms, storage, etc.

The rough estimate is that one person needs between 200 and 400 square feet of living space. Thus, a family of four people may need a living space between 800 and 1,600 sq ft. However, the available space from 2,000 to 2,400 sq ft is more realistic.

Generally, your house plan depends a lot on how many people you have in your family and your lifestyle.

The more people are going to live in, and the more needs you have, the more square footage your house plan should have.

What details should the house plans include?

When looking for the 8-bedroom house plans, keep in mind that the plans should include all the necessary details and drawings. You require them to obtain a building permit and build a new house.

Before you start building, you have to visit your local building department and get a list of the items they require for obtaining a building permit. Depending on what exactly you are going to build, you may need some of the following.

Site plan

A site plan shows the house location on your property.

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Structural engineering

This point is essential for the earthquake and hurricane risk areas.

Energy calculations

The energy calculations are usually done to your state’s energy code.

Beam calculations

You may also need beams sized to accommodate roof loads specific to your region.

Professional stamp

Some states have extra requirements for house plans.

A house plan must be prepared or reviewed by a state-licensed architect or structural engineer, with a professional stamp and signature as confirmation. Take your house plans to a local architect or structural engineer for review and stamping.

Mechanical drawings

Some states require certain mechanical drawings, such as electrical, plumbing, and HVAC drawings.

What should the floor plan include?

The correct floor plan must have all the full specs and features included.

Full specs and features on the floor plan

  • Basic features – the number of rooms on the floor, including such features as a bathroom or garage.
  • Dimensions – depth, width, and height of the floor plan.
  • Area – the total floor area along with the separate units, such as decks, lower floor, garage, front porch, patios, storage, main floor, and upper floor; all these are estimated in sq ft.
  • (Keep in mind that total square footage only includes conditioned space! It does not include extra features, such as bonus rooms, garages, porches, or decks).
  • Ceiling – includes the heights of the main ceiling, lower ceiling, upper ceiling, and garage ceiling.
  • Roof – including the primary and secondary pitches.
  • Exterior wall framing – the framing dimensions.
  • Bedroom features – including main floor bedrooms, upstairs bedrooms, and walk-in closets.
  • Kitchen features – including the breakfast nook, the kitchen island, and the walk-in pantry cabinet if there are some.
  • Additional room features – the features you can have, depending on the rooms and their purposes. There can be such different features as a study, computer room, office, family room, keeping room, hobby room, laundry, storage, etc.
  • Garage features – for example, a side entry garage.
  • Lot characteristics – define if it is suited for a sloping lot or view lot.
  • Outdoor spaces – including covered front or rear porches.
  • More – including such extra features as a jack-and-jill bath. For example, four bedrooms on the floor plan share two bathrooms that are jack-and-jill style. So, each bathroom has direct access to two bedrooms.

What do you need to know about an 8-bedroom house plan?

Watch out for the advertisements

Some sellers may advertise an 8-bedroom house as such, although in fact, it isn’t. So, before you accept the offer to buy such a house, make sure that sellers aren’t trying to pass off smaller spare rooms as extra bedrooms.

Proper requirements

To be a proper bedroom, an offered room should match several specific requirements that are approved by local building codes. The local codes vary from state to state, but many of them are similar.

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For example, a bedroom must have proper ventilation, so it needs at least two points of egress. As a rule, these are an entry door and a way to exit. Generally, the exit is a window or an exterior door.

Correct room percentage

The National Association of Home Builders recommends that your rooms should take up a certain percentage of the home’s overall square footage. It can vary depending on your home size: for small (under 2,000 sq ft) or large (over 3,500 sq ft) homes.

How much does it cost to build an 8-bedroom house?

Generally, you need to consider several factors that determine the costs you need to build a house.

Home location

It is the most vital point is to consider.

Just compare the price in Fort Worth with the price in Seattle: in the first case, you can build a house for about $116 per sq ft, while in the second case it would be closer to $142. However, you can build a house for just about $108 per sq ft in Louisville, Kentucky.

Home size

As you can guess, the size of your home also matters. According to the offered price per sq ft, you can calculate the general cost of the whole plan.

How to get the 8-bedroom house plans?

When preparing to build a house, get the proper house plan.

The plan purchase can include the plan package or the list of all the materials you need.

They are offered as an instant download in PDF.

The plan package should be selected for options to show up.

The package is best for fast electronic delivery and inexpensive local printing.

To see all the available options, select a package and press the button or link “View details”. The instant download may be included as well.

Some of the offers can come in a discount for a limited time. Some others can have a free sample to see the quality and more detail.

Keep it in mind when choosing house plans!

If everything is correct, you can make the plan purchase. Even if you get an “unlimited” plan set or a multi-use license, you can only build one home from a bought set of plans.

After you make a purchase, allow the necessary time for the delivery. For example, you may need about 5-7 business days for the delivery of the materials.

Final thoughts:8 Bedroom House design

House planning and construction is an exact science, so you have to know all the necessary details to make a good project.

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