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Air Purifying Plants Growing in Low Light

Plants are well-known as great decoration units and natural air purifiers, but it is not too easy to keep one alive, is it? Light, humidity, water amount needed, there is a bunch of information that you should keep in mind in order to manage a plant. That is what many of us believe in, however, it does not always have to be a reality. We know a bunch of low light air purifying plants that would require minimum care yet their help with the air purification is at least as good as those requiring special rituals for keeping them alive. And as beautiful as those delicate flowers are, is it worth purchasing them, if you would struggle with them later, only to end up with a lifeless flowerless stalk? That is why we collected for you the best indoor plants that need low light and clean air.

What do we need them for?

First of all, to stay up on the window sill or shelf all pretty and make the mood in the room cozier and more home-like. Plus, many of them are evergreens, and green is proved by many psychological studies to have a calming and soothing effect on our nervous system. But also to make the air in the space cleaner and fight off the air pollutants.

We usually think about air pollutants as a problem of the outdoors – Ozone layer with smog, or power plants, or car exhausts, or maybe cigarette smoke. Of course, they are all there, all present, and all influencing our lives quite significantly, irritating our immune systems and causing various diseases, especially with respiratory symptoms. Yes, your coughing, breathing difficulty, or even wheezing can be caused by them.

But if you think that the problem exists just outdoors, you cannot be more wrong. There are many pollutants living inside our houses and ruling our lives without us even realizing it!

air purifying plants low light
Indoor low light plants on the shelves

Who are these invisible enemies?

The first type we should mention is VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds – these are the chemicals that are released by off-gases and are often found in household products. As we clean our houses and do daily household chores, these elements get emitted into the air, them making their way into our lungs, and in case of large amount concentration causing substantial problems to our health.

Among these you might have heard about formaldehyde; it is present in your leather carpeting, various cleaners, paints and varnishes, and even toilet paper! In a very small amount, it comes from your gas stove too.

Xylene is the second popular chemical that you may be aware of – people use it in leather industries, in the production of rubber or paint, and in printing where it acts as a solvent.

Benzene can end up in your lungs in the process of furniture production, carpeting, painting, or household cleaning.

Trichloroethylene will help you with removing the paint or make your stripper work, as well as it can be found in various spot removers, rug-cleaning products, and adhesives.

What did NASA have to say about it all?

As scary as all these pollutants sound, you should not panic – we have managed to survive next to them, and surely still will be able to do so with them present around. Plus, we have an easy way to make things better for us! And that would be – grow an indoor plant.

An indoor plant is a great natural air cleaner. A question we all were wondering though, are some plants better for this job than the other ones? Well, NASA conducted a study during which they found the answer to this one; after all, when we talk about bringing plants to space stations, we want them to be as efficient as possible. The study revealed several plants that are able to remove chemicals that cause eye irritation and headaches, including ammonia, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, benzene, and xylene from the air. Isn’t it amazing?

low light air purifying plants
Indoor low light plants on the floor

How does it work?

The cleaning process is quite easy to understand if you have some basics knowledge of biology. Even if you don’t, there is no reason to fret – we will explain it right now.

Low light air cleaning plants absorb pollutants through their stomata – very small openings in the leaves. The pollutants then go down the plant body to the root zone, where they get biodegraded into food for microbes and bacteria that keep the soil healthy and nourishing for the plant. Water from the soil, on the other hand, gets released into the air through transpiration.

Before we start

We all have stories about killing a plant; most of those are about our first plants, that we got for some holiday when we were little – little enough not to be able to take good care of them. What we did not know then, is that every plant needs different care, and there are those plants, that you, even as a kid, could easily keep safe and sound. So, shall we?

11 Best air purifying plants low light

Number 1 – Boston Fern, or Nephrolepis Exaltata

low light air cleaning plants
Nephrolepis Exaltata

This little fella does a pretty good job at removing toluene, and xylene from the air in your room. It does the best work with formaldehyde too, better than any other plant, in fact, and it also is able to capture car exhaustion gases, which you can find in your house, especially if it has an attached garage.

As for decorative purposes, it would look just perfect in a hanging basket, as well as in a planter, or a pedestal, or at the top of a shelf. Boston Fern is living to its best in moderate and indirect sunlight, as well as mild humidity. This is why it would be best if you could provide additional humidity to them; it would need your special attention during winter. What you can do to provide proper humidity is run an air humidifier, or place stones and a tray with water.

Number 2 – Spider Plant, or Chlorophytum Comosum

air plants low light
Chlorophytum Comosum

Spider Plant may look sharp and unfriendly, but it needs just a bit of care to be your best helper in removing toluene, formaldehyde, and xylene from the air in your house.

As our number one, it likes indirect moderate sunlight but prefers cooler temperatures. Spider Plant does not need much attention and is quite forgiving to living conditions. So, if you are really scared to mess things up, this would be the best choice for you – it is really hard to make things go wrong with this one. The only thing you indeed should remember is to wait until the soil dries up before the next watering.

Number 3 – Pothos, or Epipremnum Aureum

best low light houseplants to purify air
Epipremnum Aureum

This little one likes living in shade, but also is quite known for its ability to grow in relatively hostile environments, which is why you may know Pothos as “the cubicle plant”. With its beautiful evergreen vines and little leaves in the shape of a heart with a hint of yellow, they are often sold in hanging baskets (and indeed freely hanging down they do look their best), and people love buying them for decorative purposes. Although, this little snarl of vines and leaves also purifies the air from formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, and xylene.

The only precaution you should know about Pothos is that it can cause health problems with digestion if being eaten. So, if you have pets or little kids, make sure they never get their little hands – or paws – on this plant.

Number 4 – Peace Lily, or Spathiphyllum ‘Mauna Loa’

indoor plants low light clean air
Spathiphyllum ‘Mauna Loa’

Peace Lily is easy to recognize with its white “flowers” – that are leaf bracts in fact – and their deep green leaves. This evergreen beauty is doing its best in low to moderate sunlight, so you can keep it in shade. Even for people without a green thumb, it is fairly easy to take care of and it takes quite a little water.

The study conducted by NASA revealed Peace Lily to be one of the best low light houseplants to purify the air from Volatile Organic Compounds, including benzene, formaldehyde, and trichloroethylene. It also does a good job with ammonia, toluene, and xylene.

All in all, with a cozy corner in shade, watering once a week, and lots of love, Peace Lily will rise and shine to purify the air in your room.

Number 5 – Chinese Evergreen, or Aglaonema Modestum

air purifying plants low light
Aglaonema Modestum

Despite its name, Chinese Evergreen carries inputs of silver, white, red, or pink, depending on the variety you decide on. And yes, there is plenty of visually appealing choices!

These little colorful low light houseplants that clean air only need a shady place (read “indirect low light”) and a little water, and then they will be able to help you to get rid of formaldehyde and benzene in the air. Chinese Evergreen is quite easy to grow thanks to its high tolerance to various indoor conditions. If you are a beginner, this plant can be the one for you. If you are simply “too busy to keep an eye on plants”, this may be the answer for you too.

Number 6 – Snake Plant, or Sansevieria Rifasciata

low light air purifying plants
Sansevieria Rifasciata

Snake Plant only needs watering once a month and dim indirect light, which makes it one of the easiest plants for a beginner to manage. These thick leaves are number one in surviving with very little sun, humidity, and water.

A peculiar thing about Snake Plant is that it turns carbon dioxide into oxygen not only during the daytime but also at night; most plants can do it only during the day. It also purifies the air from toluene, xylene, trichloroethylene, formaldehyde, and benzene.

You can also find this plant under the name “Mother-in-Law’s Tongue”, however, we believe Snake Plant suits it way better.

Number 7 – Heart Leaf Philodendron, or Philodendron

air plants low light
Heart Leaf Philodendron

You can easily recognize Philodendron by its rounded heart-shaped leaves. Like many other indoor plants, they do their best in shady spots, kept away from strong direct sunlight, and like many other indoor plants, it cleans the air from formaldehyde.

It is too quite an easy one in maintenance and is quite an exquisite decoration piece. Called, besides its official name, a parlor ivy or sweetheart, it sure deserves all the compliments to its elegant appearance.

The part you should be aware of before buying this plant is that it is classified as “toxic”, so if you have any pets or little children, keep the plant far away from them.

Number 8 – Lady Palm, or Pharpis Excelsa

low light houseplants clean air
Pharpis Excelsa

This Lady is one of the top-10 best removers of carbon monoxide, benzene, and formaldehyde. Another name for her is Broadleaf Lady Palm that comes from the fan-shaped leaves this bamboo-like plant has.

Lady Palm is a survivor, tolerating low-level light and various temperatures, however, she does like high amounts of water. Especially if keeping her in a warm environment, make sure she gets enough of it.

Lady Palm grows slowly, and usually is sold as a small spire, but it can grow as tall as 14 feet, or who knows, maybe even taller.

Number 9 – Calathea, or Calathea Makoyana

best indoor plants low light clean air
Calathea Makoyana

Otherwise known as “Rattlesnake Plant”, “Zebra Plant”, or “Peacock plant”, Calathea is a popular choice for indoor decorations. It joins many other air plants low light in its love of shady spaces and the ability to purify the air from toxins.

It requests very little care and offers in exchange cleaner air and a lovely view of the green and brown-ish combination. The plant is relatively big and often would require a floor-standing pot, which makes it a popular choice for office recreation areas.

Number 10 – Cast Iron Plant, or Aspidistra Elatior

air purifying plants low light
Aspidistra Elatior

Cast Iron Plant must have earned its name from the survival skills – there are few plants as resistant to water scarcity and minimal maintenance as this one. Even if you have never ever had a plant before, or if you leave for business trips too often and have no one to look after your plants, you would hardly have any chance of killing this little one.

While being so tough, it is also great in combat against formaldehyde and benzene, safely absorbing these chemicals from the air. It loves shade and can grow up to three feet tall, which makes it a perfect candidate for the position of your companion in the office or living room, or even bathroom if you want.

We would not recommend eating it, but Aspidistra Elatior is considered non-toxic for cats and dogs, so you do not need to worry about your pets getting hurt by the plant.

Number 11 – Jade Plant, or Crassula Ovata

air plants low light
Crassula Ovata

With its fleshy and thick leaves, the Jade plant may remind you about cactus, or maybe aloe; after all, it is a succulent, one of their closest relatives. Some people believe the Jade plant to be a friendship plant, some see it as a symbol of prosperity and luck.

Crassula Ovata is quite easy to take care of, it will do just fine both under the burning sun and in freezing shade, and if you give it proper care, it can grow quite big. The only thing that you really need to remember is this: let the soil dry before watering the plant again. It is extremely important since overwatering can kill a plant.

Jade plant is ranked as a champion in removing toluene (it absorbs around 91% of the chemical in the space around), you can find this chemical in paint thinners and easily recognize it by its strong smell. Apart from that, toluene is emitted from lacquers, kerosine, and gasoline, so if you work with these substances, the Jade plant can become your number one assistant.

After all, plants indeed do a great job

These eleven champs may be the most popular choices for air purification and indoor decoration purposes, but there is a huge variety out there of those plants that we cannot even imagine. So, if you couldn’t find your perfect partner among these ones, please feel free to continue your research.

In addition to being pretty and really lighting up the overall mood in the house, the option of purifying air can have a tremendous impact on our health, such as getting rid of some allergies, reducing headaches and fatigue, minimizing asthma flare-ups, and many others.


Bedroom Decor Kids Rooms

Ikea Minnen beds Review

We all know how fast kids grow. You only turned your back to them for a moment – and they have already grown out of their clothes, their toys, their books, and even their beds. And though getting a couple of spare clothing pieces of a bigger size does not sound like a big of a deal, books are possible to prepare in advance and toys, well, just get them whatever they would crave in the shop; beds from this perspective are a whole new story.

They seem to be so big for such small creatures, and then they start crawling around in them, trying to stand up and escape, and the beds seem to get smaller and smaller every day… In any case, we sure want to protect our kids, but at the rate at which they grow, there is just no need to spend a fortune on a bed that will fit for several months.

There are many providers you can come to in your search for a perfect bed for your toddler. In your research, you would definitely find many various options to choose from, different in sizes, functionalities, prices, but today we will talk about an Ikea metal toddler bed. Because admit it, it is fairly hard to beat the price of $99 that comes with minimalistic design and quality of the global brand. Did we mention its style fits just right into almost any design you picked for the rest of the furniture?

We did our homework while preparing the article for you, and now is the moment to share our findings with you. Not only would it let you save your money and make the best choice for you, but also would plant a seed of reasonable consumption habit that will benefit you in the long-term.

IKEA Minnen Extendable Beds
IKEA minnen extendable bed in black

Description of Ikea Minnen Extendable Bed, or what we found on their website

These are toddler extendable beds, which can be pulled out as the kid grows. When purchasing, you will find LÜROY slatted bed base packaged separately, but it is included in the price. In the numbers below you will find the maximum load, which stands for the maximum static weight applicable to this bed, whether you sit or lie on it. If settling for this bed, you will need to purchase the mattress separately.

The bed had a minimum length of 49 and 1/4“ and a maximum length of 76 and 3/4“; its width is 40 and 1/8“. Its footboard is 28 and 3/8“ in height, while the headboard is 36 and 1/4“. Height under furniture for this bed is 9“. The maximum load (see explanation above) is 220 lbs. The mattress for this bed is 38 and 1/4“ long and 74 and 3/4“ wide.

What do we think about the beds for toddlers Ikea makes

We found ourselves almost in love particularly with Ikea Minnen Extendable Bed with this bed, and you probably will feel it in our review. If it would seem to you biased and doubtful, please feel free to check the reviews of the customers who had purchased this extendable toddler bed. We are quite confident you would find a similar reaction there too.

We will go slow and steady and explain the main reasons why it is one of the best minnen beds.

  • Size: The size of the Ikea Minnen Bed is perfect for a toddler or a child since it is an extendable kids bed and can be easily adjusted according to the growth of your kid.
  • Price: This twin bed with great design is quite affordable, coming at the price of $99 only. Sounds like a great deal, does it not?
  • Safety: The bed is safer and easier for children to crawl around and climb in and out than many other beds thanks to its low rise. Your little champ will freely enjoy the sense of independence while remaining safe and sound.
  • Functionality: The railings on the top and foot of the bed may look like a cute designer decision, but they also prevent your child from falling out of the bed.
  • Style: With all its functionality, the bed is made in a truly simple yet cute design that blends in just right with any other style you choose for your bedroom.
IKEA Minnen Extendable Beds
IKEA Minnen Extendable Bed in white

With this bed, some customers reported, a two-year-old kid can easily climb in and out on his or her own safely, without having to hop on or jump up to get on it. And we find it to be a great thing because as a parent you have enough troubles on your mind, and the last thing you need (and very likely want) is a necessity to worry about your child falling while climbing on the bed. And this is a very common concern.

What mattress should you use with Ikea Minnen Extendable Bed

Specifically for the Minnen Extendable Bed there is an Ikea extendable mattress, but it is sold separately. We found several different options you would be able to choose from:

  • PLUTTEN Foam Mattress for Extendable Bed for $55
  • VIMSIG Foam Mattress for Extendable Bed for $75
  • INNERLIG Spring Mattress for Extendable Bed for $100

As you can see, among the Ikea children’s mattress you can find the one Ikea toddler bed mattress fitting your requirements and budget. Another strategy can be to buy several mattresses according to which size the bed is extended at the moment. For instance, in its fully extended twin size length you can use a twin mattress without a single doubt.

These twin mattresses can be from Ikea, or any other brand you like. Some parents enjoy extending the bed fully from the very beginning and put in a twin mattress, and forget about the problem of regulating the bed size and changing the mattress. Just do it once – and watch your child “growing into” the size of the bed.

Another case when you may want to consider extending the bed in the very beginning to its maximum is the bedroom style. You read it right, sometimes a certain layout of the room, or maybe the same bed of an older child – there are few things as frustrating as having that little corner almost filled by a furniture piece or having to cope with the asymmetry created by two beds standing side by side and having a different length.

The good news is, you can have either option, which is pretty cool.

IKEA Minnen Extendable Beds
IKEA Minnen Extendable Bed in yellow

A good alternative to the Ikea mattresses can be the Linespa 5″ Gel Memory Twin Mattress. This mattress is also only 5″ high, so it does not add much to the height of the bed. If comfiness with such thickness is your concern, do not fret – the filling surely compensates for the gauge. We can also suggest trying to lay down on it yourself before having your children sleeping on it and trying for yourself how comfortable their sleep would be. (Another way around is to ask the kid if the mattress is comfortable, sometimes they do communicate back 🙂 ).

The Assembly of the Ikea Minnen Bed

You will not be surprised if we tell you that it is pretty easy to put this Ikea extendable toddler bed together, will you? Well, firstly, it is a part of the whole Ikea culture and core values, and secondly, how hard putting a toddler bed together can be?

Talking numbers, the average time that it should take is 15 minutes and can be easily performed by one person. But if you would prefer to do the activity with a company, it will be nice entertainment for 2 and more people too.

The principles are quite straightforward, the details are not so numerous. You sure will do great! (And extendable bed frame is a no-brainer.)




Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes – Detailed Guide 2021

Beverly Hills, Bel-Air and Holmby Hills have long been beloved by celebrity addresses Beverly hills who are firmly in the history of cinema and are legends. Beverly Hills has always been an enviable Beverly hills celebrity maps for many Hollywood stars, but as Los Angeles has grown, it has become a great way for all the rich and famous to settle away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Why Do Celebrities Buy Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes?

There are a myriad of reasons why famous people and movie legends don’t stop and buy luxury homes in the area. The first is the most obvious in our opinion, you can buy a really majestic, expensive and unusual house there. But the cost of such houses is incredibly high: from a million to 165 million dollars. In general, this area is considered the most remote and quiet place in California for a reason, as it is located away from the annoying noise of the city.

But there is another reason why celebrities regularly buy houses in Beverly Hills, and that is to connect with other celebrities. You’ll probably want to say hello to Jack Nicholson in the morning like a neighbor, or invite Madonna over for coffee. It’s the perfect opportunity to socialize, stop by and get new lucrative contracts or even attend a star-studded party.

25 Iconic Celebrity Houses in Beverley Hills

25. Madonna’s Home (9425 Sunset Blvd)

Beverly Hills Celebrity Homes

For almost twenty years, the singer has lived in a gorgeous apartment that is located in Beverly Hills. There are nine sleeping areas and each room has its own bathroom. The area is four thousand five hundred square meters. There are also several dressing rooms, two living rooms, a personal library, a room for sports, several kitchen areas and a home theater. Everything in the mansion has been equipped for the comfort of a celebrity.

24. Phil Collins Home (9401 Sunset Blvd)

If you go straight down the road from the legendary singer’s home, you’ll find another music legend, the famous Phil Collins. His swanky star homes in Beverly hills was originally the Waverly Mansion and has been in his possession for many years. Collins, among other things, is a member of the local community and has on several occasions invited in an organization that collects and publishes various information about vintage and historic sites throughout Los Angeles. He plays his drums all the time, which sometimes irritates nearby neighbors.

23. Gene Hackman’s Home (9901 Copley Drive)

Gene Hackman is a true movie legend of yesteryear, who became known for his role as the charismatic villain Lex Luthor in Superman. In addition, he has played many cool roles that are remembered by audiences. One of his most notable films is The Poseidon Adventure. Lex Luthor and bought himself a house that looks a lot like the house of an elite supervillain from numerous movies and TV series. You’ll see a long curving driveway, the gate is carefully guarded, and the gardens are so lush that you almost can’t see the star houses in Beverly hills and yard from behind them.

22. Rihanna’s Home (9152 Janice Pl)

celebrity addresses beverly hills

The singer bought the stars houses in Beverly hills for $6.9 million, and it is located not anywhere, but on one of the prestigious hills of the legendary Beverly Hills. But Rihanna was not entirely happy with the purchase, as its roofing has not passed the test of time. The fact is that during the winter in Los Angeles, one after another, there were continuous torrential rains, and the roof simply could not cope with so much water, so several rooms in the house were mercilessly spoiled. But whatever the case, the mansion is quite impressive.

First of all, we would like to note the terrific view from the windows of the house, the view from time to time is directed somewhere in the distance, where you can see the city skyscrapers and other buildings. There is a wonderful garden around the celebrity houses in Beverly hills, everything is literally immersed in greenery. It is known that the house has 8 bedrooms, a spacious kitchen, dining room, study, 10 bathrooms, a fairly large living room, a couple of rooms for recreation and conversation, library, steam sauna, swimming pool, spa and even a cinema hall. The house is decorated mostly in white colors, with a clear hint of Scandinavian style, the only exception is perhaps the kitchen, which has a dark-colored cabinetry. The home furnishings are done in a modern overlay, here you can see glass partitions for the stairs, trendy sofas, portraits on the walls, comfortable stylish chairs, as well as fluffy carpets on the floor. By the way, there are also bull skins on the floor, made in the tone of the floor, and partially echoing their white stains with the color of the walls. It is felt that the star is all right with a sense of taste, this house really fits her image and the created image perfectly.

21. Nicolas Cages – Movie Stars Homes in Beverly Hills (363 Copa De Oro Rd)

Nicholas Cage is a fan not only of comic books, but also of architecture. And he has a hobby to match – he collects old houses. So far he has only three mansions, but what! They resemble real English castles, somehow ended up in Los Angeles. By the way, in addition to really old houses Cage buys and stylized, which were built according to ancient drawings.

20. Hugh Heffner’s – Playboy Mansion (10236 Charing Cross Rd)

star homes in beverly hills

Hugh Hefner’s death at age 91 marks the end of an era. And while many rightly praise the Playboy founder as a cultural force that helped revolutionize publishing and bring the sexual revolution to the masses, we pause to honor another, equally iconic part of his legacy: the Playboy Mansion.

Its 29-room “Gothic Tudor” style home, set on five acres of rolling Los Angeles hills, is an American phenomenon in its own right, evoking the fantasies of generations of men (and women). It was built in 1927 by famed architect Arthur Kelly. It was purchased by Hugh Hefner in 1971 for $1.1 million. The stone mansion is decorated in the Gothic style. In total, the huge house has 29 rooms. On the first floor is the main entrance, kitchen and large dining room. On the second floor there are 12 large bedrooms, as well as a private office and a bedroom of Hugh Hefner. There is also a studio for filming, a huge movie theater, an arcade, a big wine library and a gym. On the 2.5 hectares of the estate itself, there are several swimming pools, sports fields, and a huge orchard. The famous Grotto, an artificial cave with a blue Jacuzzi, waterfall, and several beautiful leather sofas, deserves special attention. It was in this place that many fun parties were held. The Grotto is also often used by Hefner’s guests to have unforgettable romantic dates there.

The Playboy Mansion serves not only as a receptacle for exuberant parties, but also as home to dozens of exotic animals. What’s more, it’s one of the few mansions that has a real zoo license. Hefner loves birds, and they can be found everywhere: ducks, peacocks, parrots, toucans and even flamingos! Also here you can find a lot of real fluffy rabbits and hundreds of squirrel monkeys and other exotic animals.

As you know, the Playboy mansion is famous for its grand parties. To get to such a glittering event was possible only by personal invitation Hugh Hefner. Cheating to get into the mansion to the party was impossible. The founder of Playboy controlled every guest, and if he saw trespassers, immediately put them on the “black list”, so that then to get to the famous Hugh parties is impossible. Ironically, according to many of the guests of such parties, Hefner himself was not very fond of such events. He preferred to relax in his home bathrobe, watching the same classic movies and eating cookies.

19. Jay Lenos Home (1151 Tower Road)

Jay Leno began his stand-up career before owning The Tonight Show for more than 20 years! But now it’s obvious who’s kidding, he purchased his Beverly hills celebrity homes address back in 1987 and is famous for his extensive choice of garages that house one of the biggest classic car private collections in the world!

18. Jennifer Aniston’s Home (Corner of Airole Way)

beverly hills celebrity homes map

Jennifer Aniston “fell in love at first sight” with this house. When she first walked through its tall massive front door, she realized: she is at home. But here’s the trouble! The house at that moment she did not belong. He was not even for sale. The actress had to wait for seven months before the owner agreed to “part” with its real estate.

It must be said that the house, though Jennifer liked it, but looked ugly to say the least. It was built back in the 1970s, designed by architect Harold Levitt. And by the early 2000s the building was in need of renovation. But the actress refused a cosmetic repair. She resolutely embarked on the reconstruction. And helped her in this designer Stephan Shedley. And Jennifer did not just follow the progress of the work. She personally selected the textiles and interior furnishings.

The interior has a lot of wood and stone. We must pay tribute to the Hollywood actress. For the interior decoration of her house, she chose only fallen trees. The natural stone on the walls is reminiscent of a dwelling carved into a rock. But it is so skillfully “intertwined” with other decorative objects that it does not make the interior any heavier. On the contrary, it gives the rooms a highlight. And the stone we see not only in the kitchen, where there is a pizza oven and a wine cabinet. It decorates the playroom, the bedroom and the living room, giving the interior of the house a harmonious, finished look.

Stefan Shedley noticed in one of his interviews that Jennifer Aniston was very passionate about remodeling. And even showed him a pretty good sketch. So that’s why she’s so proud of her house. It’s just a safe haven for her. It’s her brainchild, her project, which allowed her to look at herself in a new way and discover new talents.

17. Johnny Weissmuller’s Home (414 St Pierre Rd)

Who is he, you may ask? He is the creator of the most famous scream in the history of cinema today, the scream of Tarzan himself. So it should come as no surprise that his house is also made in a completely wild style. Especially when Weissmuller, as a former swimmer, builds a network of huge pools, the most notable of which resembles in appearance the moat that surrounds the entirety of the mansion.

16. Jack Nicholson’s Home (12850 Mulholland Drive)

stars map beverly hills

Jack Nicholson is one of Hollywood’s most impressive actors, known for his many scary movies such as The Shining by Stephen King, but so is his house, which has a couple of chilling stories behind it. His mansion has been the subject of numerous criminal investigations, and his previous one burned to the ground. Rumor has it that the whole area where the house is located is under the influence of a terrible curse. But despite this, in the eighties this house became the site of a huge number of large-scale parties.

15. Marlon Brando’s Home (12900 Mulholland Drive)

stars homes beverly hills

The mansion where the “Godfather” once lived was built in 1939, designed by architect Paul R. Williams. The total area of the house is 464.5 square meters. The house has 16 rooms, including six bedrooms and five baths. The backyard has a swimming pool, sports field and barbecue area. Brando owned the mansion from 1952 until the mid-1960s. It was during this period that several landmark films for the actor’s career came out: “Savages” and “Julius Caesar”. In addition to Marlon, the hosts of the house were actor David Carradine and musician Frank Zappa. In addition, in this house to visit Marlon visited Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly, and Brando himself often took a sunbath near the pool in an Adam costume.

14. Mia Farrows Home (809 Roxbury Drive)

Keeping the Tarzan connection alive, Mia Farrow lived here as a child with her moth Maureen of Sullivan, who was an actress in many early Tarzan films like no one else but Jane.

13.Dean Martin’s Home (511 N. Maple Drive)

The Tea Dance House was Martin’s favorite weekend retreat, where his “rat pack” friends (Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr.) and buddies from Palm Springs Township often gathered. The house is full of furniture created by famous designers, the singer’s contemporaries, and is surrounded by forest overlooked by the peaks of the San Jacinto Mountains. In addition, there is a white grand piano in the mansion’s living room, which Martin liked to play for his guests.

12. Frank Sinatra’s Home (915 Foothill Road)

famous homes in beverly hills

In 1947, you couldn’t do without an Army off-road vehicle in Palm Springs: unpaved roads, dunes, tumbleweeds. A real American desert, like in a cowboy movie. Frank Sinatra built the famous “Twin Palms” house there – the Palm Springs guidebook devotes several pages to it. Whenever it was cocktail time, Sinatra would raise a special flag on the flagpole in front of the entrance for other famous Palm Springs residents to stop by.

Sinatra had owned the house in Palm Springs, nicknamed “The Mirage Ranch,” for forty years. It had grown like a living organism, and every corner and room was named after some great master song. The main one was called “The House I Live In”; there were two more guest rooms. There was even a real “caboose” on the grounds of the Mirage, a stripped-down railroad car where Frank had set up a barbershop. He loved toy railroads – he kept them in the depot house. However, individual steam locomotives were dotted all over the place.

But most importantly, the glorious forties, when the cocktail flag flew over Sinatra’s house, continued: The Mirage’s hospitality became legendary. Sinatra himself would go around the place, making sure everything was in order, right down to whether people had enough toothpicks and ice cream in the fridge. Kennedy and Reagan, Yul Brynner and Dr. Debakey, Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. A naked Marilyn Monroe cooked breakfast in the kitchen of The House I Live In. Frank asked Marilyn to marry – he felt sorry for her and hoped that when she became Mrs. Sinatra, the evil people would leave her alone, frightened by the friend of all the mobsters. Marilyn refused, and a week later she was gone. Then a twenty-year-old hippie, Mia Farrow, lived here, married her, and quickly divorced her in his traditional way – with a scandal and the throwing of suitcases and girlfriends on the lawn.

11. Greystone Mansion (905 Loma Vista Dr)

beverly hills star map

The estate was designed by Gordon Kaufmann (not to be confused with Lloyd of Troma!), known for his work on the Hoover Dam, at the request of oil magnate Edward Doheny. Not only was this gentleman known for his meteoric success, but he also became famous as a philanthropist. In the 1920s, his name was often splashed in the newspapers in connection with the Typto-Dome corruption scandal. Twice Doheny was accused of bribing the U.S. Secretary of State, and twice the charges were dropped. In any case, the mansion was a gift the businessman intended to give to his son, Ned. In 1928, construction was completed, and the following year Doheny, Jr. moved in with his wife and four children.

The manor house turned out to be a sight to behold! Tudor Revival style with whimsical sloping roofs and large windows, 55 rooms spread over 4,300 m2 of land, and around 6.5 hectares of lush green lawn, an orchard and many trees.

This building has a filmography more extensive than Morgan Freeman’s! “Gilmore Girls (Chilton Academy), The Mentalist, Death She Faces, The Big Lebowski, X-Men (Professor Xavier’s Academy Gate), Treasure of the Nation, The Prestige, The Social Network, Ghostbusters 2, Rush Hour, The Witches of Eastwick – and that’s not half of it. Even David Lynch couldn’t resist and filmed “Bluntman’s Head” in the former abode of the Doheny family.

Greystone is very conveniently located: any savvy filmmaker from Los Angeles can get to the location in a mere 15 minutes. The exterior (the infamous Tudor Revival) also does its part: when you need to shoot something British, but are penny-pinching for a ticket to Foggy Albion, you can always turn to the time-tested and peer-reviewed Greystone. You don’t even have to mention how many music videos have been shot here (Elton John nods in agreement) and how many weddings have been played (Kirk Douglas will confirm).

If you’re in Beverly Hills, be sure to check out Loma Vista Drive. The magic of cinema has powerfully nailed this place. Rumor has it that the building is in need of restoration, but even in the sunset rays of its former splendor, it looks so envious of its neighbors.

10. Clint Eastwood’s Home (846 Stradella Road)

The house with a total area of more than 600 square meters, which was built in 1928, the celebrity valued at 9.75 million dollars, reports TMZ. Eastwood’s mansion has six bedrooms, six bathrooms, one additional bathroom, a library, a wine cellar and more than four fireplaces. A guest cottage has been built on the adjoining property. Villa actor was built in the first half of the XX century, designed by renowned Californian architect Clarence Tantau. The total area of the house is 640 square meters, the area of the site – 1.9 hectares.

9. Elton John’s Home (1400 Tower Grove Drive)

It is often written in the press that Sir Elton spends a lot of time in the United States, where he also has real estate. For example, the musician has a luxurious white villa with a swimming pool in Beverly Hills (Los Angeles). The interiors of the house are regularly discussed in the press. The singer has furnished and decorated the cottage to his own taste. The furnishings are really reminiscent of the images of Elton John, who always liked cheerful jackets, bright shoes and custom sunglasses. There are no signs of minimalism in the houses of the musician.

8. Marilyn Monroe & Cher! (141 Carolwood Drive)

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Marilyn Monroe turned the heads of millions of men around the world. She is still considered the main sex symbol of Hollywood. One of the first who discerned her as a rising star was the film producer and founder of 20th Century Fox, Joseph Schenk. It was he who got the actress her first film roles. It is rumored that the relationship between the producer and Monroe for a long time were romantic. Love nest for them became a luxury mansion in Los Angeles. Film diva often seen on a visit to Joseph, and she did not hide that she loves his house.

The property is really luxurious: it has three floors, ten bathrooms and nine bedrooms. As for the territory of the residence, there is a guest house, a room for the staff, as well as an outdoor swimming pool. By the way, the interior of the mansion is striking, everything is made with a grand scale.

7. Alfred Hitchcock’s Home (10957 Bellagio Road)

Probably the most Iconic Hollywood Movie Director of all time! Alfred Hitchcock’s old home is just opposite Bel Air Country Club. He lived there between 1942 until his death in 1980.

6. Michael Jacksons Home (100 Carolwood Drive)

celebrity houses in beverly hills

After Michael Jackson was repeatedly accused of pedophilia against children visiting Neverland in the 1990s and early 2000s, the singer moved out of his beloved ranch and settled in a house in a secluded Los Angeles neighborhood, Holmby Hills.

In 2010, the owners of the Holmby Hills mansion (Michael Jackson used to rent it) put the house up for sale. The building sold for $18.1 million. In addition, the auction offered more than 500 items from the mansion, which was used by the singer: carpets, paintings, sculptures and even a slate with the inscription “Smile, it’s free.

4. Walt Disney’s Home (355 Carolwood Drive)

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In designing the famous homes in Beverly hills, Walt Disney was inspired by the architecture of medieval France and Tudor England, so it looks like a castle. The house was built in just two months. The builders were people out of work during the Great Depression. But that didn’t mean they were unskilled workers. “I found a graduate of the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts on the job line and asked him to paint my ceiling,” Walt Disney himself said in an interview. The house has four bedrooms, four bathrooms, a gym, a swimming pool, and, of course, a home theater for watching footage.

3. Carrie Fisher (1700 Coldwater Canyon Drive)

In the last years of her life Carrie Fisher lived in a house located in map of stars homes. Her dwelling was charming, unusual, original and funny. Exactly as the actress herself was. The house originally belonged to Robert Armstrong, the ship’s captain in “King Kong”, who uttered the well-known phrase: “The monster killed the beauty. After that, the house considered the mistress of the actress Bette Davis, and then the artist Edythe Head, who, in turn, made a lot of permutations here. When Carrie Fisher moved here, 12 years ago, she brought a lot of furniture with her. She had so much stuff that she definitely needed a place to put it all. And the house in Beverly Hills was perfect for that purpose. As a result, Fisher’s house became the place where life is defined by art, where even trivial things take on a hidden and intimate meaning. Only in such a house could this woman live.

2. Rod Stewart’s Holmby Hills Home (391 N Carolwood Dr)

beverly hills celebrity homes

The 74-year-old singer was assembling a model of the city in the attic of his Los Angeles home. Describing the degree of detail, he wanted to achieve, Stewart said that even the dirt on the sidewalks had to be the right color. “You start with gray, then you add cement colors – so that each piece of paving stone is a different shade,” he explained. – And there should be some black chalk in the cracks. Then you put a little bit of debris in the gutters, add a little rust here and there.”

1. Bruce Springsteen’s Home (1244 Benedict Canyon Drive)

Springsteen and his wife, Patti Scialfa, purchased the estate with two houses in the Benedict Canyon neighborhood in 1999 for $13.75 million. The nearly 1,000-square-foot home had four family bedrooms, two staff rooms and a separate one for the chauffeur. The second 700-square-foot home had four bedrooms and a two-story living room.

Self-Guided Celebrity Homes Tour: Beverly Hills Stars Homes Map

beverly hills celebrity homes map

Getting a guided tour of all these famous people’s homes can be a challenge, so to assist you will be to collect two Beverly hills celebrity homes map. One stars map Beverly hills has a large selection of celebrity residences with over 100 homes, and the second Beverly hills star map is a road map of the celebrity homes with the 25 locations described above. For the celebrity house road map, you can easily put it in your satellite navigator and use it for a self-guided tour!

GPS Self-Guided Bicycle Tour: Hollywood stars homes map

If you like pedaling, we recommend that you take advantage of a bike tour. You can rent bikes, which come with a sturdy helmet and a special safety vest. You will be given a GPS, which will be your guide for stars homes Beverly hills.

Celebrity homes Los Angeles map Mini Bus Tour

If you are not satisfied with the star maps Beverly hills tour, the tour bus is at your disposal. You will be told all the relevant information and it only takes a couple of hours. The cost of such a tour varies from forty to fifty dollars.



Five Best Types of Shower Walls


During repair works in your bathroom you have a wide range of materials for your shower walls which have protective as well as decorative functions. If you haven’t made a decision concerning the material you are going to use, our review will give you a helping hand. We consider it important to get all the needed information regarding repair works and go to the store or shop online prepared to the things you can find there and knowing exactly which material, style, size and color you need. It’s especially essential if you do it yourself without any professional assistance. Of course, specialists can give you advice but it’s better to have some personal knowledge.

Our review will also be useful for starting interior designers which have little or even no experience in projecting shower or bathroom walls. They will learn about a range of available materials, their advantages and disadvantages, have a look at them and will be able to implement the received ideas in their work.

While investigating the topic we have come to a conclusion about five best options will ideally fit into any contemporary bathroom:

  • Glass tiles;
  • Ceramic tiles;
  • Fiberglass;
  • Acrylic;
  • Natural stone.

These five are the most common options, but you shouldn’t think that there are no other shower wall materials. We just chose those which are mostly used and rather affordable. Besides, these shower materials are widely presented on the market, so you won’t have any difficulties buying it in any market or online.

If you wonder why there are so many kinds available, we would like you to know that the materials are different, but all of them are rather good if you choose them according to your needs such as style and design, ease of keeping it clean, durability and many others. All of their features, advantages and disadvantages you will find in the following review. We believe that it’s important to know everything about each shower stall material, so you will be able to make your choice on the basis of a lot of information.

The Best Material For Shower Walls

shower wall material

We won’t take the right to decide which material is the best but we want you to see all the possible options and choose one knowing their pros and cons. We have decided to cover five best options in this review. You can get acquainted with all the options available and decide yourself what tile is best for shower walls. Shower enclosure materials really matter when it comes to style and design, as well as convenience of cleaning and durability.

All of the presented shower material options perform their functions perfectly, but there can be differences in installation processes, design features, types of cleaning and etc. we can’t say that any of the options is totally better than the others, but they all have something that can attract their users or some bad features which won’t be estimated well.

1.      Glass Tile

what tile is best for shower walls

Glass tiles happen to be very commonly used shower wall material because it’s perfectly waterproof. Its smooth surface makes the process of cleaning very easy and enjoyable. The tiles as well as the grout between them can be quickly cleaned by any universal cleaner or even some soapy water. It usually doesn’t need any special cleaners in a usual situation, but it’s better to clean it regularly, otherwise later it will be difficult to make them look perfectly clean.

The variety of available sizes, colors and patterns is marvelous, so you will definitely be able to choose the needed ones for your bathroom design. The price of glass tiles usually varies between $600 and $1,350. But you should take into account that glass tiles are rather fragile, so you may need some extra money to pay for its installation by specialists.


  • Glass tiles are easily and quickly cleaned;
  • There can’t be any mold or mildew growth;
  • They don’t absorb water;
  • Glass tiles are often constructed of recycled materials, which makes them eco-friendly.


  • Glass tiles cost a little more than another options because of their backsplash material;
  • You may need to hire specialists to install them.

2.      Ceramic Tiles

shower enclosure materials

Ceramic tiles are produced in a wide range of sizes, styles and textures. We are sure that you will manage to find the tiles according to your needs. Ceramic tiles are usually constructed through putting pieces of clay into extremely high temperatures.

If your ceramic tiles are installed carefully and accurately, they will serve as shower walls for a very long time. The cleaning here is also simple: you just need to use a rag previously dipped into soapy water to wipe the tiles. If you choose the most endurable backsplash tiles, the cost of them will vary between $3 and $7 per square foot.

Another important fact that if you get bored of the design or color, you can just paint your tiles without the need to replace them. In other words, these are the best shower walls for those who like to change the style of their accommodation.


  • The price is amazingly cheap;
  • You don’t need professional services to install them;
  • Ceramic tiles are waterproof.


  • Color variety is not so big as you would like it to be;
  • There can appear mold or mildew growth.

3.      Fiberglass

best stone for shower walls

The material is designed in a factory and forms one big sheet, which is very easy to install because of this feature. Fiberglass walls are very thick comparing to other different types of shower walls, and this quality makes fiberglass walls extremely soundproof. Fiberglass is considered to be the best shower material for condominiums or houses for several flats because of its functions.

Cleaning fiberglass is even easier than cleaning glass since there are no grout lines. Besides, fiberglass is one of the cheapest solutions for shower walls. Of course we would like you to remember that prices differ in various states.


  • You can install fiberglass walls yourself without any extra spending;
  • Medium-density and high-density kinds provide good insulation;
  • No grout means easier installation;
  • Usually comes with a plastic covering serving as a vapor barrier.


  • Some scientific research has shown that fiberglass is likely to cause cancer;
  • It can be sealed tightly along the nearer ceilings and walls.

4.      Acrylic

shower material options

Acrylic is usually sold in big pieces which ideally fit onto any shower wall. Acrylic is rather smooth and can offer its users a notable range of designs and styles. You can without any difficulties customize the walls in your shower or bathroom by coordinating the pieces of the material.

Acrylic is constructed in the bathroom with the use of triple-seal technology in order to make the whole construction endurable. The material is made in a way to deal with the harshness of everyday use. Acrylic doesn’t have pores, so there is no place for dirt or mildew or any other unpleasant things. The cost can be different, but usually acrylic is not very expensive for its users. Acrylic is believed to be one of the most practical shower walls materials options because of its qualities.


  • It is very endurable and perfectly withstands any cracks and dents;
  • You can install it and keep it clean and working without any difficulties;
  • The whole construction is lighter than other tiles.


  • The variety of styles is not as wide is it is wished to be;
  • Acrylic needs professional skills for installation.

5.      Natural Stone

shower wall materials

Natural stone is a material which makes you enjoy its beauty every day of your bathroom or shower use. In fact, during our research for the review we have found out that stone is believed to be one of the most marvelous shower wall options because of its stylishness and durability. Stone are put onto concrete in order to create a wall. There are several types of stones which can be used for stone walls: onyx, travertine, slate and granite.

The stone has a wonderful feature to absorb water and soap scum, which keeps the shower or the bathroom walls very clean. If you want to make stone walls in your house, you should remember that you will pay from $100 to $300 for one square foot. Of course, this cost includes all the needed materials as well as the work of specialists.


  • Stone walls look amazing and very stylish;
  • The use and time don’t spoil the material, they make it better from year to year;
  • Stone will forever stay an important element of architecture and design;
  • It can be in different sizes and forms.


  • It is the most expensive among all the mentioned kinds of walls;
  • The material is really heavy, so installing needs several people.

What Stone Is Suitable For Shower and Bathroom Walls

best shower walls

Sometimes it’s rather difficult to choose on kind of stones for their shower walls since any of them can look gorgeous when installed correctly. We would like you to learn more about three types of stone which can perfectly fit onto your shower wall. Since we can’t name the best stone for shower walls, we would like our readers to make their own conclusions regarding the material.


best shower material

This stone itself will be a good choice if you want an elegant and classy bathroom. White type of marble is the kind of stone which will make your shower even gaudier. The cleaning is simple – you only need a high-quality cleaning product from any store.


different types of shower walls

Granite happens to be one of the hardest natural stone on our planet. You can’t do anything to it which will harm it, besides, there are no cleaning difficulties. Though it’s a stone, there are a lot of colors available.


best material for shower

The material is made of water, which makes it ideal to be put in wet circumstances such as showers and bathrooms. You should only be careful and keep the grout lines very small in order to prevent water from coming into the stone and destroying its structure.

What Is Usually Put Behind Any Shower Walls

shower materials

We all should remember that shower walls can’t guarantee 100% water defense, so you will need to add somethings in order to keep the walls from extra moisture. If you build your own bathroom for the first time, or you have decided to do repair works in your old one, you should take into account that you will need some waterproofing materials. Below we would like you to learn even more about types of waterproofing materials.

  • Drywall, or Greenboard

If you want to use drywall or greenboard, you can put it beside high-quality acrylic surroundings. The surround won’t let water damage the walls.

You should remember that you need to put polythene before using the surrounds.

  • Tile enclosures

If you need to safe the places of tile connections, you will need FibaTape in order to prevent extra moisture. You can also install polythene under the main parts of the tiles. In this way the tape will be saved from any moisture effects.

Which Surface Is The Easiest To Clean

materials for shower walls

Fiberglass is the easiest material to clean since it is produced in one big sheet, which is simple to be kept away from mold and mildew. For keeping fiberglass clean, you will need the following items:

  • A sponge;
  • A spray bottle;
  • Baking soda;
  • White vinegar.

The steps to clean your fiberglass walls will be the following:

  1. Put white vinegar into the spray bottle; shake it and the spray on the wall including any cracks. Let it stay for thirty minutes.
  2. Sprinkle some amount of baking soda onto the fiberglass. Take a sponge and make some circular moves with it wiping your walls. When soda and vinegar mix, they create some foam.
  3. Wash the walls with hot water and then let them air dry.

Shower Wall Panels VS Tiles

shower stall material

If you already have shower wall panels in the bathroom, we believe that you should know that they are better than tiles in many features:

  • For cleaning shower wall panels you need only some antibacterial spray, while tiles have grout gaps which potentially gather dirt and other unpleasant things, so cleaning takes more time;
  • Panels have a simple and nice design. One panel takes a huge area while using tiles you need a lot of them. Besides, panels can be fit very conveniently, while when you work with tiles, you need to make them dry, measure several times and cut before installing.

In Closing

types of shower walls

In fact, all materials, as well as presented above, have their own pros and cons. The choice of the fabric is up to you according to your needs and wishes and abilities of your shower or bathroom. We hope that our review will help you to make a choice which you will enjoy for a long time, even if you choose anything from other types shower walls!



How To Hang Pictures Without Nails – Detailed Manual 2021

Hammer and nails are bad enough helpers, especially if it is not your apartment or house, but you are renting it temporarily. But we hasten to please you: there are a huge number of options on how to hang picture frames without hooks to your wall without causing significant damage to it. We have long been selecting and testing different ways for you to choose the most reliable that will not hurt your time and will not take much effort. These methods are quite interesting and give good results. So, here are three simple ways to hang heavy frames without damaging the wall:

  • The most effective according to tests how to hang a picture with no hook – control strips to hold the frame
  • Velcro strips – a method for textured walls
  • Command picture hooks without nails for frames that weigh 50 pounds or more

We know you’re already looking forward to hanging beautiful but bulky artwork using our ideas. But we’re also sure you can’t get enough of listing these ways and expect this article to give you a fairly detailed breakdown of each of them. To get clear instructions, we have tested all the methods, and we are ready to tell you about them in every detail. We hope that you will find our article very useful!

How To Hang Pictures Without Nails

how to hang pictures without nails

You may ask, how to hang a picture without a nail on a concrete wall? It’s hard to believe at first, but it’s quite possible to do. Here is a list of all the things you need for this endeavor and a detailed guide on how to place your favorite painting with sticky hooks:

  • Medical alcohol
  • Pencil
  • Team trap
  • Paper towel

Step one: preparing the wall

We will start by thoroughly cleaning the wall with alcohol or a special cleaner to fix the picture as firmly as possible and to avoid having to redo the work several times over. You can even use plain water and detergent added to it. We dip a rag in the prepared solution or lightly apply it to a towel and wipe every inch of the wall surface with the utmost care. This will rid the wall of all kinds of unpleasant substances and debris that can repel the adhesive and prevent the painting from holding firmly on the wall.

Step two: Mark out the surface of the wall

This step can be done quite simply by using an ordinary pencil. By no means use a marker during this step, because it will leave nasty stains, and after all, we have just carefully cleaned the wall to avoid them. Try to make the exact spot where the hook will be located visible. We urge you to be as focused and accurate as possible, otherwise a mistake could cost you your budget.

Step three: applying the adhesive to the wall

Remove the protective coating from the hook and carefully match it to the marks you made with a simple pencil. When you are sure you have placed it as correctly as possible and it is in the right place, press it down harder and hold it for half a minute to ensure it is stable and firmly held on the surface of the wall.

Step Four: Wait for the glue to dry

Take your time to happily hang your chosen painting on the hook. The glue needs to finish its work and it will take about an hour to do so, during this time you should not touch the hook, it should be pressed firmly against your wall. Once the time is up, test the hook for strength by hanging a heavy painting on it. If the hook comes off or just dangles, you should go back to the beginning of our guide and be more careful. It’s worth saying that some hooks need to be left on the wall longer before proceeding directly to placing the painting.

Hanging Paintings Without Nails

hanging paintings without nails

And here’s what you might need to hang a painting on canvas without nails:

  • Level
  • Four (sometimes more commanding planks)
  • Painting tape or chalk or pencil

Before you do this job, make sure that the painting you want to hang is not tangled under your feet. You don’t want to accidentally crush a new, newly acquired masterpiece of painting. Now we can get started:

We take the control strips, alternative to nails for hanging, and separate them by simply pulling. Matching carefully the lower sides in each strip, we put one on top of the other. A distinctive click is heard when the sides are joined, which is quite handy. This is a reliable way to check how the strips work and if they have any upsetting effects.

Next, we divide the strips and glue them in the corners at the back of the canvas. The number of strips you will use when doing this job depends directly on the size of the painting you purchased. After you finish placing them on the corners of the canvas, carefully rid each strip of its covering.

Next, place your painting in whatever spot you like and place a level over it. Hold it so that it doesn’t fall down, but don’t press it too hard against the wall either. Once the bubble is positioned in the center of the level, aligned with the top edge, be very careful not to change the location of the painting again.

Next, simply press the painting firmly against the wall and apply force to press it against it until it is securely attached. If you have the opportunity, then hit the corners of the picture, just not too hard, so that it sticks better.

Hanging Pictures Without Nails On Textured Walls

picture frames without hooks

Textured walls are considered the best solution to be placed in your home for a reason. But they can very easily get ruined if you drive the first nail into them. In addition to the stripe option above, there are two other nail-free alternatives so you can how to hang a painting without nails, especially the textured ones.

Velcro strips

This type of tape, commonly known as Velcro, is a pretty cool solution, especially if you like to change things around the house regularly and occasionally want to hang your paintings from place to place. In addition to paintings, duct tape will also come in handy for hanging fabric, gluing window decorations, various signs, frames and other things that you may want to attach to your wall.

There’s another useful use for duct tape: adding a patterned base to furniture. In general, duct tape is an indispensable thing in any home, and that’s why we appreciate and love it.

Washi Tape

This tape is the most budget-friendly option for placing a picture on the wall without the use of nails. In this case you should take into consideration the weight of the painting you want to hang.

Just attach small pieces of vinyl or masking tape to every corner and that’s it.

How To Hang Art Without Nails

alternative to nails for hanging

But what if you have a picture without frames? Do you have to admire them when you pull them off the bookshelf? What if I told you that you don’t even need nails to hang a plain piece of paper? Here are a few options how to put frame on wall without nails:


Stationery is clearly not designed for decorative purposes, but that doesn’t stop us at all. You won’t have to look for these clips for long, they are available almost everywhere at a reasonable price, and what’s more, they add an industrial look to the wall, which makes them not only practical, but also kind of stylish.


Pin your gorgeous picture to the clipboard and change prints as often as you can afford. You can attach anything from little masterpieces to funky captions for your guests. Hang it over the fireplace, attach it to a bookshelf, or place it over your workspace – it’s only limited by your imagination.

Clips and strings

Not only do they give your surroundings a bohemian atmosphere, but they also highlight your creative nature. Using this method is simple enough: stretch the strings from one end of the wall to the other, fasten them with tape, and then hang your wonderful pictures there. The cooler pictures you hang, the more remarkable your room looks. And if you choose the right lighting, you’re guaranteed to delight your tea party guests with this solution.

How To Hang Heavy Pictures Without Nails?

how to hang a picture without a nail

If you’ve ever used command strips in your lifetime, you probably know how hardy they are. They fit perfectly with both lightweight images and very heavy ones. If your painting can’t hang on them for long, then you’ve just done something wrong. We’ve compiled a list of the most common mistakes you unknowingly make when using command strips hanging large pictures without nails.

  • You don’t comply with the weight requirements. A special feature of this tool is that command strips are always supplied with information about how much weight they can support. Before you buy them, measure the weight of your painting. Based on this, you can always find the right team strips for you and not waste your money.
  • You use them on uneven surfaces. If you have a lot of unevenness on your walls, you need to turn the wall space into a perfectly smooth place before you use this method. You may encounter such a problem if you are dealing with wooden walls, concrete walls, textured wallpaper or brick walls. The most reliable way – get rid of irregularities and roughness, glue the right wallpaper. Do not forget to take into account the interior design, so as not to inadvertently disrupt the overall atmosphere of your home.
  • You should not prepare the wall surface. As we have said many times in this article, team strips should only be used on thoroughly cleaned and smooth walls. You should thoroughly wipe down the area where you wish to place the painting with medical alcohol or other proven remedies. Never use regular wet wipes or cheap (or even expensive) sprays. This will only create problems when gluing the slats to your wall, which you absolutely do not need.
  • You are not pressing hard enough. You don’t have to be afraid of damaging something while you’re pushing on the hanging picture when you place the strips. You need to apply more force to certain areas if you are unsure of the reliability of the work you have done.
  • Do not adjust carefully during installation or make adjustments when the picture is already placed. You should use a level to make sure the composition is properly placed on the wall. If you have already used it and installed the painting correctly, and then move it slightly, the glue will quickly weaken, the bond will not be as reliable and the painting will eventually simply fall off on the floor or on someone’s head.

How Much Can Command Strips Hold?

how to hang a picture with no hook

As we mentioned in this article, each team strip has its own personal limitations on picture size and weight. This information is almost always written on the front of the team strip package. If you choose large size strips, you will be able to place a picture over fifteen pounds on them. If you choose the smaller size strips, remember that they will be able to hold no more than four, rarely five, pounds. We recommend that you always buy a size that is larger than the weight of what you are going to hang with the team strips. This is great insurance for those who doubt the weight of their picture and don’t want to pay twice. To achieve the perfect result, don’t try to use a combination of two team hooks to hang the frame. Sure, it will be effective, but are you sure that the two strips will be pushed together correctly, and one won’t fail the other. Better to get one, but with a much higher weight rating. Let you overpay a little, but it will save you from problems that may arise in the future.

Other Methods For Best Way To Hang Pictures On Drywall Without Holes

how to hang a painting without nails

Curtain rail

A curtain rail is another reliable way to hold weighty items. And if you have an old curtain rod, you can borrow it from there. We’ll also need some sturdy fishing line or kapron string. We will be making a hanging system that will allow us to place several items at once at different heights and will not be conspicuous. Inside the rail will be small plastic hooks, to which you need to tie the fishing line or thread, given the desired length and distance between the objects. Now you need to glue the rail to the wall and fasten the ends of the thread to the picture. The improvised installation is ready. The advantage of such a design is that at any time you can add or, on the contrary, remove several objects.

Wine cork

This object will serve as a layer between the wall and the picture, into which you can easily screw a small self-tapping screw and hang anything on it. It is necessary to cut the cork into circles, 1-1,5 cm thick. It should be done with a sharp office knife. Glue the resulting circle to the wall with a strong glue. After it is completely dry, take a short self-tapping screw and simply screw it into the cork. The threaded elements will hold tightly in such a structure. Only you need to choose very tight corks. Silicone wine corks will also work. Reliability will depend on the chosen adhesive.

Adhesive compositions

Adhesive compositions will help to fix heavy objects without much effort. Well-proven “liquid nails”, “cold welding” and polymer glue. The backside of the frame, plate or other objects should be degreased beforehand. The wall on which the object will be glued should be dry and clean. Apply any of the products to the back of the picture and simply lean it against the wall, adhering to the markings. Heavy objects should be glued all around the frame, for lighter objects only the top part can be covered with glue. Hold the picture for a while until the glue sets. You can lean something on it for added effect. Polymer glue has a slight advantage – after removal it does not leave a greasy residue on the surface of the wall. Some experts say that the shelf life of such fasteners is about 1 year. Therefore, be prepared to periodically renew the adhesive layer.

With these uncomplicated ways you can hang a picture, frame and other items on the wall without having to drill holes in it.



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Where To Buy Affordable Wallpaper

If you think of using wallpaper for decorating walls in your house or apartment, we would like you to know the following three things:

  • It’s a wonderful way to change the spirit of the room (even inexpensive wallpaper can ideally perform this function);
  • It may seem challenging but we are sure you will manage to do it;
  • You can find several low-price options which will definitely meet your budget. Cheap wallpaper for walls can be found in many places, you just need to know where you can choose it;

What we also like about wallpaper is that it instantly changes the room and you don’t have to obtain any qualifications in order to implement it. If you have never done that before, you should just try to get the advice of the person who has already did it or you can find some tutorials on the Internet – they are rather good at giving all the needed information.

Another important point that there is a huge variety of options and prices: it varies between $20 per roll and $400 a roll of some designer wallpaper. Do we think that it is possible to buy wallpaper online cheap enough? Of course we do, but if you are not sure about the quality of such wallpaper, it will be better to go to some offline shop and see it with your eyes and touch with your hands.

If You Are Afraid To Put It Yourself

buy wallpaper online cheap

It may seem very difficult to decorate the room with wallpaper. But we can assure you that even if you have never done that before, you will manage to do it. Of course, you can be nervous and your first steps won’t be ideal but you will learn how to do it after a few actions. The practice during the first ten-twenty steps will give you the needed skill as well as will give you an image of how it will look like when you cover the whole space you are going to decorate.

Moreover, if you buy some budget wallpaper, it won’t be so awful if you spoil some place or two. You will just have to buy another roll and try it again. As we have mentioned, all you need is practice. If you manage to do this once, this skill will never leave you and you will be able to do it later in various places and in different conditions.

The Three Main Types of Wallpaper

budget wallpaper

If you have never dealt with wallpaper, the first thing we should like you to learn about is the range of options among wallpaper. This is the main information you have to remember when you go shopping for wallpaper. From the kind you use a lot of things, such as the need to buy a special paste, depend. The types are the following:

  1. Traditional wallpaper

This wallpaper has no added paste, so you will have to buy it on your own, and it will keep wallpaper on the walls permanently. They are the most common nowadays but other types are becoming more and more popular. They are also good because, for instance, you can keep an extra roll for a long time and it won’t be spoilt;

  1. Pre-pasted wallpaper

This one, on the opposite, has a paste on its back, which needs water to become active. This wallpaper also stays permanently. It is very useful when you don’t know which type of paste you have to buy or you are afraid to put the paste yourself;

  1. Peel and stick temporary paper

This type has a special adhesive on its back, which gives a user an opportunity to put it on the wall and later to remove it quickly. This kind is perfect for those who rent a flat or for families with children who can easily spoil the wallpaper. In this case you can easily change the look of the room or the whole home.

We also would recommend you to buy a small piece and try it on the wall you are going to decorate. It will help you to imagine how the wall will look like after the process and will show you whether the chosen wallpaper will stay on the wall for a long time. It also will tell you whether the chosen type is suitable for you and you can easily implement it on the whole wall.

The Price Variety of Wallpaper

best price wallpaper

The prices for various types, for instance, the traditional one and the peel and stick one, will be different. Besides, any person has its own budget which they can spend on wallpaper. We again want to mention that the price doesn’t always affect the quality – affordable wallpaper can be very elegant and classy.

The only thing we would like you to know is that some high-fashioned wallpaper can cost around $200 a roll, while the other type will have the price of $20 a roll. But we should take into account that the whole cost will depend on the size of the area you are going to cover and on those who will do it: you or someone you will hire. The cost can also rise if you are going to buy a non-standard size of a roll, which was designed to cover bigger areas.

Below you will see the list of some wallpaper companies, which will start from those whose prices are affordable, and will finish on some high fashion options. We hope that by the end of this review you will manage to choose the source according to your wishes and budget.

Shops With Affordable Wallpaper Variety

wallpaper cheapest online

As we have mentioned, you will see the list of sources, some of which, actually have a lot of removable options. We hope that in these sources you will be able to find the design, color and pattern which you will enjoy in your home. This one is rather popular among customers at this moment.


affordable wallpaper

The price per one roll here varies between $24 and $50. Actually, the wallpaper from Target is thought to be the best price wallpaper in offline shops and supermarkets. The wallpaper of the cheapest price here, actually, happens to be rather good in use.

This source has a huge range of removable wallpaper for a low price. This one is also known as a good place for choosing nice and classy wallpaper.

Home Depot

inexpensive wallpaper

The cost for a roll starts from $20 and rises up to $80.

This source has various types of wallpaper, including the mentioned earlier traditional and peel and stick types. There you can find wonderful wallpaper which will give your room a certain cool spirit.


cheap wallpaper for walls

Here the price also depends on the height of your walls and goes between $7.99 and $99 for one roll. Wallpaper for cheap prices here is rather high-quality, so you won’t be intimidated or horrified by its look and its use.

This place offers high-quality removable wallpaper, which is also not easily damaged. This feature makes the wallpaper from this place ideal for children rooms.

Wallpops Nuwallpaper

wallpaper cheapest price

This source is more expensive (from $39 to $49 for a roll) and provides a lot of kinds of peel and stick wallpaper.

If you look for cheap but modern wallpaper, this will be a good choice since the company specializes in modern design tendencies.

Rocky Mountain Decals

cheap modern wallpaper

The cost here also depends on the height of the walls in your accommodation and ranges between $35 and $89.

This company can also offer good temporary wallpaper, which is perfect for kid or nursery rooms and cannot be damaged easily, while you can change in one step if it will bore you or your family members.

Chasing Paper

best place to buy wallpaper

The common price for a one size roll here is $40.

This place specializes in affordable fun wallpaper designs. You can find lots of style options here. If you look for some exclusive prints and patterns, you should definitely see what the shop offers for its customers.


wallpaper for walls cheap

The place offers two height options of 9 feet and 12 feet and the price between $45 and $90 a roll.

This source has all the three types of wallpaper mentioned above, so everyone can find here something according to their needs and wishes. You even have the opportunity to create your own design!

Wallpaperie On Etsy

low price wallpaper

The price of this source also depends on the height of the room and can be from $32 up to $111.

This shop provides peel and stick and pre-pasted wallpaper. It has designs which are perfectly suitable for nurseries or kids’ rooms. If you choose peel and stick option, it will be easy for you to change the design if your kids ask to do it.

Wallpaper Direct

wallpaper for cheap

This shop specializes in wallpaper coming from Europe and Britain, so the price range here is huge and starts from $32 and can reach more than $300 for one roll.

This place offers traditional and pre-pasted wallpaper as well as murals. It also offers free samples to its customers, so you can try them in your room before buying.

This company will be the best place to buy wallpaper if you design your home in European style. Of course, the assistants can help you to choose the option which will perfectly fit in your interior.

Walls Need Love

buy wallpaper online cheap

The place also has a wide range of prices from $48 to $532, but there are several size panels and even an extra-large roll for big spaces.

They also specialize in temporary wallpaper and murals and offer a huge variety of colors, styles and designs.

Wallpaper Shops With Higher Prices

budget wallpaper

Although the following options are not so affordable, we should still mention them. They provide a range of wonderful designs and styles, and, besides, sometimes offer good sales for customers. Some discounts happen to reach 50%!

Hygge And West

wallpaper cheapest online

The prices in this shop vary between $90 and $195 for one roll.

The company offers traditional wallpaper without the added paste with a lot of exciting and sophisticated styles and patterns.

Lulu & Georgia

affordable wallpaper

One roll in this company can cost from $45 up to $420 and more. Of course, the shop offers discounts from time to time.

There are styles developed by several designers. Most of wallpaper is traditional, but there are some peel and stick options.


inexpensive wallpaper

The wallpaper of this company has a range of prices from $70 to $475. Rolls for big mural designs are usually larger than the ordinary ones.

The company is widely known for its wonderful murals. They can be presented as traditional, pre-pasted and vinyl wallpaper. The sizes can be customized for your needs.


cheap wallpaper for walls

There are different prices for a roll in this shop which start from $78 and rise up to $500.

The shop offers all three types of wallpaper: traditional, pre-pasted and peel and stick kinds. There is a wide range of wonderful and exclusive designs, you will definitely find something for your home.

Is It Possible To Put Wallpaper Onto Textured Walls?

wallpaper cheapest price

The answer to this question depends on two things:

  1. The wallpaper itself and the company which produces it;
  2. The type of adhesive used on the wallpaper or which you choose to use yourself.

It’s a good feature that most companies give the information regarding the possibility of using their production on textured walls. If you aren’t sure, you can get a sample and try it firstly.

If you have some questions how to do it, you can find a lot of good tutorials on YouTube.

In Closing

cheap modern wallpaper

To sum up, as we have already mentioned, wallpaper can change the look and the spirit of your home dramatically.

There have been presented several options of affordable and more expensive wallpaper which we were lucky to find while preparing our review. We just would like you to remember that wallpaper for walls can be cheap enough yet make your home beautiful, stylish and cozy. It’s not a common thing that low-price wallpaper is not good or elegant enough to be used.

Of course, you also can find a lot of options online, which can cost even less. But be careful – the wallpaper cheapest online can cost you a lot of additional repair works.

We hope that you will manage to find ideal wallpaper for your home!



How To Block Heat From Windows

40% of extra heat gets into your house through the windows. You’d better take it into account and apply one of the heat blocking window coverings. By the way, too much of sunshine not only leads to overheating, but also can make your soft furniture, curtains or carpets fade, or have a bad impact on your home plants.  That’s why in some cases it is absolutely inevitable to pick an appropriate means of keeping the heat, sun and unwanted glares away from you apartment. You can either turn yourself in speaking about protection of your windows, or fully trust the professionals in this matter.

Window glass increases the unnecessary heat coming into your home, so sometimes fans or cooling systems are just not enough to combat it. We dived deep into this topic to show you the more effective and low-cost means, so that you can choose the best way to keep heat out of windows for you.

Now come on and do your best to make your room cooler using the mechanism you prefer. The top options to fight with glare and radiation are the following:

  • Blinds
  • Awning
  • Foil
  • Bubble wrap

It is possible to select one of those options of house window sun blocker. Or there is no harm in using them in combination either. Each of them works in its particular way, but you still can gather the benefits from more than one of them to guarantee the maximum safeguard. Keep reading to get the details on every single of these ways to make your home cooler and life better.


heat reflective blinds for windows

Window blinds, or shades, are considered to be the best way to block heat from windows according to the United States Department of Energy (DOE). They typically consist of horizontal or vertical lamels which you can regulate manually to make the amount of sunlight in your apartment bigger or smaller. If the blinds stay in the completely closed position, it gives great insulation and helps making the temperature lower. The level of effectiveness may vary and can depend on several factors. Keep in mind, however, that the most powerful shades are able to prevent up to 45% of extra sun rays from getting inside your room.

The heat reflective blinds for windows will work the best way possible when they are properly installed. Their position should be turned upwards with convex side facing outside. In this case all the excessive sunlight will be sent up to the ceiling so that the temperature in the rest of the room becomes lower and glare level is kept to the minimum. And vice versa, if the blinds are turned downward, the spaces between them get wider. More of the heat and glare gets inside, and most part of the sun rays goes down to the floor, leaving less fresh air.

Fix the blinds correctly, which means leave them as close to the window itself as possible and also fix them tightly to the adjacent wall to keep the level of both heat gain and heat loss as low as possible. In general there is not a problem in mounting the blinds yourselves, but don’t forget about this small tips above.

And what can aid you even more, is the fact that heat blocking window blinds can vary in term of their protecting abilities. You should take into account such factors as which side the window is facing, what temperature is outside and what type of shades exactly you are using. Surely, you can’t change the former two of them, but can easily pay attention to the latter. Note that some kinds of these means of protection from the sun can be more effective than others.

The simple shape of Venetian slat-type shades can serve you pretty well in the serious mission of combating the heat. When they are fully closed they provide the maximum security. But you also may choose to set the angle of opening to customize the level of lightness in every particular situation. The number of options you can open or close them is quite impressive, so you can conveniently change the amount of light, heat, and glare. Or else, it is possible to send the sun rays right into the ceiling, which can be amazing, if it is painted bright. It will break down the light, which make you enjoy plenty of natural light, however, without too much heat.

The next model of them is total blackout blinds. Their most significant feature is their complete opacity, which fully block sun heat from windows. If you don’t mind lacking the ability to regulate the amount of light and glare getting into the room and are okay with steady level of darkness, this option is for you.

Frankly speaking, the leaders in blocking heat from getting inside are cellular or honeycomb shades. The original shape of honeycomb blinds is capable of holding air, lowering the level of heat. Another option is to add sidetracks to them to make their possibilities wider by getting them closer to the glass.

Besides, the color of your sun reflector for house windows is also of paramount importance. What counters the excessive heat best are the light tones such as white, ivory or beige. But here another problem arises: white honeycomb shades, for example, may simply not suite your room’s color palette. To solve this situation put some additional curtains, which hide the blinds and this time will play a merely decorative role. Or you can even extract the maximum possibilities of color if the blinds are of lighter tone from one side and of darker tone from the other. Lighter colors reflects the heat in summer, and darker colors trap the heat in winter, so this solution will serve you best throughout the year.


block the sun from windows

Pretty original, but at the same time the most time-proven way of how to block heat from windows is making an awning or eave. As it is placed outside, it keeps the heat at bay from the very beginning. As it reduces the amount of heat getting on the window, the amount of heat getting inside the house reduces respectively. It is always better to see an expert who knows exactly how to place an awning and what angle will be optimal. But you can make it a DIY project if you feel okay with it. This method is worth trying at least because it is said to decrease the level of heat from 65% to 77%, according to some calculations.

You can go further into the external methods of combating extra light and glare. Depending on your level of experience take your own tactic or also consult a professional. Remember that plants and trees outside cast shade around them, which makes the space right outside your window cooler. Besides, when plants give their vapor to the atmosphere, they lower its temperature.


heat blocking window coverings

In fact, ordinary aluminum foil, or tin foil, can effectively block the sun from windows. Most of us got used to utilizing it as a material to preserve food, but little of us have ever thought of it as of a reflective window covering. Meanwhile, its abilities to reflect the unwanted sun rays are quite powerful. To use it as a potent yet low-cost sun reflector for home windows, simply place it all over your window thoroughly with the glossy side facing outside, make it lie with an even layer over the interior glass windowpane and carefully fix the edges with a tape. This will prevent most of the extra sunshine and glare from getting inside and make the atmosphere not only cool, but also pleasantly dark even in the hottest days.

There is one more similar solution of this kind. It is plastic film designed specially for protecting windows. This insulating film is easy to install on the window. When it is fixed to the interior glass windowpane, it creates a thin air layer between itself and the glass. This method of diminishing the level of light is rather mild, so even if you totally cover the windows with special plastic film, you still can enjoy some portion of natural light.

Bubble Wrap

sun reflector for home windows

Perhaps, you couldn’t even imagine this before, but bubble wrap really increases the insulating possibilities of the window. Moreover, it can either prevent the heat gain in summer season or prevent the heat loss in winter as well. Maybe it looks not as impressive as other options on this list, but it will not be a problem, if you don’t mind it. On the other hand, this is not only the most budget-friendly means, but also can be applied almost instantly.

To make this reflecting covering work, first of all spray some water on the glass. Then slightly press the bubble side against the window. Be careful, try not to pop it. Make sure that the wrap cover the whole area evenly and fits tightly. Then fix the edges with a tape and remove any excessive wrap on the sides to finish the job perfectly. Now you are pretty good to go.

So, as you can see, it is rather an unexpected way to block heat from windows. It is extraordinarily affordable, adds an effect of double glazing, and extremely easy to apply. Perfect means of reducing heat for those who want to save money and reach the aim immediately. A space of air trapped between the wrap and the glass increases the insulating potential of the window. What’s more, did you know that bubble wrap is capable of serving for as long as seven years?

A Few More Last Words

And here are a few more useful facts.

What If Do Not Open The Windows At All?

Don’t even try to think about it. This should be your last remedy in terms of blocking sun heat from windows. When the windows are closed all the time, there is no air circulation, which leads to negative consequences.

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that stale air is one of the most serious environmental issues. Even the most modern and powerful heating or cooling systems can not replace merely fresh air coming inside through the open window. Closed windows leave you unprotected from the bad impact of cleaning products, air fresheners, mold, stoves, heaters, and tobacco smoke. And vice versa open windows can let plenty of helpful things inside, such as fresh air, sea breeze, or pleasant scents.

How To Reduce Heat Loss Through Windows?

In fact, you don’t have to waste enormous sums of money on complicated warmth-saving methods. Instead of this, try applying these quick and easy ways to keep warmth in your apartment:

  1. Put everything away from the radiator. Soft furniture, for example, steals the heat so that you don’t even notice.
  2. Hang thick curtains that have a thermal lining on the windows and maybe also front door.
  3. Use self-adhesive foam tape to seal any possible gaps on edges of the windows.
  4. Strengthen the back of the radiator with reflective aluminum foil.
  5. Attach a chimney balloon to the chimney. Special material of the balloon prevents all the heat from getting out.

What If Adding A Couple Of Plants To The Interior?

So, after you decided on how to block sun heat from windows, and everything is done, the time comes to put the final touches. You have reinforced your castle with foil or blinds, awning or bubble wrap, but this is only a technical part of the matter. Feel free to add some home plants to let some fresh breeze in figuratively as well. Tropical style will be the perfect setting for this interior solution. Stylish mini-botanical garden will have a cooling effect as everything green always does.

Now you are well aware of possible options of what to put on windows to keep heat out you have at hand. There is not much to do – just to turn everything you want into reality!


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7 Ideas of Wood Wall Paneling

When you consider implementing wall paneling in your interior, you may be worried that this is an outdated design. We want you to know that it’s not: paneling has again become trendy but has changed to be more modern. Dark, laminate-covered sheets are no more used. If you manage to choose suitable wood panels, you will add a stylish flavor to your house.

Wooden wall panel decor may be a certain element which shows your guests your sense of style in design, so your visitors will be impressed. This can be an important feature especially when your work is somehow connected with architecture and design, so your house can be a living proof that you are a high-quality professional.

Wall paneling will be a great choice for your interior looking elegant as well as providing enough insulation. It keeps warmth well when it’s freezing outside, while during hot summer weather wood provides some coolness in the room. If you are willing to implement wall panels in your interior, you should think of seven main options in types of wood panel available for this:

  1. Shiplap
  2. Board and Batten
  3. Plank wall
  4. Tongue and groove
  5. Flat panels
  6. Beadboard
  7. Raised panels

It doesn’t matter, actually, which kind of wood wall paneling you will choose, but you should always remember about the look you want create, modern colors and patterns, and you will manage to create a wonderful interior where you will be able to enjoy a lot of life moments. It is often mentioned that the house, its look and its condition is the reflection of the homeowner’s character and mental health.

Below you will be able to learn more about every option, so this review will give you a helping hand in the process of your home design. Every type has its own unique style and can be used in different rooms, styles and conditions.


wood wall paneling

If you enjoy following contemporary trends in architecture and design, you are already aware of shiplap popularity. The mentioned style comprises placing horizontally running grooved boards stiffly to each other in order to create a weatherproof seal (we should not that shiplap is often used to cover the house exterior. The point where the boards stick to each other is named a “rabbet”. This particular rabbet happens to be a special feature which distinguishes shiplap from any other type of wood wall paneling.

It’s a wonderful thing to mention is that shiplap often happens to be a basic layer which should not be noticed. Sometimes a decorative wooden wall panel becomes a place where you can realize your creative skills. For instance, you are a good painter. If a wall panel doesn’t attract a lot of attention, your works of art on it will be noticeable. Another option is that you are a bit of an interior designer, so the right choice of the color can totally change the room and its spirit.

Shiplap is an interesting interior feature you should definitely consider when you plan your house. It gives us a lot of visual interest because of its long and clean lines. This option of wall paneling is more endurable compared to the other one, mere drywall. If you want to have beautiful walls, which won’t be ruined for a long time, shiplap will be an ideal choice for you. Shiplap is also rather strong against some physical activities such as an earthquake or hits of a strong person or whimsical children.

Nevertheless, the drawback of shiplap is that its grooves make it difficult to clean it and keep out of dirt. You will have to work more and for more time in order to keep it clean. Remember that if you want to cover all the walls with shiplap. Moreover, you should be careful while installing the panels in order to prevent them from rotting and ruining. Decorative wall panel wood should be taken care of accurately in order to make the years of its service long.

Board And Batten

decorative wooden wall panel

If you install this kind of wall panels, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful three-dimensional texture of your walls. Board and Batten, as the previously described Shiplap, firstly was used for the exterior siding, and only then came to our interiors. However, we should mention that this happened a lot of time ago, so shiplap and board and batten are typical for using them in interior design.

When we use the term “batten”, we speak of the molding piece which is usually put onto the joint between the boards. Any room with this paneling will look more sophisticated. As any other type of wood wall paneling, you can choose any color you like or enjoy the usual white tone. Decorative wood wall panels are beautiful themselves, so sometimes they don’t need bright colors and can be just matching with other elements of design and décor. But, if you want to, you can make the wood panels a particular element of design if you choose an unusual or some contrast color.

If you will manage to maintain your wall panels carefully, it will stand for decades and won’t be destroyed. It doesn’t need a lot of care; so many users enjoy this type of panels and don’t even think of other available options.

However, you should remember that this particular type of wall panels is rather expensive because there are required a huge amount of material and precise work.

Of course, the price can depend on the material. The most common options for this paneling to be made of are wood and vinyl. The latter one is cheaper and can even look like wood. The cost varies between $0.75 and $9 per square foot of material. Real wood paneling for walls often cost more for every type of wall paneling because the material is more endurable and looks more elegant and stylish. However, if you can’t afford real wood panels, you shouldn’t be sad since there have been designed a lot of materials which can imitate wood in a way that an ordinary person can’t tell the difference according to its look.

Plank Wall

decorative wood wall panels

When you use wooden planks, you can organize an elegant and gaudy space. You can choose planks made of wood, new wood or wood which has been reworked to look more vintage. You can play with the pattern you put the planks into: horizontal, vertical, diagonal or herringbone. another good point is that planks are offered in a wide range of sizes.

The type of the used wood, finish and color, and the pattern used when laying it out will seriously affect the whole spirit of the room. We also should mention that this type of wood panels is very good-looking in any style of interior. This happens because planks don’t usually acquire many decorative elements which are common to any particular style. Moreover, the color of planks can also be chosen from a wide range, so any interior can get some planks which are fit in well.

The total cost of such wood paneling will be determined by the type of the used wood and the square you need to fill in. Such things as MDF planks or purchasing whole sheets of wood and cutting them yourself will save some part of your repair works budget.

It isn’t so important which material decorative wood wall panels for interiors are made of for the whole look and spirit of the room since some cheap materials can be designed and laid out in a way that they will look better than the wood which is rotten or old-fashioned. It means that even if you don’t have much money, you can create a stylish and enjoyable interior where you will spend much of your spare time in good feelings.

Tongue And Groove

real wood paneling for walls

This type of woos wall paneling looks similar to shiplap, but the panels connect in the other way. While shiplap has the rabbet joints, this type of connection means that panels fit with each other tightly without any additional elements.

This type of connection has its own history of being used in woodworking and will be a perfect way to keep wood panels stiffly together. They look rather neat and clean. A good feature of this type of wall paneling is that it is easily cleaned. However, such precise type of connection of these wood panels may require more time for installation, and the process could be rather long. Wooden decorative wall panels of this type if maintained carefully will serve their homeowners for decades and will not be rotten or destroyed for a long time.

The cost of Tongue and Groove varies between $2.00 and $3.00 per square foot.

Flat Panels

decorative wood wall panels for interiors

Flat panels are famous for its clean lines and a high-quality polished look. This style of wood paneling took its beginning in the 19th century and has been becoming more and more popular through the decades.  This type of paneling is simpler than the look of raised panels. If you use flat paneling, you will add some stylish flavor as well as simplicity to your interior.

What is available for any type of wood paneling, you can choose the height you need. The most common options are the whole wall, three-quarters of the way up the wall or chair-rail height (twenty-eight to thirty-two inches). The texture of these panels usually fits well with pieces of furniture and design elements in the room.

Flat panels can also look like traditional wall panels and create a classic interior, other designs of flat panels can look more contemporary and sharp.


wooden decorative wall panels

This type of decorative wood paneling comprises accurately spaced grooves along the panels. The described kind of wall paneling can have different height and cover the whole wall or its part. The usual width between the nearer grooves can be 1.5 or 3 inches. If you want to, you can choose your own size.

There exist two kinds of beadboard: tongue-in-groove and sheets. The first one needs a lot of time and effort to be installed because you have to layout each board on your own. Sheet beadboards are offered in four- or eight-foot sizes. The boards are also convenient since they can be painted any color according to your wishes.

If you use beadboard paneling, you will give your space a traditional and elegant look. It can be mixed with any designing elements in a room. But we have to mention that you should be careful with its cleaning since it has grooves which are likely to collect some dust and dirt.

The money you will pay for beadboard paneling depend on the wood and its quality and the amount you need to use in order to decorate the chosen area. For real wood the usual price is about $1 per square foot, while MDF is between $.50 and $.75 per square foot.

Raised Panels

traditional wall panels

Raised panels have been widely known since the time when royal families used it very often a couple of centuries ago. The look comprises three-dimensional parts: its beveled panels are raised over closely put vertical and horizontal rails.

The use of this kind of wood wall paneling creates a gorgeous classic look. The most important thing is that the panels happen to be beveled, which attracts a lot of attention. With the use of raised panels you can add to your space some flavor of houses built and designed in the colonial era.

These panels are the most expensive option compared to all listed above.

How To Lay Out Wood Paneling On A Wall

types of wood panels

You can ease your work if you stain or paint the chosen panels before laying them onto a wall. When they are dry, you can easily touch any of their parts.

We also would like to mention that there are several options how you can stick your wood panels to a wall, which is usually determined by the weight of the fabric. Wood panels can be nailed or glued by a caulk or a special wood glue.

The Available Height Of Wood Wall Paneling

wall panelling types

It is not a difficult question – only you decide which height your panels will have. All wall panelling types can be adapted to the size you need and wish to get. It depends on the style you wish to implement, and it depends on the chosen height. The best advice we can give is not to forget about proportions.

If you don’t know the exact height you need, you can choose from standard options, which happen to be the whole wall or one- or two-thirds of the total height.

Wall Paneling Is Not Outdated

Wall paneling itself happens to be a rather contemporary method, but you should remember that some types, colors and patterns are out of style. For instance, if you have dark plywood panels in your house, you can make them more modern by sanding or changing the color to the lighter one.

Contemporary wood wall paneling works only for the best, making the design fresh, stylish, elegant and gaudy.

In Closing

used wood paneling

This review of available types of wood panels will be helpful for an ordinary customer as well as a professional designer who makes their first steps in architecture and design or has never implemented wood panels in their work.

It is not so important which types of wood walls you will choose, the main things you should pay attention to is color, pattern, size and design.

We hope that due to this review you will be able to make the right choice when planning your interior, and the used wood paneling will help you to enjoy the place you live in.


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Top 10 Types of Kitchen Curtains

When people think of their kitchen interior, they pay most of their attention to the appliances and pieces of furniture they are going to put at their place. Unfortunately, not many of us take care of the variety of kitchen curtains which seriously affects the whole feeling of the kitchen. We believe that knowing the types kitchen curtains available for the use is vital: you will learn a lot about colors, materials and designs which exist and which will suit one or another kitchen and create the perfect interior where you can enjoy the moment.

In order to give you a helping hand, we have investigated which types of kitchen curtains you can use and in which circumstances. This review can be very useful for ordinary customers as well as professional designers who have no or little experience of choosing curtains for their projects and want to learn about modern kitchen curtains and valances. The kitchen curtains material is essentially important. Patterns for kitchen curtains are also a field for investigation. Contemporary kitchen curtains can dramatically change the whole look of the kitchen.

In our review you will also get acquainted with some kitchen door curtain ideas. Remember that not every type of curtains is suitable for kitchen door windows.

Cafe Curtains

kitchen curtains

One of the most widely used curtains variants is kitchen curtains. The usual materials for their production are linen, sheer and polyester. From time to time café curtains are designed with pleats at the higher part, and they are usually hung from some type of rings, while their rods cover the lower part of the window. The style came into modern design from the past method how the windows of roadside cafes were covered some time ago. This resulted in the current name of this curtains type. Of course, contemporary kitchen curtains differ from café curtains from the past in some parameters.

1.      Full-Window Cafe Curtains

kitchen sink window curtain

This type of curtains is very long and stretches up to forty-five inches. They are designed to cover all the parts of the window and provide total privacy for homes of their owners. Usually full-window café curtains are hung near the very top or at the top itself.

Full window cafe curtains are the type of cafe curtains that are as long as 45 inches. They cover the whole window and therefore calm homeowners’ privacy concerns. This type of cafe curtains is usually hung close to the top or at the top.

2.      Half-Window Cafe Curtains

lower half window treatments

As it is seen from the name of these café curtains, they cover the lower half of the window, which gives them a wonderful opportunity to fit in with other items of the décor you use in your kitchen. Half-window café curtains can offer a customer a wide range of different colors and designs in order to meet any interior. These curtains also let a lot of light to come to your kitchen through the window, which fills the place with a nice glow. Sometimes they can be referred to as lower half window treatments.

Another interesting feature is that this type of curtains is not very expensive and can be used with any available budget. Moreover, they can be installed by the owner themselves, and it won’t take much time.

However, some customers may be worried that these curtains are not enough to gain the needed privacy in the kitchen. In this situation they may find a valance which will match their half-window café curtains and create an interesting peace of design. Fancy kitchen curtains will add a bit of elegance to your kitchen.

If you want to, you can search for some half-window curtains images in order to learn how they can look.

Valance Curtains

curtains for kitchen door window

Valance curtains happen to be the opposite of the types of the curtains described above. They are designed as small pieces of the material which cover the higher part of the window. The use of such curtains reminds us about the renaissance era which was again popular in the Victorian period.

This type of curtains is perfectly suitable for those owners whose floor space in the kitchen is very limited and they cannot use full-window curtains. For instance, near the kitchen sink window curtain should be short. They are also not usually used as kitchen door window curtains.

3.      Balloon Valances

kitchen door window curtain

Another names for this curtain is a pouf valance or a cloud valance. We can see from the names that such curtains has a shape of a balloon, which is made through doubling the material and putting the ends of the curtain into one point. Balloon valance are not usually used on their own and are often accompanied by café curtains to make sure that the owners are supplied with enough privacy and a soft look of the kitchen.

4.      Swag Valance

curtain for kitchen door

As you can see from the name of these valance curtains, they appear to be more exquisite. The effect is presented by the way their drapes are hanging from the top of the window, so the tails go down on both sides of the window. Swag valance curtains are thought to be more formal and has a very gaudy appearance compared to other type of valance curtains.

They are not usually used as curtains for a kitchen door window.

5.      Box Pleats Valance

kitchen curtains material

The mentioned type of curtains is designed in the way when the lower part of the valance has a straight edge, which width is separated into pleated parts. These parts are usually referred to as boxes and are equal, which makes your curtains look very distinguished. This fact makes your kitchen look delightful.

These ones can’t also be curtains for kitchen door window.

Shades Curtains

kitchen curtains sheers

Shades curtains are usually produces from tough kitchen curtains materials like polyethylene or lace fabrics. This type of curtains obtains panels which an owner can pull up and down according to their needs. This can happen through the use of a special cord. Shades curtains work as amazing insulators against cold and heat. We would like to mention three types of such curtains which are perfectly suitable for a kitchen.

6.      Roman Shades

half window curtains images

This type of curtains is very widely known. When you pull it up, it stacks exactly into pleats. They ideally perform their function of keeping the room dark when they are pulled down. The common materials for Roman shades are wood and other tough types of fabric. There are various designs and colors which can be fit in any interior and make your kitchen look as stylish as possible.

Roman shades are sometimes used as a kitchen door window curtain.

7.      Bamboo Shades

modern kitchen curtains and valances

The bamboo shades are different from the Roman ones because they let some light in when they are closed. Bamboo shades remind us of the tropical scenery and let your kitchen look relaxed and cozy. These shades are a wonderful choice for those homeowners who think a lot about our environment.  The shades are made only of natural materials and they are easy to take care of and to use.

Those who choose bamboo shades for their kitchens should be careful since the bamboo is very fragile and can be easily be broken. They are also not suitable to become a curtain for kitchen door.

8.      Pull-Down Shades

curtains for kitchen window above sink

This type of shades happens to be such curtains which you choose when you seek privacy and plainness for their kitchen. You can easily install them, and another good point is that pull-down shades fit into any interior and match any kitchen décor. Pull-down shades are usually made of such materials that are convenient to be cleaned.

We also would like to let you know that pull-down shades offer high-quality protection for the furniture from dangerous UV rays and at the same time let sunlight in the kitchen.

Sometimes the shades are also used as curtains for kitchen door windows.

9.      Sheers Curtains

patterns for kitchen curtains

Sheers curtains are usually made of lightweight fabrics, which are translucent enough to make kitchen lighted but also provide some kind of privacy. Such curtains are usually made of delicate materials and in mild colors, which is very important for the calm beauty of your kitchen. Some patterns can be implemented into such kitchen curtains.

What we need to remember is that we can easily install such kitchen curtains as sheers on any size of the windows. Nevertheless, these curtains aren’t good insulators, so the kitchen will be warm in hot weathers and rather chill during the cold ones.

10. Floor Length Curtain Panels

kitchen door window curtains

This type of curtain panels is also named as full-length. They are usually presented in various materials, designs and colors, and their length goes from sixty-three up to one hundred and forty-four inches. The curtain panels will be ideal for those kitchens which acquire enough floor space. When you buy such curtains, you should know exactly the needed length of the curtain. Of course, you can leave some extra length in order to have some material on the ground if you want to create a stylish feature. In this case you should remember to organize regular washing for the curtains.

These curtains are responsible for the total privacy of your kitchen and saving your place from cold or hot weather. Moreover, floor-length curtain panels look extensively elegant. Remember that these curtains are not for kitchen windows above the sink.



Most Amazing Miami Celebrity Homes

Celebrity homes in Florida concentrate mostly in Miami. It is so because, first of all, Miami is the center of the state. Moreover, it comprises a huge variety of luxurious amenities which are usually used by celebrities. We also can mention that Miami often becomes a place where a movie is shot or some TV show is prepared. And, of course, Miami is just a nice a beautiful city offering perfect climate conditions for its permanent residents and visitors from all over the world.

Famous houses in Miami have become a place for sightseeing for many tourists. We are sure that people seeing their favorite actor or singer on the screen are willing to see at least the outer view of the house this person lives in and spends their time. Miami celebrities don’t hide the places they live in; they just install security systems and hire guards in order to keep their and their family’s safety and get away from harsh paparazzi. Sometimes the security system turns celebrities houses in Miami into castles.

Celebrity houses in Miami are also a good element showing the design tendencies. Even though many houses were built some decades ago, they are often redesigned and supplied with modern features. Moreover, they have become a living magazine showing the most up-to-date interiors of various styles. In addition to a unique design, a celebrity house can obtain some popular or not so popular works of art since celebrities usually have enough money and taste to buy them and like to decorate their houses.

We also have to mention that celebrity homes in Miami are sold for years. Nowadays their price usually starts from about $4,000,000 and rise up to $20,000,000 and higher. It is very rare but it can happen that the price will be around $2,000,000. Moreover, the prices change every year, so many houses can’t be sold even for a decade. Sometimes celebrities manage to stop selling because they change their mind and want to keep it for themselves.

Furthermore, it’s a wide-known fact that in Miami Beach area celebrity homes aren’t usually permanent residencies. Since celebrities have to work a lot in various places, they often have two, three or more residencies in different parts of the country. It can be the reason why celebrities don’t care so much about their residence when they want to sell it – they are used to live for several houses and can buy some estate according to their working process and their family activities.

Miami Celebrity Neighborhoods

miami celebrity homes

Miami happens to be a famous place of living among celebrities. They love Miami but are very selective when it comes to a neighborhood. Of course, there have been formed several areas where they choose to live. The celebrities choose a neighborhood according to its features: the location, the coast, the convenience to get, the nearby amenities and even schools if celebrities have children. The most favorable neighborhoods are the following:

  • Star Island

This place is perfect to start our list. It includes just 34 houses, but they are the most exclusive ones not only in the US, but in the world. A passer-by can enter Star Island only after going through the guard gate. On the island live such celebrities as Shaquille O’Neal, Julio Iglesias and others.

  • South Beach, or SoBe

This neighborhood is friendly for pedestrians. Most celebrities like to buy their second or third house there, but there are no giant mansions in South Beach. The area is also famous for its nightlife.

  • Fisher Island

It’s a barrier island with the highest per capita income in the whole country. The island offers various types of residencies for every taste. It’s also full of different amenities. Such celebrities as Jim Carrey and Oprah Winfrey live here.

  • Coral Gables

Although the neighborhood is not so exclusive itself, it has a lot of amazing amenities in the surroundings. It’s also famous for its marvelous schools.

  • Palm Island

The third island in our list acquires amazing houses with swimming pools, giant outdoor spaces and other luxurious features. There live such celebrities as Anna Kournikova, Enrique Iglesias and others.

  • Key Biscayne

The neighborhood happens to be one of the most expensive in Miami. It has amazing amenities together with the close access to the airport, to downtown and to the best places in Miami. Key Biscayne is also enjoyed by business executives.

In this review we would like to show you some of the most marvelous celebrity houses in Miami.

Miami Celebrity Homes

celebrity houses in miami

In Miami celebrity homes can be paid some more attention since, first of all, they are tremendous themselves because of their outer view and their location. Moreover, they usually obtain the interior design provided by a famous Miami orf the US designer. Celebrities also like to keep some works of art at their homes, which adds to their mansions a flavor of a museum or a gallery. And, of course, the house can show the character of your favourite celebrity since the designs differ from each other very much, and the exterior and interior is chosen by a celebrity according to their wishes.

We think that you’ve already learnt that there are many celebrity homes and mansions in Miami. We can’t describe all the famous homes located in Miami since you will easily become bored. We want to speak about some of them in order to show what is common for them and what is different. If you don’t find a description of your favorite celebrity’s home, you can easily find it online – there is a lot of information available.

You should keep in mind that any famous mansion located in Miami and described in this review can easily be sold and become some other celebrity or even business executive’s property.

Alex Rodriguez Miami House

celebrity homes in florida

Alex Rodrigues has built a contemporary mansion in Coral Gables, which overlooks Biscayne Bay. He had searched for a peaceful place where he could spend time with his daughters.

The house takes 11,000 square feet and is presented with one floor, which makes modernist interiors more grounded. The interiors are also mostly monochromatic with some bright accents.

The house is a place where there has happened an explosion of creativity, but it is also perfect for gathering with all the amenities inside and in the courtyard.

Rosie O’Donnell Miami House

famous houses in miami

The house of Rosie O’Donnell is situated on man-made Star Island, which is one of the most attractive neighbourhoods in Miami. It was built in 1923 and has 11,000 square feet and 203 feet of bayfront.

Although the house is old enough, it has been renovated and acquires such things as a modern kitchen, new fireplaces, a private office and a terrace, a swimming pool and etc.

Cher Miami House

celebrities houses in miami

The house is situated on La Gorce Island, where there are only 59 residencies. The neighborhood is believed to be luxurious. The house of 11,500 square feet is in the center of courtyards, which are supplied with manicured lawns and fountains and a beautiful backyard with palms, a pool and a private dock with the direct access to the ocean.

The house is designed with amazing arches, loggias and windows and doorways inside. The spaces are giant and sunny everywhere, which is supported by white walls. The house has three floors with six bedrooms and six bathrooms.

Lenny Kravitz Miami House

celebrity homes in miami

The former Lenny Kravitz residence has an uncommon style and was redesigned specially for the celebrity. The main color there is white and it’s decorated with eclectic furniture and some exciting structures.

The residence also obtains 100 feet of waterfront, and several windows of the house provide amazing views of Biscayne Bay.

Lil Wayne Miami House

celebrity homes miami

This house is situated on Allison Island, where you can get through the bridge. The island is located in the middle of the waterway to Biscayne Bay and the ocean.

The design of the house is projected in a way to make a feeling that it floats on water.

The house takes 10,472 square feet and offers seven bedrooms and ten bathrooms. Mostly the walls are moveable, so we can create the view without any walls at all.

The doors are mostly sliding and made of glass, so it seems that there are no doors at all, which is suitable for hot south Florida.

The house is supplied with the garage suite for three cars, a home theater, a fireplace, a pool house and many other creative features.

Anna Kournikova Miami House

miami beach celebrity homes

The house was built in 2000 and takes 19,281 square feet in the prestigious neighborhood called Sunset Island III. The mansion comprises eight bedrooms and the same quantity of bathrooms.

The main house itself takes 6,630 square feet and is decorated by amazing ivy. There is a lot of natural light in spacious rooms and halls of the mansion. The home is designed in a Spanish style.

The house also obtains 156 feet of water frontage and presents its dock where you can keep a long yacht.

Outdoors the visitor will enjoy a pool and spa supplied with an outdoor kitchen and a barbecue. Guests will also be happy to know that the territory of the mansion provides two guest houses.

LeBron James Miami House

famous homes in miami

The house has a wonderful view on a bay in Coconut Grove. It acquires such marvelous features as a chef’s kitchen, a wine cellar, an office and others.

The house is designed in light colors and has glass doors, which are often not noticed. It is a contemporary building of three floors in 12,178 square feet, where there are six bedrooms and eight bathrooms. Apart from the living areas, the kitchen, the cellar and the office, the house also acquires a full gym and an amazing playroom.

The outdoors space is supplied with a summer kitchen, a pool and even a dock for a couple of yachts. There is also a guest house on the territory with one bedroom and one bathroom.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson Miami House

florida celebrity homes

The house takes 13 square feet on the coast of a small river in Miami. The estate acquires six bedrooms, seven bathrooms, a spacious home theatre, a giant gym and a swimming pool in the backyard. The pool is close to a jacuzzi and an outdoor space with a built-in barbeque and bar.

The house is designed in a modern Mediterranean style and has a lot of space and high ceilings. There is also a lot of dark wood used in the interiors, which contrasts with the white color also implemented there.


famous mansion in miami

In Florida most celebrity homes are situated in Miami because of its both central and coastal position, its convenience and – you can guess – its wonderful climate conditions.

Celebrity houses in Miami happen to be a special feature of the city. Everyone in the state, in the country and even in other countries wish just to have a look at how rich and famous people organize their living, how they choose their homes, how much money they spend on houses, and, of course, how they spend their free time, although they don’t have much of it.

Celebrity homes in Miami also reveal the architecture and design tendencies of nowadays as well as some previous decades since some houses were built years ago. The interiors are usually marvelous since they often result from the huge work of professional designers. We can find a lot of pictures and photos of such homes in the Internet as well as see their exterior with our own eyes – we don’t think that anyone of us is lucky enough to be invited to a celebrity’s house. And based on what we see we can develop our taste in design and architecture.

We have forgotten to mention that celebrity houses have become such a popular topic that any tourist can enjoy a celebrity house tour in Miami. Mostly the houses are shown from the street where they are located. Another tremendous opportunity is to take a boat tour around Miami coast and islands and to see celebrity homes from their coast side and even catch a glimpse of a celebrity spending their time near the pool or the barbeque.


Bedroom Decor Living Rooms

Types of Blankets 2021 – Ultimate Guide For You

If you are going to decorate your bedroom or add color to your living room, you have probably thought about buying new blankets. Some types of blanket may seem faded and overwhelming to you. So we decided to collect 15 popular styles for you today and provide you with all the necessary information to help you decide on a good blanket for comfort. We will reveal in detail all the pros and cons, recommend which material is best for you to choose, and add a couple of entertaining facts to all of this. So if you need inspiration, read our article further.


types of blankets

One of today’s top blankets is a comforter. What is their essence? They are made of two large pieces of fabric that are joined together and filled with a very warm material. Inside such blankets you can find polypropylene, down, feathers and cotton. The outer side of the blanket usually consists of cotton or a special polyester blend, which is carefully polished to add a feeling of softness and comfort to your blanket. These fabrics are great for bedroom interiors in cold regions or during the winter season, because they are effective in keeping warm while being lightweight. They will also be a great solution for you if you have long wanted to give your bed a light and cloudy shade.

·        A variety of fillers gives you more warmth than the following options from our list.

·        They fit easily into almost any blanket case, allowing you to play with the appearance of the bedroom interior without any extra cost or effort.

·        Some types of blankets can only be effectively cleaned by dry cleaning, especially if their filling consists of feathers and down.

·        Too much heat for those who live in places with a warm climate.

·        For convenience, it is also advisable to use the top sheet, which is considered uncomfortable by many.


You will not need much effort to refresh the interior of your room with a fairly comfortable set of blankets. Please note the following option: the outer covering is made of cozy matt microfibre, while the inside is made of warm goose down.


types of blankets

Throw is a compact blanket that will come in handy as an accessory on the bed or on the back of your sofa in the living room. Throws are often made of just one layer of outer fabric and are needed to saturate colors and give warmth to the interior. During cold winters, they are used in tandem with the comforter, laying them on their feet to watch your favorite show in the living room and drink hot coffee. The throws are available in knitted versions or made of fleece; most often the edges are not carefully trimmed, but have a pleasant fringe feel.

·        Such blankets easily change the colour of any bed or even room.

·        They are perfect for you to keep you warm during winter evenings in your living room.

·        They are too small to be conveniently used as a main blanket on the bed.

·        They are very compact, which prevents them from being used as a main blanket on your bed.


There are nearly infinite types of blankets, but this is a particularly fun blanket to throw!

You can also choose to go for a more neutral alternative.


types of blankets

The down duvets are very similar in their functionality to comforters, but you will still find a few differences. Down duvets are usually used with blankets, which are mostly similar to covers, which fit close enough to the duvet and are easy to remove and change when needed. Such a blanket is quite similar in appearance to a white comforter and often has ties in every corner that allow it to be easily connected to the blanket cover. Most often they are filled with down, goose feathers, light polyester or cotton.

·        They are easy enough to wash, so you can use them without the top sheet.

·        The design of the bed linen is transformed after a blanket change.

·        If you choose the wrong blanket size, the blanket may slip out of the cover or create lumps that interfere with your comfortable rest.



Duvets by their nature may not look very fascinating, but you should look at them as a clean sheet that you can use to decorate your selected duvet cover!


types of blankets

Quilts are a type of blanket whose history goes back to ancient times and their ability to keep warm has passed an excellent test of time. They are made of three types of fiber. They consist of an outer part that is made of small pieces of fabric that decorate the appearance of the blanket. This is followed by a small layer of padding, usually made of wool or cotton. Then comes the back, which is made of a large piece of woven fabric. The blankets have a special stitching, which prevents the composition from disintegrating and folds into a bizarre pattern. These blankets are quite lightweight, so they are perfect for those who live in a warm climate or want to add something else to their existing bedding. They also give your bed a sense of smoothness and fit perfectly into any interior.

·        If you are a sleeping sweat, quilts make you feel cooler than comforters.

·        As they are lightweight, quilts are perfect for making a multiple-layered look.

·        As the stitching and the layers are so delicate, quilts generally have to be dry-cleaned.



This traditional patchwork quilt is characterized by contrast between fabrics and sophisticated stitching.

Sherpa Blanket

types of blankets

The Sherpa is a thick, warm types of blanket material with a fur imitation on the front. This fabric has a fully synthetic composition, so the cost of products made from the Sherpa and the fabric itself is significantly lower than natural fur materials. However, in terms of its practical and operational properties, the Sherpa is almost as good as natural fur. Thanks to this, the artificial material has become very popular and has a wide range of applications. Matter retains heat well and is pleasant to the touch. The fabric is always colored monochrome, most often in basic colors – black, grey, beige, milk and sand. This type of textile is created from synthetic material of chemical origin – polyester. With the help of heat treatment and a special high-tech filter, polyester is transformed into the finest polyester yarns, from which it first creates the base, which is the inside of the finished fabric. The polyester fibers are intertwined in a special weaving method, which makes the backing very similar to ordinary woven textiles. Polyester fibers are then applied to one side of the fabric backing, pre-grounded and combed with special equipment. The application takes place at high temperature and pressure, so the threads are fixed immediately. The material is then dyed and dried in the desired color.

·        Simple, but very warm.

·        A fluffy fur sensation due to the fleece.

·        Several items may become worn out after long-term use and washing.



types of blankets

More and more often, customers choose a fabric that looks like velour or corduroy, a pleasant fabric, chenille, which appeared more than 200 years ago in the USA. The origin of the original loose threads comes from Europe, and the name itself has French roots (chenille fr. – caterpillar). Indeed, the fluffy fibers wrapped around the base resemble a caterpillar. Today, the choice of a practical upholstery fabric called chenille is quite wide and in demand. Its popularity is easily explained by its practicality, aesthetic properties and affordable price.

As in the case of jacquard, chenille is not the material itself, but the yarn from which it is woven. Materials with chenille yarn are strong, durable, pleasant to the touch and look beautiful. The main advantage with certainty is a huge number of color and texture options. The characteristics of the fabric provide mainly positive feedback from buyers.

·        Despite the fact that the chenille blankets look very ornamental, they are still quite warm.


·        Chenille blankets are soft and in demand of dry cleaning.

·        Without the right cleaning, fibres can wipe away the chenille blanket and leave it looking frayed.


Chenille blankets can have pretty colors, ornaments and structures.


types of blankets

The first thing that comes to mind when it comes to cotton filling is heavy cotton blankets. However, modern cotton fiber differs from its predecessor in all respects, allowing consumers to use cozy, lightweight and unattractive blankets with cotton-based fillers. Bonding cotton fibers is achieved through a health and environment-friendly heat treatment. Thanks to new technologies in the textile industry, cotton fillers are produced in the form of non-woven fabrics with uniform thicknesses. As cotton grows in many countries and is an affordable raw material, blankets are often sold where the filler is 100% cotton. Consumers who have experience of using cotton blankets refer to them as convenient, comfortable and lightweight products that do not look like bulky cotton blankets. People note that this bedding retains heat well, does not irritate the skin, does not cause increased sweating, and on hot nights it absorbs excess moisture perfectly, remaining dry to the touch.

·        The natural nature of the raw materials and harmless production technologies make this filler safe for both humans and nature.

·        Cotton fibres are highly durable, both dry and wet.

·        Anyone can buy quality products made of natural material for a small amount of money.

·        Cotton blankets are not recommended to be washed frequently.



types of blankets

Knitted blankets can be manufactured in various styles, but they are all made from one rich layer of textured knitwear. Knitwear frequently includes ridges that generate patterns and can also be made from various fabrics, such as cotton, wool or acrylic. Knitted blankets may be short and appropriate for use on the couch, or may be large enough to fit into a king size bed. The borders are often covered with fringe or brushes to create a cheerful, textured look.

·        Knitted blankets come in a variety of different styles, so you will certainly have something that fits your needs.

·        If you are able to knit (or would like to learning!), a blanket can be a wonderfully easy first draft!

·        Knitwear is catchy, so knitted blankets may not make a better choice if you have any pets.


Waffle Weave

types of blankets

Waffle blankets are produced from a single fabric layer, the pattern of which is the same as for common breakfast food. Little pockets of fabric keep the air trapped, so although the blankets are lite, they are very warmed. They are perfect for putting an additional layer of warming under a blanket.

·        Waffle blankets are commonly made out of cotton – this fabric in combination with waffle weave making them warm but airtight.

·        In summer, only waffle blankets can be worn, and in winter they can be used underneath other covers, which makes them as flexible as they can be.

·        Despite the fact that waffle blankets provide a good deal of heat, they are most useful when placed under a larger blanket.



This 100% cotton waffle blanket can be used throughout the whole year.


types of blankets

Vellux blankets are constructed of two sheets of polyurethane sponge bonded with flexible nylon fibers. In this way, a very warm, long-lasting blanket is produced, which can be cleaned many times by machine-washing without pilling or shrinking. Vellux blankets are sufficiently warm to be used on their own, but they can also fit beneath the blanket for extra heat.

·        All synthetic fabrics give Vellux blankets extra durability and longevity.

·        Vellux blankets have a smooth, positive texture that becomes gentler with every washing.

·        If you are sweating a great deal during your sleep, Vellux blankets are likely not the perfect option – the lather is not very breathable.

·        Because they are completely made of synthetic materials, Vellux blankets are not the most ecological solution.


This is the unique Vellux blanket, and it is affordable in a number of regular dimensions of the bed.

Wool Blankets

types of blankets

Blankets made of wool are probably the most popular blankets. We choose them because wool is a natural material and therefore has a number of advantages that synthetic materials, for example, do not. But such blankets have both pluses and minuses. If you need a very warm blanket, choose a model with maximum density. Take a close look at the cover, check the seams – the fabric must be dense and pleasant to the touch, with the maximum cotton content in the composition. There should be no wool on the surface of the cover, if there are any, the product may be of poor quality and the fibers will constantly penetrate through the fabric. Don’t hesitate to smell it: if the blanket has a faint odor, it’s okay – just let the purchase get a little air. But if the smell is strong enough, then the product is caught in poor quality, in which case even repeated ventilation will not help.

·        Wool blankets are perfectly suited for use during camping, as they are very warm and have some water-repellency.

·        Because woolen blankets are lightweight in layers, they are the best cover for switching from fall to winter.

·        Wool causes some people to feel itchy, making it a terrible selection for those with delicate skin.



This lovely wool blanket is offered in a number of blanket designs.

Bamboo Blankets

types of blankets

The bamboo blanket is divided into two types. There are winter specimens, and there are those designed for summer nights. Of course, the winter version is more expensive, but feedback confirms that it is worth the money to buy it. The summer version is almost weightless. I use smooth threads, which ensure good breathability and lightness. This is why the quilt provides special comfort during sleep. The winter or insulated version is made from vegetable threads, which are two or even three times larger than in summer models. The density should be 300 g/m, and the consumer can choose a higher density if they want a very warm specimen.

·        On hot days, the body does not sweat and the warmth is perfectly retained in the cold.

·        Unlike down or camel blankets, bamboo does not cause skin irritation.

·        Despite its lightness, the quilt has excellent heat regulation properties, so it is comfortable underneath at any room temperature.

·        Bamboo helps to repel dust and prevent static electricity, which is what many synthetic materials do.

·        At the beginning of use, the product is lush, but over time this effect is lost.

·        If the humidity in the room is constantly high, the product quickly becomes unusable.



types of blankets

Down blankets are very warm and will not let you freeze even in a cool room, when things with other fillers do not provide enough thermal insulation. For manufacturing, down is taken from waterfowl – geese, eider and ducks. All of them live in a relatively cold climate, so their down keeps them warm and does not let the cold in from outside. Just like wool, it does not create a sense of stuffiness. A product with down filler is a winter product, with filler made of different birds. In summer, it will be too hot under such a thing. The blanket made of gag’s down coat is the warmest. It is in demand in a harsh climate where the indoor temperature is not particularly high. Things made of goat’s down are also called things filled with goat’s down. They are lighter and warmer than wool models, but more expensive than them.

·        Down maintains good air exchange, so there is no compressive effect during sleep.

·        The down product looks very beautiful when purchased and when used, due to the high elasticity of the filler, has not lost its good appearance for over 10 years.

·        The special feature of the filler makes it possible to avoid freezing in winter and overheating in spring when it starts to get warm. This makes the dream very fulfilling.

·        The cost of natural material is quite high.

·        Things with this filler need quality regular care.

·        One of the drawbacks is that the filler can be allergic to it and is a breeding ground for dust mites.



types of blankets

One of the simplest blanket types to search for is a fleece blanket. Fleece blankets are generally made from a single layer of fleece fabric, which is manufactured from polyester. In this way, a flexible, warm blanket is formed, which can be used on the bed over or under the basic bed covering.

·        The fleece blankets are affordable and universal, which indicates that they are ideal for making it easy to transform the appearance of your bedroom.


·        Fleece blankets are not very breathable, which suggests that fleece blankets can finally be soaked into your body scents.

·        Thanks to the dried air in the cold winter months, fleece blankets can generate an annoying quantity of electrostatic electricity.



types of blankets

Shearling is a lambskin that was tanned and processed with wool that is still applied to the skin. This makes a fur blanket that is warmer, more breathable and hypoallergenic. With the right care, the sheep blanket gets gentler and more elastic as it ages.

·        Sherling is an antimicrobial, which means that the bacteria that produce the odour can barely survive on it.


·        Some have questioned the ethical aspects of fur manufacturing. However, the scissors are often manufactured as a co-product of the butcher industry.



Kitchens & Dining Tips

How to Clean Sticky Wood Kitchen Cabinets – Ultimate Guide 2021

What is the best way to clean the kitchen cupboard? At first, it seems like a fairly trivial question, which is easy to find the answer to. That’s what we all think at first. But when you carefully study the advice of real masters, you find that it’s not that simple and there are quite a few nuances.

Why Clean Kitchen Cabinets?

stained wood kitchen cabinets

There is no denying the fact that cleaning kitchen cabinets is an essential part of cleaning your home. But did you know such an interesting detail that if you clean your cupboards correctly and use them rationally, they will last you longer? The kitchen is a space that is constantly in intensive work and if you can extend the life of the cupboards in it, you will save a great deal of money. With the right care, your cupboards will last longer than normal furniture. We will even let you say that you will not change them all your life.

But if you don’t look after your kitchen cabinets properly, they can become unusable quickly, it will only take a couple of decades. And you will have to buy new furniture.

Replacing kitchen cabinets is very expensive in terms of price. According to expert data, it will cost you 70 per cent of the total overhaul of the entire kitchen space. And now let’s take a look at the prices. On average, a complete refurbishment of a kitchen today will cost you $24,000. This means that approximately 14,000 will be spent on new kitchen cabinets. You have to admit that the price is very high and not everyone is willing to pay it. So it should be enough for you to come to the conclusion that cleaning the cupboards must be right and bring the furniture durability, not fading.

Who Are The Experts?

wooden cabinets

So what is the best cabinet cleaner? We have consulted with experts in this field. The experts ranged from large cable networks and renowned kitchen furniture manufacturers to enterprising bloggers. We made a list for you which is numbered alphabetically.

  • DIY Network is a fairly large website of one of the largest cable networks.
  • Everyday Cheapskate is a blog written by Mary Hunt, who has received numerous awards for her books and articles; she has also been frequently invited to well-known American shows. Her advice about homemade cabinet cleaner is followed by a lot of people, and it is really useful.
  • Grapes and Splendor is a blog where you will find a lot of useful tips and lifehacks on how to keep your house clean. Unfortunately, little is known about the authors, but the blog is quite popular.
  • The Spruce is one of the top 10 websites that give advice about lifestyle. It employs only professional writers who publish only proven methods and write in a rather interesting language. Their articles inspire change in your home and make you feel better about your home.
  • Thomasville is the largest manufacturer of kitchen cabinets on the American continent. The company has been working for over a hundred years and provides quality furniture.

How to clean wood cabinets and make them shine? After reading a few articles, we were very surprised by the variety of ways to clean kitchen cupboards, and we realised that this would result in a very lengthy article. And before we move on to these methods, we would like to give you some useful recommendations:

  • The most important rule: before you start cleaning your kitchen, ALWAYS test the cleaner on a discreet spot. Treat it, then wipe it clean and dry, wait 1-2 minutes and see if the colour of the coating has changed, if the shine has disappeared, and so on.
  • Fatty deposits on kitchen cabinet wood are a mixture of dust and fumes and the tiniest bit of fat that is formed during cooking. The older the plaque, the harder it is to get rid of it. This is why the optimal schedule for “general” fat cleaning of the kitchen is 1-2 times a year, “capital” fat cleaning every 2 months with the use of mild agents and, of course, if necessary.
  • To clean hard-to-reach places, crevices or decorative finishes, use a toothbrush soaked in cleaning agents from our article. You can also clean narrow slots with a knife wrapped in fabric.
  • Do not use hard abrasives, only soda, a soft toothbrush or the hard side of a regular foam sponge is acceptable. This applies especially to wooden kitchens, as well as any painted headset without top cover.
  • It is better to use a new sponge with a clean abrasive side for washing your kitchen. An old, greasy sponge can do even more harm.
  • When the cleaning is complete, it is advisable to wipe the woodwork cupboard clean: clean with a damp microfibre cloth and dry with a clean dry microfibre cloth as well. This way you will avoid divorces and the remains of the cleaning agent itself. Particular attention should be paid to the lockers above the cooker when cleaning the kitchen.
  • The stained wood kitchen cabinets requires the most delicate care. Most ‘folk’ products such as peroxide, ammonia, alcohol or citric acid are contraindicated, as is conventional alkaline-based household chemicals.
  • When wiping the kitchen, try to move along the wood pattern, not against or across it. This will make it possible to clean the pores of the material better and affect the fibres more gently.
  • The rag should not be too wet. Excess moisture is harmful to wooden surfaces.
  • After washing and cleaning wooden furniture, be sure to treat it with protective wax, oil or polish.

How to Clean Sticky Wood Kitchen Cabinets

how to clean wood cabinets and make them shine

The reliefs of the wooden kitchen are the hardest to clean. But with proper and thorough cleaning and maintaining cleanliness, you can safely forget about such a concept as general cleaning for many years.

When cleaning, you should pay particular attention to facades and panels between them – bevels and corners, carved and other decorative elements. And it is these decorative delights that will force you to resort to the most ultimatum cleaning methods.

  • Flat surface doors. In this case, you should only pay attention to them. The easiest way to clean a flat surface is to use conventional polishes that absorb dust and remove dirt. If you simply spray the product on the façade surface and leave it soaked for a few hours, this way you can remove any residual grease. It is also important to note that you should not use abrasive agents on wood that will damage the outer layer of the façade, leaving scratches on it. This can lead to faster and more severe surface contamination in the future.
  • Threaded facades. This type of façade has the heaviest amount of dirt removed from decorative elements. Therefore, be patient and take note that the cleaning process will be time-consuming, dictated by the fact that it will not be possible to simply dissolve the liquid mixture. Contamination will have to be removed in more than one go using soapy water and a sponge that can penetrate into the depth of the thread with some pressure applied. Using steam units in this case simply makes no sense, due to the fact that they only affect the upper layer of the contamination.
  • An array of wood. Wood is a structure that does not have a uniformity, which is why the care process is complicated precisely at the time of cleaning. If you have a legitimate question, what is the correct way to clean solid wood facades? In this case, you should use an alcohol-based solid wood solvent. The alcohol is weathered, so there is no liquid left on the surface of your kitchen facades. This approach will allow you to use chemicals for a long time, but it is important to note that the duration should not exceed 2 hours.
  • The facades are slatted. In the case of this type of façade, it is best to resort to dry cleaning, as laths allow you to clean deep into the surfaces and remove dirt from different sides.

Let us give you a little advice. Take a look at the instruction manual for your kitchen headset and you will find information on the correct choice of cleaning products for your kitchen facades and on how to clean decorative elements. If you do not have such a manual in your hands, in this case we recommend that you use the means described in this article.

DIY Network

In an article from this edition, “How to Clean Wooden Cabinets”, we found two methods for surface and in-depth cleaning of kitchen cabinets.

General cleaning:

  • Vinegar is a natural cleanser when you need to get rid of grease stains in your cupboards. Prepare a solution that consists half of vinegar and half of warm water and pour it over in a sprayer. Spray to the grease spots, just wait for a minute or two, and then gently wipe the spots with a soft cloth.
  • You do not have to take the next step, but you can. Add a couple of drops of dishwashing detergent to the solution described above if your kitchen cabinets are very dirty.

Deep cleaning:

  • Mix the vinegar and salt into a paste. Take a toothbrush and dip it in the resulting product and wipe the selected area of your kitchen cabinet without pressure. Do not press the toothbrush too hard and do not use a steel sponge, as you risk damaging the wood covering, leaving a lot of scratches on it. Then wash the place with clean water and wipe it dry using a cloth or kitchen towel.
  • There is another way: you can take a slightly soaked sponge and pour a small amount of baking soda on it and then wipe the stain with it. You can also use a regular toothbrush if you don’t want to scratch or damage the wooden surface. We remind you to be careful in this process.

After you have cleaned the cupboard, this website recommends a small manipulation to reduce the number of stains later:

  • Mix 50/50 vegetable oil and vinegar and cover the entire kitchen cupboard surface with a thin layer of this mixture. Wipe the mixture thoroughly with a clean cloth and then polish until you notice a pleasant shine.

Everyday Cheapskate

Mary Hunt, who runs her own blog, usually answers questions from those who read her articles. This time, she answers how best to clean the wooden kitchen cupboard from contamination:

  • If you are looking for a brand of commercial products to clean your wooden cabinets, then you should pay attention to a fairly effective product called orange oil polish, which is designed to melt greasy stains, dirt, polish and accumulated wax, leaving a pleasant scent and tempting shine behind. If you have chosen this way, you can clean up the entire kitchen with this commercial product.

But this article does not end there, because it gives the reader a few more tips on how to prepare mixtures at home for cleaning wooden kitchen cabinets. After the procedure, you will not need to polish or cover the furniture with anything.

General cleaning:

  • We take a bottle with a sprayer, put two tablespoons of olive oil, four spoons of white vinegar and add warm water until the bottle is filled. Usually, a couple of glasses are required. Thoroughly shake so that all the components blend into one, then apply directly to the surface of one of the kitchen cabinet parts. We wipe the surface with a rag to get rid of any unpleasant stains, then polish it to a pretty shine. Shake the bottle before starting the new spraying process so that the mixture is always thoroughly mixed, otherwise, you will not get the effect.

Deep cleaning:

  • Take a small plate and measure one-two tablespoons of oil and four tablespoons of soda. The amount may vary with the amount of work to be done, but always keep the ratio of one part of the oil to two parts of the soda.
  • You mix these substances with your hand to form a thick paste. Cover the surface of the dirty kitchen cupboard with it in small portions, without missing the places next to the handles, because they are often the ones that are used and come into direct contact with your hands.
  • Use a rag, sponge or your fingertips to rub the pasta for better absorption. Use an unnecessary toothbrush to rub the paste into all the hard to reach areas and cracks on the surface. This paste has a strong density and when you apply it with a toothbrush, it peels off along with the dirt.

Now we carry out a thorough polishing process and move a little away from the kitchen cabinet to evaluate the work you have done.

Grapes and Splendor

Bloggers from this website have another useful home recipe for you to effectively clean kitchen cabinets, avoiding damage to the wooden surface.

General cleaning:

  • Prepare a solution that includes a glass of water, a teaspoon of toothpaste and two tablespoons of food garden. Dip a sponge or rag in the solution and walk through all contaminated areas of the kitchen cupboard surface.

Deep cleaning:

  • Place about half a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent on your sponge. Non-soak the sponge and wipe the body very carefully so that the result is foam. Then wipe with a damp cloth, which we first soak in freshwater. The surface should be dried with a microfibre cloth.
  • We prepare pasta from water and baking soda, place it on greasy spots, rub it carefully in a circle, apply low pressure to use the abrasive capabilities of baking soda to get rid of grease pollution and do not touch the surface for ten minutes. Then wet the rag, wipe off all the pasta without leaving a drop on the surface.

The Spruce

In the article “Tips for cleaning kitchen cabinets from grease” in this edition, everything looks a little different than in other sources, because they have paid more attention to the products themselves than to household advice, except for one that you will read first.

  • Hot water and soap for dishes: the latter is an alkaline-based product that effectively breaks down fat, especially in conjunction with hot water. Spray two jets of liquid product into a bucket of boiling water (the water should be as hot as possible) and use a sponge to remove all the fat from your kitchen cabinet. The water must keep its temperature and the sponge should not be pressed too hard to avoid scratches on the wooden surface. Once you have done the procedure, wash and dry all your kitchen cupboards.
  • Goo Gone: you should have rubber gloves, without which we advise you not to use the product, put the cleaner on and apply it to the surface, then wait a couple of minutes. Heat the wet microfiber in your microwave oven by placing it there for half a minute, then get rid of the fat as quickly as possible. Then wash the area with soapy water and dry it out.
  • Universal Orange Oil Cleaner: if your cupboards are very dirty, spray this cleaner and leave them alone for ten minutes; after this procedure, simply wipe with a warm, damp cloth.
  • A special product for cleaning wooden surfaces with Brazilian carnauba wax, which is usually added to high quality products designed to effectively clean wooden products. They come in different types, but we recommend an option that you can spray. This is much more convenient and has proven to be very effective in fighting old-fashioned fat.


This well-known manufacturer and distributor of kitchen cabinets has also collected a lot of tips for cleaning furniture on its website. These are included in the Homeowner’s Care and Cleaning Guide.

  • Often you will have enough clean cotton cloth or napkin for most surfaces. Just wet it in warm water and wipe the dirty surface. If you do wet cleaning regularly, the fat will simply not build up in time.
  • To get rid of the dirt easily, you will need a solution of dishwashing liquid diluted with warm water. This effectively combats most dirt and grease stains. The ideal ratio is 95 percent water and five percent liquid.
  • If your cabinets are covered with paint, you should remove absolutely all moisture after cleaning to prevent damage or rotting of the wood.

Several More Ways From Other Blogs

homemade cabinet cleaner

Ammonia alcohol

Do you have ammonia in your medicine cabinet? If so, then congratulations – half the case is done!

How to use: Dissolve 1 tablespoon per litre of water and treat the surface with a wet cloth. And if you do not want to climb into the alcohol and dirt with your hands, use a sprayer. Leave the cupboards for 20 minutes and wash off all with warm water.

Nuances: Be sure to work with gloves and open windows! A couple of drops of essential oil will help you get rid of the unpleasant smell.

Mustard powder

If a box of unnecessary mustard powder has been dusting in your wardrobe for a long time, you are wasting your time neglecting such a valuable tool. It is an excellent multifunctional cleaner, including for kitchen cupboards, tiles, sinks and appliances.

How to use: You don’t even have to dilute the mixture – just powder the previously wet surfaces. Wait 10 minutes and remove the mustard with a dry cloth. Most of the plaque should stay on it.

Nuances: Keep in mind that mustard powder is not suitable for cleaning wooden cabinets.

Citric acid

Slime easily removes stains, fat, scale, lime and deposits.

How to use: Mix 15g of acid with a litre of water for kitchen furniture processing. Pour the solution into the spray bottle and splash all surfaces well. Wait for half an hour and walk around the facades with a sponge.

Nuances: For new stains, a normal slice of lemon will suffice. Cut a slice and rub it generously on the surface. And then the mechanism is still the same – wait, wash and wipe. A pleasant bonus will be a light and fresh fragrance.

It does not matter what means you choose. Be sure to consider the material and coating of your cabinets so as not to spoil the surface irrecoverably. Or better yet, try the product first in an inconspicuous remote area.

It’s a great temptation to literally rip off all the extra fat and not waste time on it, but take your time with drastic measures! We recommend putting aside knives, scrapers, metal sponges and too abrasive products. After all, you probably do not want to remove stains with a layer of paint and wood or hopelessly scratch glossy acrylic.

Vinegar and Olive Oil: Good or Bad?

how to clean cabinets

We start with vinegar. Few people know that with cheap 9% vinegar you can wash almost everything in your house – from floors to a kettle of limescale.

The only downside to a vinegar cleaner is the smell. You can reduce it by 20-30 drops of essential oil (to taste) and an open vent. However, the vinegar wears off fairly quickly and takes away all the other unpleasant odours with it, leaving us with the very clean smell we need.

When DO NOT use vinegar? What makes vinegar an effective cleaner – its acidity – is also the reason why it cannot be used to clean certain surfaces. The acetic solution can damage natural stone (e.g. granite or marble), waxy and untreated wood, as well as silk and wool.

Olive oil is non-drying oil, so when applied to a tree it remains liquid and spoils.  After all, it creates a stench and attracts poisonous bacteria.

Inventory for Cleaning Kitchen Cabinets

how to clean sticky wood kitchen cabinets

Various sponges, brushes, rags or other items are used for cleaning. There are also materials that have recently appeared on the market but can effectively cope with cleaning surfaces.

  • Melamine sponge. It looks similar to a normal sponge in appearance but resembles rubber when compressed. It removes pencil or felt-tip marks from any surface, and also copes with other serious impurities. Over time, the sponge rubs off like an eraser. The material it is made of is safe for use.
  • Steam cleaning. Housewives who are interested in cleaning their kitchen sets from grease and dirt often choose steam cleaning. This is possible with a steam generator at home. After such treatment, the dirt easily escapes from any surface, so even the oldest plaque is removed. Steam removes soot and limescale. High temperatures contribute to the destruction of germs and fungus, which is why disinfection is carried out simultaneously with cleaning.

How to Care for Natural Wood Furniture

best cabinet cleaner

  • Wood furniture should not be wiped with a wet or even damp cloth, as it is very sensitive to moisture.
  • In order to cause minimal damage to your favourite furniture, you should only clean it with a cloth material or a dry flannel rag.
  • Furniture made of precious woods should be treated with special care. Such furniture must be restricted in contact with very hot and very cold dishes, as it can leave traces. In order to avoid this, you need to use various stands, tablecloths, etc.;
  • Veneer furniture should be wiped with a slightly damp CB cloth. Among other things, there are a number of delicate products that will help with the care of this type of furniture;
  • To care for wooden furniture, products in the form of liquids, aerosols, pastes and special napkins are now available. There is also no need to use solvents for this type of furniture.
  • Cleaning agents for this type of furniture can be: oil-based and wax-based:
  • Oily-based products are perfect for cleaning and protecting any wooden surfaces. Oil-based cleaning formulas gently take care of wood, clean dirt and give it a shine and fresh colour;
  • Wax-based products are used for polishing purposes. Wax-based products prevent the formation of dirt, scuffs and minor scratches. They leave no streaks, have dust-repellent properties and have an antistatic effect, all of which together help to keep polished furniture in perfect condition.


How to clean cabinets? The kitchen is one of the most visited rooms in any flat or house, so it requires daily care, cleaning and other procedures to keep the room clean. And a solid wood kitchen is an absolute indicator of luxury, but you buy such furniture not only to show people around you the high status of the owner himself.

A kitchen made of natural material looks harmonious, forms a coziness, and in general, being here is a seeming unity and closeness to nature. This feeling is particularly appreciated in stuffy metropolises, where there is practically nothing natural left.

But natural wood products, together with a demonstration of beauty and aesthetics, call for responsibility. To preserve luxury for a long time, you need to take care of your furniture with reverence, not just regularly, but also with the right cleaning products.

Wooden kitchen furniture requires careful care, especially in terms of cleaning up fatty substances. It is not always safe to use traditional products, but they can be easily replaced with any of the above folk recipes. The effectiveness of cleaning is guaranteed.

Surface cleaners must be selected with extreme care. All kinds of solvents and esters should be excluded. All this, after regular use, will eventually dry the wood or spoil the varnish if it is applied to the surface. When choosing suitable detergents, you should pay attention to PH-neutrality, oil, wax and silicone content. You do not need to look for the full range of qualities, but you should consider them if possible. All this is important, as a natural wood kitchen continues to breathe even after processing and reacts to external stimuli.

Natural wood is a capricious material that requires a lot of attention. But the rules for taking care of it are not complicated at all, and if you develop a habit of using them regularly, the work will seem not only easy, but also enjoyable.


Bedroom Decor Design in the Colors

21 Teal Bedroom Decor Ideas

Our today’s staple of the show is teal. This color takes the place between green and blue on the color wheel and it is somewhere darker than turquoise. Teal managed to take both tranquility of its green component and also vividness of blue, which makes it a perfect color for a bedroom.

Regardless of the level of brightness, teal bedroom is able to set the serene and soothing atmosphere. Psychologists say, this tone has the power to take off the weariness, anxiety and fatigue. Considering that it has a green undertone, the interior with elements of teal instantly becomes fresh and lively. When planning a bedroom, it’s a great idea to select a color palette that is both calming enough for rest, and intricate enough to draw attention.

So, teal is truly a magnificent alternative to the natural blue and green spectrum. It is a deep and vibrant color associating with tropical latitudes and sea lagoons, which can help you to create the feeling of your own little oasis right inside your house. You’ll have a chance to go to sleep and wake up like in island paradise. Teal always puts a significant statement, so pay attention not to make the room too showy, but only slightly but a touch of sophistication.

Below we have gathered some of the teal room ideas which could become the source of your inspiration. With help of designs below you may construct the room of your dreams. And our today’s supportive players to perfectly combine with teal are:

  • brown
  • white
  • grey
  • pink
  • purple
  • orange
  • yellow

Brown and Teal

1. Mist

teal bedroom

Teal color is versatile and complicated in itself, but when you combine it with matching hues, the results can surpass all expectations. If you are wondering which color is considered to be the complementary for teal, the answer would be: maroon. That’s why the variants of combinations with all shades of brown will be the first in our list.

The whole conception of teal rooms like that may be characterized as contemporary. The tone of teal here is muted and it is supported by also muted tones of brown, grey and beige elements. White and grey hues of bed cloths and headboard are repeated in the upholstery of the bench at the base of the bed and a frosted grey rug. Wooden small cabinet continues the warm natural theme of wooden plank floor. The light of the chandelier is reflecting in metal frame of the mirror adding bright notes.

2. Luxuriant Dark Brown

teal room ideas

What catches the attention most of all in this bedroom when you look at it is the variety of textures. The sleek and crisp lines of dark wooden furniture match well with the polished crystal clear bases of nightstand lamps. The softness of light grey comforter and pillows is underlined by the deep teal rug thrown on the bed. Metallic splashes of mirrors and cushions ornament add luminous contrast to the suede-like bedspread. The accent wall unites all the details against its background and makes the room look chic and glamorous.

3. Scandinavian Touch

teal rooms

Remember the rule: adding a chocolate tone into teal bedrooms is never a bad idea. Combination of misty variants of teal with deep brown shades makes the place casual and cozy at the same time.

In this particular example, Scandinavian motifs are clearly visible. It is expressed in natural colors, bold contrasts, clean shapes and also huge windows with white frames that let in a lot of daylight. The major accent here is teal bedspread clearly contrasting with crisp white and chocolate brown. Soothing background is reached due to the warm grey tone of the walls and flooring.

4. Cottage Warmth

teal bedrooms

Hazy teal adds a vibe of mysteriousness, however light and wooden tones prevent it from becoming too serious. General style is still straight and simple. There are several modern style elements, such as ceiling fan and copper rosette on the wall. But the common theme of the room is cozy cottage-like. It is supported by white bedding and dark brown chest of drawers with round handles. Shelf painted in the same color as the wall and wooden photo frames put the finishing touch of homey atmosphere.

5. Globally Inspired

teal bedroom walls

A royal combination of colors, teal and brown, dominates in the space. Luxuriant color of teal bedroom walls in contrast with furniture of dark wood sets the whole room a vibe of elegance. White stripe separates the ceiling from the walls, highlighting how high it is. You can face motifs from around the globe within the frames of one room. Curved four-poster bed, colorful bedspread and plenty of soft cushions is a reminiscence of oriental design. Lamps on each side from the bed make the light muted and mysterious.

White and Teal

6. Make a Statement

teal color bedroom

You don’t necessarily have to use much of teal color. If you feel overloaded, make just one component a central player. A piece of furniture in teal will be a magnificent pearl in the surrounding of light tones. Cold hues of natural colors and rich deep teal accent will make every space look perfectly clean. By the way, it is a trick for the room that is in fact a little messy. White walls, no matter with or without an accent wall will make the space put together. You can add a few more teal bedroom accessories as well, such as lamps or vases. Wooden details of furniture continue the basic theme. This room is a wonderful example of how effectively a dark teal piece is able to look against a white background.

7. Country Style

teal and white bedroom

This countryside chic is first of all reached through the color palette. The warm hue of wood gives the general feeling of integrity. Warm golden brown resonates with subdued variation of teal. Compact white nightstands with curved legs add a feminine and romantic touch. The cottage theme is also supported by the half-rounded windows with blinds framed by the teal zone and cream paneled headboard. White bed cloths and low storage spaces allows the space a lot of air.

8. On the Beach

teal bedroom accessories

Marine motifs are still one of the most popular among the teal bedroom ideas. And not for nothing, by the way. Teal and white brought together give a fresh impression of seaside. Faded teal is combined with crisp white here in textile. Large windows with plantation shutters seem to let the breeze from the seashore into this embodiment of a beach house. The carpet on the floor and low chest at the base of the bed are sandy colored, which literally continues the vibe of the beach. The ocean-themed painting only makes the dreams of faraway lands closer.

Keep in mind, that the key answer to the question how to match colors together is stick to the common warm or cool color scheme. Particularly here the common spectrum is expected to be warm and sunny.

9. Charming

dark teal bedroom

Dark shades take the stage in this room. The deep tone prevailing here looks absolutely graceful. An interesting decision is that exactly the same color is repeated in walls and also curtains. Floaty texture of the curtains doesn’t let the teal overload the room.

Despite all its charming look, several items introduce a little playful portion. Mirror in wickered frame and ceiling fan are impressive examples of natural accents. Yellow cushions and golden letters on the cupboard are sharp eye-catching additions. On the whole the ambiance is inviting to falling into the world of dreams.

Grey and Teal

10. Feel Free

teal bedroom decor ideas

Teal and gray choice for bedrooms is rather popular. Feel free to play with this pair, the variations at your pleasure are numerous. Anyway, this is a unique couple that can be very winning.

This example is a proof that you should never be afraid to express yourself. The accent wall is made in bold shade with intricate floral ornament. The rich teal colored background is paired with light, emerald and also floral cushions, which makes the whole picture so eclectic.

Soft smoky grey tone plays its role to balance the abundance of luscious teal, which took the central place. Moreover, not only colors but also textures are mixed intricately. This is an example of how daring choice of wallpaper can make the room look luxurious.

11. Contemporary Classic

teal and gray bedrooms

Metal fixtures along the headboard are repeated in the bench backrest and together with clean lines look rather strict. The light wood plank flooring unites all the elements of décor. Thin bedside tables look almost invisible and create uncluttered effect. Muted teal is surprisingly well matches with red bedspread, not conflicting with it. White and coffee shades smooth over the sharp textile and upholstery color contrast, at the same time making it stand out. The wood frame of the bench with its slender tapering legs continues the general tone of chic and elegancy.

12. Sleek Lines

teal bedroom

This teal bedroom managed to do almost impossible: it has youthful romantic notes and still looks classical. Wide grey and white horizontal stripes divide the space into zones, which creates an illusion that compact room is actually bigger. Metal and glass accessories are shimmering touches to the matte texture of walls. Soft beige bedspread as well as pale Moroccan rug adds multilayer texture to the bedroom. The whole set of furniture consisting of a sleigh bed and series of cupboard of different sizes is painted teal and plays the central role here.

13. Minor but Significant

teal rooms ideas

Some of you may think that grey is too boring to use it in the interior. The example above comes into play to change your opinion. If you thoroughly think out the exact grey tone matching to your teal bedroom and complement it with right details, the result can be astonishing.

This bedroom made in industrial style looks unique and very thought out. Note that in fact the room contains not as much of teal. However, the concept is to spread teal splashes of different size and hue all over the place. By the way, who said that the shade of teal used within a room should be the only one? No one, it’s not a rule. More than one variant of teal add volume and texture to any interior. Pendant lighting and bed clothes embody deeper tone while cold faded one is neighboring with rough, grey walling. The general mood of the place is daring and innovative.

Pink and Teal

14. Blossom

teal colored bedrooms

Teal and pink compose a strong and gorgeous pair. Their alliance looks sophisticated and graceful. Particularly this tender pink and rich teal make a splendid duet resulting in elegant and a bit mysterious vibe. The bed itself is quite minimalistic. With its abundance of pillows and cozy bed spread it creates very soothing and sleep-inviting mood. Desire to take a rest from the long working day arises momentarily in such a tranquil space. Pale flower wall painting keeps a company to the soft rug. Miniature bedside table and wickered chair look almost dollhouse-like. Great idea would be the large, vertical window to let the sunshine in and out.

15. Sleeping Beauty

teal bedroom ideas

Fuchsia tone instantly makes airy teal and white bedroom more playful and vivid. Teal transforms any interior into a more fresh and youthful space. The shade of teal here is almost minty; it is more of a green than blue and it perfectly highlights the bohemian ornament of the bedspread. This shade of teal balances the deep luscious pink and pairs with the white. The same pink hue is repeated in textile and in decorative frames on the wall. So, matching colors, even if it is spread on the completely different parts of the room, is a good way to make a room look pulled together.

Purple and Teal

16. Magician’s Laboratory

teal bedroom

Combination of rich dark teal and purple in bedrooms always looks whimsical and grandeur. The two bold colors work well for this bedroom. This bedroom is recommended for those bravest of you out there who is keen on color experimenting. The bedroom looks glaring with bright colors of teal, yellow and purple all in one place. Colored glass vases and lace metal furniture make this bedroom creative and special.

Royal purple bedding and ocean teal accent wall make a great match. A light cool shade of teal on the walls is complemented by a textured lilac rug. Lightweight curtains put an airy zephyrous touch. The white framed pictures don’t let the large area of teal to stay monotonous.

17. Lavender

teal bedroom

Those of you, who find the original purple too dramatic, may opt for the softer purple instead. This is a wonderful example when you want to be surrounded by lighter colors, but still eager to insert a bit of purple. Adding pale lavender tones into a teal color bedroom always brings a youthful, playful spirit.

This bedroom features one of those clear and simple designs that seems to make the place come to life. A crystal chandelier adds charm and sparkle. The silver flowers against the teal wall set the whole room’s tone. The ornament is supported with the other flowery decor all over the room. The flowers also bear the darker purple shade to play with the colors a little bit. This particular purple and teal bedroom could most likely be decorated for a teenage girl.

Orange and Teal

18. Desert-inspired

dark teal bedrooms

Teal color is unbelievably versatile. Sunset color palette seems very organic in a bedroom interior. Luckily, it matches the teal, even regardless of how light or dark it is. Orange and teal look utterly magnificent next to each other. Several different shades of them both will give striking complexity.

Look at this free-spirited teal bohemian bedroom with abstract artworks. Warm hues are beautifully paired with deep teal. No wonder, the color situated between blue and green on the spectrum highlights orange and yellow undertones. Natural wood furniture and a woven pendant light balance the cool blue-green hue. If you are eager to make a real statement, pair color-blocked walls with earth tones.

19. Southwest Spirit

teal bedroom

Even a few implementations of orange in upholstery or accessories are just enough to bring a fresh breath into the room in case you find a lot of teal too pompous. If natural earthy orange shades attract you more, use terracotta color as one of the teal bedroom decor ideas. For the ultimate bohemian bedroom, pair vibrant teal with earthy tones for a decidedly southwest flair. Green plants, colorful textile, an upholstered headboard, and a playful dotted blanket serve the common purpose.

Yellow and Teal

20. Spring Theme

teal bedroom

Awaken the senses. Aim for bright, fun and cheerful look with contrast color palette. Add yellow into a dark teal bedroom if you want a scheme that is full of sunny, positive spirit. Give any bedroom a bright, welcoming feel with uplifting, mood-boosting mustard hues. Yellow and teal are a really powerful combination and work well in a pair.

Clean geometrical forms make a sharp, contemporary finish. Hexagon frames make a break from traditional picture frames and also remind of the awakening of nature. Through complementary details like plants and stones, there always will be a part of natural warmth – no matter the time of year.

Feel free to express your personality. A bedroom that matches your style and gives you energy is invaluable. Consider adding some statements that are inspiring for you personally and embody how you live your life.

21. Daring Contrast

yellow and teal bedroom

Yellow and teal bedroom supported by crisp white will feature open and bright space. There is a high chance to feel the teal, as it is embodied in the whole wall.

The leading color is making a strong statement on the wall, so everything else stays rather natural and white. Add just a few accents of yellow and gray to keep it fun and lively. Tumeric yellow tone will instantly jazz up a neutral bedroom. Such bright elements as picture of a pear in the frame and chair with the wire frame bring a fun pop into the room.

Gray, chiffon-like curtains help to ground the window area. If you want to make your room feel bigger, making your curtains go from the floor to ceiling is a great solution since it draws your eye up.

Considering the amount of time we spend in our bedrooms, the importance of organizing it the best possible way becomes obvious. It’s the one room that becomes a personal sanctuary. Choose the bedroom color scheme that speaks to you most and get decorating, to make it feel like a dreamy space to spend your time.

We sincerely hope that this article was useful, and now you gained enough knowledge to embody even the bravest teal rooms ideas of yours! Don’t be afraid of experiments with different colors and textures and remember the major rule: the whole room color scheme should be either warm or cool. And what’s even more important – always rely on your individuality.



How To Remove Yellow Stains From White Cotton Sheets

You are a person who keeps your body, clothes, bed linen clean, but still wondering how to remove yellow stains from white cotton sheets and where do they come from … Is this familiar? Unfortunately, almost everyone with white bedsheets is faced with this situation.
Yellow stains on white sheets
Stains on bed linen are a purely household matter. They can appear for many reasons, but it is sometimes very, very difficult to remove them, especially if the spots are of natural origin. Every housewife should be able to remove stains of biological fluids that remain on bed linen after a night spent, since such an incident can happen to anyone, no one is immune from this.

This becomes a real frustration for homeowners, as there is often no visible solution to the problem. Even bleach cannot affect the color change! But what is the reason? You will find out about this in our article.

Why Do My Bed Sheets Turn Yellow?

Have you ever encountered the problem of unpleasant odor and skin stains on sheets and pillows? Have you ever gotten stubborn yellowish sweat stains out of your skin that just can’t be removed? These are stains from sebum that our body produces. This natural oil can seriously damage fabrics and is difficult to remove due to its oily texture.

The good news is that we will share the ideal way you can get super clean lingerie. In this article, you will find tips to help you get rid of bedding stains with safe, natural products.
yellow stains on white sheets
Thus, over time, your sheets may turn yellow for the following reasons:

  • sweat;
  • oils and creams for skin;
  • body fluids;
  • body lotions;
  • other skin care products;

It would seem that ordinary bleach can easily solve your problem. However, in reality we are faced with a situation where even bleach does not help. On the contrary, it can even increase the saturation of the stain and make it more visible due to the fact that bleach tends to oxidize and react to liquids.

What does a homeowner need to do to deal with stained sheets? If bleach doesn’t work, what is the best remedy? What needs to be done to avoid the problem and prevent white sheets from turning yellow? Without a doubt, in this article we will answer all the questions and help you keep your sheets white and clean.

What Can I Do To Prevent My Sheets From Yellowing?

At this point, you may be asking yourself – how do I keep white sheets white?
Unwanted stains are caused by bedsheets soaking up anything that comes into contact with them. The most common causes of white sheets becoming dirty are sebum, sweat, and other body fluids. Don’t worry, sweat stains on sheets are not a reflection of how clean you and your body are; there are no obstacles for your body to produce these fluids and oils.

Currently, there are many ways that, fortunately, can minimize the problem.

Regular Washing

Of course, you cannot eliminate the secretion of body fluids, but the longer you allow these sebum oils, fluids, and skin cells to accumulate on your sheets, the dirtier they will become. Unfortunately, many people do not wash their laundry as regularly as they should.

white sheets washingAs soon as the sheets start to smell bad or the dirt becomes evident on them, only then the homeowners begin to wash. It is actually best to wash your sheets once a week or two. Washing your sheets usually reduces the number of skin by-products that can build up.

Using the Detergent Booster

Generally, washing with regular laundry detergent is sufficient to prevent stains. However, if you are still concerned about this problem, add a little detergent booster to your weekly wash. Borax and OxiClean are two very common products that can help answer the question of how to get sweat stains out of your sheets.

Their unique properties allow you to remove grease and sweat that remains on bedding and other fabrics. Wash bedding in warm or hot water, and never put sheets back on the bed until they are completely dry.

Drying In The Sun

We know that you love the pleasant smell of your freshly washed out of order laundry. But not everyone knows what other benefits can be obtained from drying your sheets outside. First of all, it is the brightening effect of the sun!

white sheets drying

Direct exposure to sunlight on white sheets will help lighten stains that are starting to form. It might even prevent them from showing up on your sheet!

Other Tips To Keep Your Sheets White

We’ve prepared a few more tips for you to keep your sheets white:

  1. See your sheets manufacturer’s instructions for proper washing and follow these recommendations. You should find this information on the tag;
  2. Rinse the sheets in cold water for at least 15 seconds before washing them. This is to dilute the skin by-products that can lead to staining;
  3. Hot water is the safest for the fabrics of your sheets, so it is recommended that you wash your sheets in the hottest water possible (but as recommended by the manufacturer). Hot water is the most effective means for thorough cleaning;

How To Get Rid Of Yellow Spots From White Sheets

Unfortunately, even the preventive measures described above are not able to absolutely save your sheets from an unwanted yellow tint. Don’t take it personally and think that you are doing something wrong or ineffective – there is no doubt that the white shade of the sheets is very difficult to maintain.

Therefore, it is not at all necessary immediately, if something did not work out for you, to give up your loved ones, but already stained sheets. We know a few things you can do to get your white sheets back to the crisp cleanliness that made you buy them. Do not be tormented by the question of how to get yellow stains out of white sheets.

Use Natural Bleach And Fabric Softener Substitutes

First of all, stop using bleach! This product is great for whitening many things, but white sheets with yellow spots are an exception and have their own characteristics. This is because the bleach oxidizes and reacts with body fluids. Therefore, bleach can make your stains even more visible.

We suggest using vinegar and baking soda instead of your usual bleach.

how to remove yellow stains on white sheets
A natural and harmless alternative to bleach is half a cup of baking soda. Add it directly while washing your bedding, along with your preferred detergent. In addition, we recommend replacing your traditional fabric softener with 1/2 cup vinegar.

Vinegar has many natural properties, so this product is incredibly effective at removing oils and grease accumulated in the fibers of sheets.

Use the Natural Properties of Lemons

Not everyone knows that lemon (and in particular lemon juice) has inherently bleaching properties. You can benefit from this and use lemon as a natural whitening and brightening agent. All you need is a saucepan, water, and a few slices of lemon.

We can help you prepare a great alternative to bleach. Just follow the simple steps:

  1. Take some lemons and cut them into pieces. There is no well-defined and limited amount, so use as many lemons as you need;
  2. Fill a pot with water and add the resulting lemon slices;
  3. You will have a mixture of lemon and water. Put the pot on gas and bring the mixture to a boil;
  4. Turn off the gas and gently dip the sheet in the water. Be sure to use tongs to avoid scalding yourself;
  5. Keep the sheet in the pot for at least 15 minutes;
  6. Next, wash the sheet in the usual way, that is, in hot water with your preferred detergent and detergent booster.

how to remove yellow stains on white sheets
As a bonus, you will get a nice lemon scent all over your home!

How to Remove Yellow Spots From White Cotton Sheets

If the sheet is made entirely of cotton, bleach will help get rid of the yellow stains.

yellow stains on white sheets

But you need to use it with extreme caution! For top-loading washing machines, follow these steps to use bleach in a way that does not stain cotton sheets:

  1. Fill the washing machine halfway with the hottest water that will not harm your sheets.
  2. Next, add a cup of oxygen bleach to the water. We recommend using the following proportions: 1 cup of detergent, 1 cup of powdered dishwasher detergent, and 1/2 cup of Borax or other detergent enhancers.
  3. You need to mix these ingredients in the washing machine until they are completely combined into one mass.
  4. Add sheets to the mixture and fill the washing machine to the end with hot water.
  5. Do not interfere with the washing machine and let it carry out the wash and rinse cycles as usual.
  6. Rinse the sheets again.
  7. If you have access to a clothesline outside, hang sheets to dry where there is sunlight. If this is not possible, a dryer in your home will also work.

What To Do About Yellow Spots On Pillowcases

The advantage of pillowcases is that, compared to sheets, they are not so vulnerable to various contaminants, because only the head of a person rests on them, and not his entire body. Therefore, the appearance of yellow spots on pillowcases will come as a shock to you, since you usually do not expect to see them there.
yellow stains on white pillowcases
However, this is not as bad as you think. It is quite natural that the face also secretes some amount of sweat and fat. In addition, your saliva can also cause staining.
Use an enzymatic cleaner to get rid of yellow spots on white pillowcases. Many pet stain removers you’ll see on supermarket shelves are examples of such cleaning products. One of the great products is this miracle of nature, a solution to remove odors and stains with a citronella scent. In addition, we recommend you another enzymatic cleaner – the popular and effective OxiClean.

The above remedies are sure to help you get rid of stains on a small amount of fabric. They are very easy to use: just dampen pillowcases or spray on the stain and allow time to destroy any unwanted oils and liquids.

Wash at your usual pace and routine, also in as hot water as possible, and using your preferred detergent powder.

Yellow Spots Don’t Have To Be Persistent

You must be prepared for the yellow spots to be very difficult to remove from white sheets. But whatever those stains are, with the right techniques and the right removal products, you can forget about them forever!

Note that natural remedies such as sunlight, baking soda, vinegar, and lemons may already be near you or your home. These products are completely safe, natural and easy to use.

how to remove yellow stains on white pillowcases
Of course, you can also buy the products you need in the store. It’s absolutely easy to get an enzymatic cleaner like Nature’s Miracle, OxiClean, or Borax just about anywhere. These products break down stain-causing oils and liquids, making them easier to rinse off in the washing machine.

A successfully purchased bedding set is the decoration of any bedroom. The modern industry is capable of offering a wide variety of products to demanding customers. A wide range of fabrics, stunning patterns, and textures will delight and delight anyone. However, even the highest quality linen is not immune to stains. Don’t be discouraged: any contamination can be removed quickly and efficiently, you just need to know how to do it right.

Remember our advice and one day say goodbye to yellow spots on your previously clean white sheets. Don’t worry about how to remove yellow stains from white cotton sheets.

If you are still thinking about replacing your dirty sheets, check online stores where you can buy them. Have access to the best and best-selling websites!


Kitchens & Dining

How To Get Rid Of Ants In The Kitchen

Do you welcome insects like ants? Of course, when it comes to serving as a snack for children or “logs” oiled with peanut butter. But if you find ants in your kitchen, the problem starts to gain momentum.

We should be realistic and admit to ourselves that the appearance of ants is inevitable. Even if homeowners keep their home perfectly clean (or even if the home is brand new), unfortunately, they will have to come face to face with these tiny creatures.

Ants in my kitchen

The appearance of ants, especially in the kitchen, is due to a whole complex of reasons and conditions, which often do not even depend on us and cannot be controlled. Unsurprisingly, people faced with this problem immediately try to find ways to get rid of the ants in the kitchen. The list of methods for dealing with these pests is quite wide, ranging from home and natural remedies that can be found in any store, to calling in a team of professionals.

In this guide article, you can find out proven ant control remedies and tips. After reading, you will understand in which direction you should act and which method you should choose depending on the species of ants, observing them and other aspects. We will help you get rid of unwanted insects permanently (at least those that are not intended for snacks)!

Reasons Why Ants Got In My Kitchen

Many pests appear where a certain environment is created for them. Ants are definitely no exception. They exist as one of the most social creatures on the planet, with a developed sense of smell and hormones that report their movements to the other part of the colony and determine both their habits and behavior.

These reasons will partly help answer the question “Why are there ants in my kitchen?” Getting rid of ants is a long and difficult process that is impossible without accurately determining the cause and source of their appearance in the kitchen. Without clarifying these factors, it will be much more difficult for you to get rid of them directly.

Ants in my kitchen

There are some of the most common reasons why species of ants such as black, sugar, and carpenter ants invade your kitchen:

  •  change of seasons;
  • stagnant water in your home and kitchen;
  • leftover sugar or starchy foods;

Let’s take a closer look at each of the above reasons.

Change Of Seasons

If we are talking about the season, then most often ants invade houses in late spring or early summer. Often, weather and climatic conditions explain some of the mating patterns of ants.

Just at this time (approximately from April) oviparous female ants actively begin to search for a mate. In the remaining warm months, when a couple is found, the ants look for a home to settle down there and start a family in a place comfortable for them.

Some scientists working in this field even named this process as the “nuptial flight”, including the stages from finding a partner to finding a suitable habitat for the couple and the entire colony.

Fortunately, the formation of ant colonies and their further habitation takes place outside, however, many cases are known when ants make their way inside the house. This situation carries a lot of dangers, if only because the colonies are constantly expanding. More and more reproductive females are born, laying eggs. And in their chosen habitats, these females will strive to create more and more new colonies.

Ants in my kitchen

Homeowners living in areas with an excessive number of anthills will, unfortunately, have to face this problem and experience the difficulties of moving existing and newly established colonies into their own homes.

Stagnant Water In Your Home And Kitchen;

Ants, due to their relatively small size, drink little water. But large colonies need to somehow quench their thirst, and for this, the detached “ponds” of your own homes, from where it is easy to get water, are ideal. These can be sinks, kettles, bathtubs, or even ordinary glasses that you accidentally left on the counter.

Scavenger ant colonies secrete pheromones and therefore have a specific odor, which is a kind of signal for the rest of the colonies. As soon as ants find a suitable freshwater body of water in your home, they begin to use this signal and release pheromones along with the feeding trial (like a kind of breadcrumb trail).
This signal, caused by a hormonal hike, also responds to other efficient ants from the colony.

Thus, this is the most common and frequent occurrence when people find ants in different parts of their home, and especially in the kitchen. It all can start with the fact that you see only one tiny and innocent ant in the kitchen. However, be prepared that this will be the first notification of the possible presence of a much larger number of ants.

Ants in my kitchen

Leftover Sugar Or Starchy Foods

Food is the finest and most famous ant bait. Therefore, they appear most often in the kitchen. Ants have hypersensitivity, developed a sense of smell, and have a habit of constantly picking up trash and other debris. Even if you leave the slightest trace of food on your table or floor, it will still attract ants, and they will run to this food.

To avoid this, you need to regularly clean the kitchen after eating. However, even soap or scrubs cannot completely clean the surface of the dishes. It still contains microscopic food debris, appearing in the form of solid or liquid particles. A particularly vulnerable object in the sink, where a large number of crumbs can accumulate after each wash.

Many of us do not even realize that we are leaving behind some kind of garbage.

Ants in my kitchen
Ants are constantly hunting for food, and other objects, such as bags and plastic containers with food leftovers, and loosely closed jars are also attractive bait for them. If the ants find any of this or any other source of water or food, these mischievous scouts will signal the rest of the colony and release their odors so that their trails can be followed.

How to Get Rid of Ants in My Kitchen?

In fact, there are many ways to get rid of ants in the kitchen. For example, some people wonder how to get rid of small ants in the kitchen. Then, some products can be prepared by homeowners themselves at home. However, in more severe cases, you will have to call a team of professionals who will eliminate the source of ant colonies. We offer a large number of ways to solve your problem!

Home Remedies For Getting Rid Of Ants In Your Home

We offer some home treatments that, due to their availability, will help absolutely anyone gets rid of little ants in the kitchen, regardless of the homeowner’s lifestyle and budget. You can buy ready-made products in the store or make them yourself – in any case, the methods proposed to you will solve the problem with ants. Choose the option that best suits the size of your home or the source of the ants. Don’t forget to find the entry points for the ants into your home.

However, it should be noted that these commercial and home remedies are only superficially capable of solving the problem.

Although repellent technology has improved significantly in recent years, most often these products are available in the form of granules or sprays. With their help, you can kill ants by meeting them in person, confuse scavenger ants and hide hormonal traces that scout ants secrete.

Ants in my kitchen

To get rid of this problem permanently, you will need to find the source of the ant colonies. Often only experienced professionals can handle this.

Commercial Treatments:

  1. Ant dust. This remedy is one of the most popular. You can spray it around the perimeter of your entire home (for preventive purposes) or only in problematic areas. These types of powders have a pungent, poisonous smell, so they are able to kill ants on contact and prevent new ants from appearing in this area.
  2. Sprays for repelling ants. This spray comes in the form of a solution to kill the ants on contact. This is a topical treatment to help stop these very important scavenger ants but rarely goes beyond these quick sprays.
  3. Bait for ants. As many people know, ants, possessing certain characteristics of the organism, cannot digest solid food. Only small doses of fluids can pass inside their body. The passage of other substances into the body of ants encounters obstacles in its path. This fact will help you solve the problem not only superficially. This is the principle of ant bait products that seduce scavenger ants with a sugar-sweet semi-hard syrup.
    Ants in my kitchen
    They bring this syrup back to the colony to decay the larvae into an easily digestible form. The bait can poison the entire ant colony from the inside, so you win (something like launching a virus into ant colonies).Natural Remedies For Getting Rid Of Ants:
  4. Vinegar. Spray vinegar on problem areas to remove any remaining traces of ant hormones. For example, this repellent is great if you’re trying to treat the spaces between the cracks in the floors or figure out how to get rid of ants in the kitchen counters. However, in order to achieve results, you need to treat problem areas with vinegar several times a day for at least a week.
  5. Boric acid with honey, peanut butter or icing sugar. Such sweet food additives will be able to lure ants, and boric acid will have a slow-acting poisonous effect. This mixture will be carried back to the colony by the ants, where its complete decomposition will take place.
  6. Liquid dish soap. We recommend using sprays containing water mixtures and dishwashing detergents. Treat curbs, cracks in walls, doorways, window sills, and other problem areas with the resulting solution to avoid the reproduction of ants and their movement around the house.
    Ants in my kitchen
    If you personally see ants crawling around the kitchen, you can also safely use this mixture.
  7. Cucumber peel and lemon juice. Certain fruits and vegetables (especially cucumbers and citrus fruits) can release toxic oils and fumes that irritate ants. So if you’re trying to find a natural way to get rid of ants, sprinkle lemon juice directly on cracks in foundations, window sills, or other places where ants can enter. Cucumber peels can also be placed in these areas outside and inside the home to achieve a greater effect.
  8. Turmeric or cayenne pepper powder. Try sprinkling these spices in areas that are especially attractive to ants (like kitchen cabinets), and the pests will definitely lose access to these areas! Other Treatment Methods:
  9. Garbage collection and recycling. No wonder ants love to find various sources of water and food. However, if you remove such an attractive source, there will be no ants. Strive to throw out the garbage or give it for recycling more often so as not to attract the attention of ants.
    How to get rid of small ants in kitchen
    This is a very simple way to help you control everything that happens in the kitchen.
  10. Use kitchen and home cleaning products with natural healing ingredients. These cleaners may contain lemon juice, citric acid, baking soda, and other natural ingredients that can repel ants.
  11. See what kind of plants are in your area. Often, many species of indoor and outdoor plants become habitats for microscopic ants called aphids. They produce a sweet secret, thereby attracting ants and using them as their main food source. Therefore, the plants on which aphids appear should be grown outside the house, and not inside. If you are thinking about how to get rid of tiny ants, then you need to regularly wipe the leaves of all your houseplants.
    tiny ants
    Plus, be careful with sprayers, fertilizers, and repellents you use outdoors. They have certain properties and will unintentionally kill aphids. In this case, the ants will look for a new food source, since the old one will be deleted.

Pest Control Professionals

We ask a lot of questions about what disinfectant does to ants that you cannot do yourself. Many homeowners are wondering if calling a team of professionals home is worth the money. It is believed that workers do nothing other than spraying various chemicals into hard-to-reach places in your home.

In short, the products that you prepare yourself at home or buy in the store will only scare off the ants for a while. To completely exterminate the ant colony, it is necessary to deploy full-scale pest control.
When choosing a way to get rid of ants, think not only about what will be convenient or economical but also what result in you are striving for and what you want to get. If you are not afraid of the return of ants and future infestation, treat surfaces with household or commercial products. For those people who do not want to take risks and want to nip their problem with ants in the bud, the call of the pest control professionals is suitable.

how to get rid of small ants in kitchen

However, there are special cases in which only professional methods of getting rid of ants can help you:

  1. You have carpenter ants in your house. This ant species is characterized by burying its colonies in moist or rotting wood. There is no doubt that these pests are unwanted guests in your home. Their appearance may indicate other more serious problems with your home (especially, with its structural integrity). Therefore, you should immediately contact an ant control specialist if there is even one sign of the presence of carpenter ants in your home.
  2. You have children or pets. Keep an eye on which household or commercial ingredients you use, as some are toxic to children and pets. This also applies to adults with a weakened immune system. Hence, it is necessary to take precautions with various chemicals outside and inside the house.
  3. Nothing else helps. If ants invade your home season after season, year after year, then the problem is somewhere else. Call the experts to deal with the source of the problem forever.

The Types Of Ants You Can Find In Your Kitchen

Of course, if you know what type of ants you are dealing with, namely, what kind of ants are crawling on your countertops, then it will be easier for you to get rid of pests forever. This is because different types of ants look for different food sources, multiply and build colonies in different places. Therefore, the methods for getting rid of ants will differ depending on their type.

Black Ants

Smelling house ants or black ants are the most common type of ants that homeowners encounter. You will recognize black ants in your kitchen by their pungent, earthy odor from killed ants or from large colonies in general.

Ants in my kitchen

Why do black ants invade houses? First of all, they look for a source of water, starchy, or sugary foods. However, colonies of black ants most often remain outside the home.

To recognize a black ant, look at its color and size. Usually, this ant species is relatively small, less than one-eighth of an inch long, and has no hairs. Its body color can be from dark brown to blue-black. Black ants especially give off a pungent smell that is unfavorable for your home (directly, like the pests themselves).

Methods for getting rid of black ants: you need to target the ant colony with hard bait and then block all possible passages. If you have the ants kitchen and aspire to change this, it is necessary to correctly determine the places of passage of insects into the house. Then in these zones, you need to put semi-solid baits. It can be a mixture of honey and boric acid, for example. You can also buy similar syrups at the store. Black ants will be able to transfer solid bait back to their colony, where they will be destroyed. To prevent the return of ants, as a final measure, close all the passage points found.

Sugar Ants

First, you need to answer the question of what do sugar ants look like. They can often be confused with black ants, but there are also major differences. Both of these ant species tend to find sweet and starchy foods in your home, but sugar ants are predominantly nocturnal. Therefore, you will most likely notice these sweet ants in the evening or at night.

Ants in my kitchen

These gatherer parasites will return to their colonies at dawn, carrying their prey with them. And you will face a sugar ant infestation.

It should be noted that nectars, especially secreted by aphids (this has already been mentioned before), are also one of the main food sources for this species of ants.

Methods for getting rid of sugar ants: if you are unsure how to get rid of sugar ants in the kitchen, then we advise you to target a colony with built-in bait. Lure the ants with mixtures that contain syrups and nectars (it’s a good sugar ants killer), but these will have to be brought back to the colony.

If you use a liquid repellent, unfortunately, you will not be able to fix the problem at its source, and will only kill the ants through personal contact. To kill sugar ants, as a final step, place the semi-syrup mixture overnight at the ants’ passageways. After that, wipe the leaves of indoor plants with cold water or a solution that will be safe for aphids. This will be the last preventive measure.

Carpenter Ants

This ant species that you can find in the kitchen is the largest and most potentially dangerous. They are able to grow in size (from a quarter-inch to almost half an inch long), and rotting wood is a food source for them. Because of this, the nests of carpenter ants can be in the most difficult places: inside the damaged and damp wood of the foundation of the house, flooring, terraces, beams. Thus, colonies are formed within the structure of the house.

Ants in my kitchen

Methods for getting rid of carpenter ants: first of all, you need to consult a professional in this matter. Colony destruction will not occur as carpenter ants do not bring the bait back to their nests like other ant species do. In this case, repellents will not cope with their task. What’s more, since carpenter ants eat wood, the parasites can structurally damage your home and destroy it.

Call a specialist if you notice the following:

  • large light-colored ants in the growing area outside your home;
  • small piles of sawdust that appear in different places;


How To Prevent The Return Of The Ants?

To limit or permanently stop the invasion of ants into your home or kitchen, the main thing you need to do is to destroy their source. Don’t worry – you don’t have to go through the endless routine and constantly treat surfaces with different means!

This article provides some of the best tips for dealing with ants, but professionals in the field take a broader approach. They do their best to keep your home safe and, most importantly, to reduce or eliminate the likelihood of re-invasion by ants.

  1. Take a holistic and integrated approach to ant control. The great thing about this strategy is that it is a set of solutions that work together and at the same time with each other, which will prevent you from making mistakes before the problem appears. These can be external and internal tips and life hacks that range from planting specific types of plants in your garden to using specific cleaners and aerosols. In addition, the use of integrated control is beneficial to the environment by helping to limit the use of pesticides and chemicals.
  2. Fill holes or cracks in the foundation of your home. For some reason, many people overlook this problem, although ants make their way into houses just through openings in old window sills, doorways, and foundations. Therefore, you need to monitor the condition of your home and quickly eliminate holes if they appear so that insects do not get into your home.

Get a developed pest prevention plan. You may have already received preventive maintenance for your vehicle. So why not pay attention to your home and save it from pests?
Ants in my kitchen
Local pest control companies can help you create a personalized pest control plan for your home, taking into account all its features. This plan will include activities for identifying, monitoring pests in your home throughout the year.

Cooperate With Spectrum Pest Control and Forget About Ants In Your Home Forever!

We will find answers to all your questions! The company has thirty years of experience in combating commercial and domestic ants in Pittsburgh, PA, and beyond. We offer a wide range of services: we can advise on any issue or develop a comprehensive year-round plan for the fight and prevention of ants. Your home must be clean, safe, and comfortable for you, and we will help you with this!
Call our team of professionals or check out our existing ant control plans. We will definitely help you answer the question of how to get rid of ants in the kitchen!

Video That Will Help You


How to Get Slime Out of Carpet?

Slime is very likely a favorite toy of yours or someone who roams around your house quite often. What can we say, this gooey and stretchy paddle of joy took over people’s hearts all over the world. Little do we know when buying it, that later when being thrown or dropped on the carpet, slime evolves from a harmless toy to a terrific disaster. That is why here just for you we collected different methods of how to get slime out of carpet and return it to its original state.

How to get slime out of carpet?
Slime stuck in the carpet

Vinegar, carpet cleaner, dish soap, and alcohol are your very best friends in your battle with slime. To clean the mess up, arm yourself up with a little TLC, a lot of patience, and the right cleaning solutions. To make the process slightly more comfortable, add to your slime-free equipment kit the following: a sturdy scrub brush (you can substitute it with a toothbrush that you no longer use), and paper towels. Even if the slime has dried up, you can get it out with or without a spot scrubber.

  1. First of all, try to scrape up most of the slime; the less you leave for the cleaning solution the more efficient it can do its job. We recommend you use a spatula, a butter knife, or you can deal with it using your fingers only; whichever you prefer.
  2. Second, apply the cleaning solution on the spot with the remaining slime, whether it is dry or not. Give it a moment to sit, about a minute will do.
  3. Then, without pushing the slime into the fibers, be gentle when you scrub your carpet; it is way more difficult to get it out of there. Remove the intruder with a sponge, a rag, some paper towels.
  4. Reapply the cleaning solution and repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the slime is removed.
  5. Get rid of any excess moisture left on the carpet with some paper towels, a clean rag, or a sponge.
  6. Dry your carpet as usual (make sure to dry it thoroughly), and go over it with a vacuum cleaner or a spot cleaner.

The main point is, never panic when the slime accidentally (or on the purpose of someone) hits your carpet. Dry or still wet, slime is possible to be taken out completely. The amount and variety of the tools that you use will depend on the type of the carpet and the amount of the slime, but it’s easy to save your home decor from this vicious paddle. Keep reading and learn more with us about how to remove slime from carpet, we have a bunch of helpful solutions for you.

My carpet mixed with slime

Slime can be home-made or commercial; either way, its nature will not stop it from getting into the carpet. Quick thinking can save you a lot of trouble in case if you saw with your own eyes the catastrophe happening. Having a spot scrubber on hand will make your task relatively easy; but you can manage it with a wagon of patience and a pinch of hard effort.

If you don’t have a spot scrubber and need to clean your carpet by hand, here are some items you will find handy for the procedure:

  • A spatula, or a suitable scrapping substitute
  • A tool for gentle application (we will give techniques that use a spraying bottle, but a sponge can do too)
  • A scrub brush (if you don’t have one, look for an old toothbrush – it can do the same job just fine)
  • An absorbent rag, or some paper towels (we suggest you take an empty bucket for the discharge if you choose the rag)
  • A vacuum cleaner

As we mentioned before, whatever cleaning solution you decided to use, it is best to lift manually as much of the slime as possible, before applying the solution. Once you understand that no more slime can be got out manually, apply some warm water to the slime and the surrounding area (no need to soak the whole carpet in the solution though), and let it sit for some time, 15 to 30 minutes will do. When the timer is out, it’s your turn to scrub the smile off with the scrubbing brush or an old toothbrush to lift it and loosen it from the fibers.

How to get slime out of carpet?
Getting slime out with a sponge

If you find the slime in the dried-up state, almost rock-solid, spraying it with some warm water before getting to manual techniques and agitating a bit will ease the removal process; once done, apply the paper towels or a rag. Then you can proceed with the cleaning using the solution as described above, or clean the slime stain with a spot scrubber or vacuum until the result matches your expectations.

How do I get slime out of the carpet with rubbing alcohol?

Have we told you to remove as much of slime as possible manually before applying cleansing solutions? The same goes for alcohol too. Be careful not to dig into the carpet’s fibers and not to get the slime even deeper into it. Apply alcohol on the remaining slime and leave it for some time. You can follow it up by cleaning with a sponge or cloth to remove the slime. If you decide to vacuum the carpet to conclude the cleaning procedure, let the area dry first.

How to clean slime out of the carpet with baking soda?

Baking soda found a bunch of fans thanks for its cleaning capacities, however, it does have one catch – it only works properly in tandem with vinegar. Surely, it can help you remove the slime from the carpet too. But first – preparations: the first thing you need scrape it up, second – apply some warm water, and then agitate the area a little bit – all as you have learned already.

Once you are done with the preparations, generously powder baking soda on the area of the “battle” and rub it in gently. Then, spray the soda-covered area with vinegar and enjoy the show as the two substances react. When you think the reaction is over (or at least slowed down enough to not be efficient anymore), get rid of the formed foam together with the slime from the carpet using a paper towel or a dampened rag. Let the carpet dry, and feel free to vacuum it to ensure the successful removal of the in

How to remove slime from the carpet using club soda?

Sounds tempting but hardly possible, doesn’t it? Let us reassure you, it can do the job just fine. Don’t forget the preparations (manually removing part of slime and smoothening it with some water), and you are ready to begin. Fill a spray bottle with club soda, it will ensure accurate and gentle application and spritz down all of the slime stains that you can find. Leave it alone there for five minutes or more, then clean the area with paper towels or a rag. Feel free to repeat the procedure if you encounter any difficulties with the slime removal.

The magic trick is that the carbonic acid in club soda breaks the slime and makes it easier to remove. As disastrous as it is for your health when you drink it, used for cleaning club soda can come in quite handy.

How do you get slime out of the carpet with hydrogen peroxide?

This magic potion can become an alternative way to your clean carpet, but be careful: hydrogen peroxide has strong bleaching capabilities. We suggest you test patch on the carpet with it before using it in such a serious mission as removing slime.

Thus, if you have run the test and your carpet fiber reacted normally (or did not react), or if by chance your carpet is white and bleaching is what it has been asking for for a while now, or if the bleached area looks good on the test tissue and now you feel like getting the same one on your carpet too, here is what to do. Take three tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, then take half of a cup of water, and mix them in the spray bottle. Apply the mixture to the slime and give it at least five minutes to sit. When the time’s up, blot the area with a sponge, or paper towels, or dampened cloth. If you still see some of the slime on the fibers, repeat the process two or more times.

How to get slime out of carpet?
Applying cleaning solution to the slime

How to clean slime out of the carpet with apple cider vinegar?

As you might have understood, many things we store in our kitchens and sometimes use for cooking can help with cleaning too. Apple cider joins our ranks of slime fighters with pride. To activate this hero, mix together 1/3 cup of warm water with 2/3 cup of apple cider (of the same cup) and put the resulting potion in a spray bottle or bucket. Spray the solution on the area affected, wait a couple of minutes and use a soft brush to brush the slime away gently.

As in all other cases, we encourage you to wat the area with a rag and to let it dry before vacuuming the carpet. Also, as previously, if you find some slime remaining in the fibers after the procedure, please feel free to repeat it as many times as you would like.

How to get slime out of a carpet using dish detergent?

Dish detergent is another thing you will surely find in your kitchen that can come in handy in cleaning stuff other than dishes too. To use it on slime, mix together one teaspoon of liquid dish soap and two cups of warm water, then pour the mixture in a spray bottle or bucket (we would insist on a spray bottle though since it makes the application more delicate and precise). If you feel like playing hard, you can add some vinegar to your potion to make it stronger (but do not add too much!) before applying the mixture.

After it sits for some time, blot the area with a clean rag, as you did before. You can help yourself with a sponge or a toothbrush to clean it up.

Is dried slime stuck forever on my carpet?

Removing dry slime from the carpet is harder than getting rid of the wet one, but still possible. You have a wide range of instruments to complete the mission: diluted vinegar, a citrus solvent, alcohol, all of them are approximately equally good at removing slime. But since the slime is dry in this case, we recommend you to leave the solution of your choice on the slime stain for at least 15 minutes to do the work. Again, please test the solution on the patch beforehand, so that you make sure to not damage the fibers or the color.

How to get slime out of carpet?
Spraying dry slime

With any of the solutions, as previously, you can use a clean rag to wipe up the slime; ideally, if the chosen solution worked and had enough time to sit, there will be no need to scrub the slime off. You can always reapply the solution if needed as many times as you find useful. Once finished, rinse the rest of the solution off with warm (or hot) water, then blot it dry, leave the carpet to rest and air dry for some time, and vacuum it to get the best result.

All in all, getting slime might look like a complete disaster at the beginning, but it is not a crisis without a solution for you to get stressed about. Even when the case is slightly more complex, with the slime being dried, or sitting there for a long period of time, a proper effort, a tiny piece of chemical magic, and a pinch of patience will do an amazing job helping your remove it.


Living Rooms Tips

How Do I Clean a Sheepskin Rug?

Sheepskin rugs are indeed perfect pieces to put in your living room or even bedroom to make it look warmer, cozier, and generally home-like. And sure enough, if you are lucky to have already had an encounter with this magnificent decoration before, you must know how easy it is for them to collect all dust and dirt, and how hard it can be for you to clean them off the usual way. We are here on a super important mission – to teach you how to clean sheepskin rug.

There are 6 simple steps you can follow:

  1. Mix water and wool wash product (you may need to vary the amount of the potion depending on how big your rug is, but as standard, we recommend starting with 500 ml of water and a cap’s worth of the wash)
  2. Apply the mixture to all the stains on the rug (please do not waste it on relatively clean spots)
  3. Let the mixture sit for some time, and wash it away with clean water (any remaining residues are to be removed at this stage as well)
  4. Leave the rug in a place away from sunlight and direct heat to get dry
  5. Shortly before the rug gets completely dry, brush it with a wool wire brush (be careful here to not use brutal force to untangle any knots if there are any; your hands will be much more of a help in this situation)
  6. Shake a rug thoroughly, to let it get its fluffiness

This is an optimal way to clean a sheepskin rug – of any shape, size, and color. However, there are many others too. If all this made you wonder about things like “Can I put my rug in the washer?”, or “Can I use stuff like Woolite to clean it?”, or “Is it possible to tumble dry it?”; please keep reading. We will explain how to clean a sheepskin rug without ruining it.

Can I wash my sheepskin rug?

The 6 steps we gave you are perfect to deal with some stains on the rug, however what if the whole piece could use some perking up? Putting it simply, can I hand-wash an entire sheepskin rug?

The answer is: yes, of course, you can! We recommend using a basin for this important mission; it will make the process numerous times easier. Another thing you will need is a wool wire brush to clean sheepskin rug. Do not worry if you have not yet had an opportunity to buy one – there are plenty of these traded on Amazon.

Once you are all armed and ready for adventures, take four liters of warm water and add in it a teaspoon of your wool wash product. Mix it well! And make sure that the water is not warmer than 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, fill the basin with the washing mix and soak there your sheepskin rug. Let it sit for half an hour so that the mixture has a proper opportunity to clean the rug thoroughly. Once the time is out, take the rug out of the water and squeeze it hard to get rid of extra water that is left in it. Remember to never wring the rug, it can damage it!

As you already know, a sheepskin rug is to be left to line dry away from sunlight and direct heat. To avoid knots and have a nice and fluffy rug, brush it through shortly before it is completely dry and shake it.

How to clean a sheepskin rug?
White, brown, and grey sheepskin rugs

Can I machine wash my sheepskin rug?

Indeed, many of us do not have a basin in our apartments waiting for its glory hour to be used to clean sheepskin rugs. So you would not be the only one wondering “Will the washing machine rip the wool in the rug apart, or is it ok to try to clean my rug in it?”

As a rule, a sheepskin rug can stand a machine wash without getting ruined. But remember, once again, the water must not be warmer than 100 degrees, and the amount of wool wash product to be used should not exceed two tablespoons. If you are sure you want to try out this method, make sure to use the gentlest setting.

It is possible that machine wash will not take off all the dirt from your rug; in this case please bring your rug to a professional to get it cleaned for you.

Can I tumble dry my sheepskin rug?

Imagine, your rug appearing from the washing machine all clean and as good as new, together with other gentle pieces of laundry, that go directly to the dryer to get all the hard work to be done by the machine. It should be a great plan for the rug to, shouldn’t it?

As good as it sounds, putting a sheepskin rug in the dryer is a terrible idea. Your least cost of this adventure may be a ruined rug, the biggest… Hard to tell. Like you were told to do in all the previous methods, this time we will tell you once more – line-dry your rug. You can hang it if you want, but it is the only other option than the line-drying that you have. Please remember (and we continue repeating it because it is important) to avoid exposing your rug to sunlight or direct heat while drying it.

Can I vacuum my sheepskin rug?

Sometimes it happens that the rug gets not stained yet, but the dirt on it is accumulating, and it gets quite annoying. And you know, trying to get it out with your hands is going to simply rub in the grid and create the very stains that you will have to wash out. Do you think it is a good idea to let the vacuum cleaner do this job?

As good as it is to be cautious, you can trust most vacuum cleaners with this task; the basic suctioning will not ruin your rug. However, the cleaner should not have an attachment that rotates, since rotating joints possess a threat to the long pieces of fur and may draw them out of the rug. You can clean with the suction head only instead if the attachment of your vacuum cleaner rotates.

A good alternative to this procedure is a simple wool wire brush. You only need to rate it across the length of the rug, and the mess will be dredged up in no time.

How to clean a sheepskin rug?
Beige sheepskin rug

Can I wash my sheepskin rug with Woolite?

Even though Woolite’s FAQs states that Woolite can be applied to a variety of fabrics, and maybe you don’t have any Eucalan handy, which made you wonder if applying Woolite can work on sheepskin. Unfortunately, it does not.

The point is, even the specialized versions on Woolite have enzymes and bleach in their content that can ruin your rug. This is why it is important to avoid the cleaners containing them, including Woolite, or similar detergents, for instance, Tide.

Why we mentioned Eucalan before, you may ask; and we will answer: it is free of enzymes. This means that the wool on the rug is going to stay safe and sound while being washed by hand, in a washer, in a basin.

Can I whiten my sheepskin rug?

Absolutely yes, the good old days when your rug was crystal white and shining can be true once again, even if now it is sullen and has a hint of yellow on. And if a nice wash did not bring back it’s brightness, and you do not want to ruin the wool with the cleansers, don’t worry, there is still away.

What you have to do here is to look for hydrogen peroxide instead of bleach. Then, we take a sponge, a bucket, and put there some water. We don’t really mind the temperature this time, so you are free to choose whichever feels most comfortable for you to work with. The amount of water should be enough to cover the whole rug in the bucket, but there is no need to fill the vessel to its fullest.

Once the preparations are done, and the rug is sunk in the water, add the hydrogen peroxide in the ration 1:3 (1 unit of water to 3 units of hydrogen peroxide). You can use a cloth or a sponge to rub the rug softly to ensure that the mixture gets thoroughly into the rug. The rug should get way whiter during the procedure, and when you think the color it reached is close enough to its initial color, take your rug out and wash it as you did before, with the steps we provided earlier.

Talking about substitutes to hydrogen peroxide, in case you don’t have a tiny bottle of it at home (if it is the case, we strongly recommend you to get it though, you will find it most handy), go to your kitchen and see if you have any vinegar. Don’t fret about how do you clean a sheepskin rug in this case, the procedure is still just the same: get a bucket, put the rug in, add water, and vinegar (a tablespoon of vinegar to 2 cups of water, you do the math).

Of course, there is plenty of colors other than white that a sheepskin rug can have – we are absolutely sure that you can find the one that suits you the best. If you wish to preserve their color, please avoid using hydrogen peroxide for sheepskin rug cleaning.

How to clean a sheepskin rug?
Grey sheepskin rug

How do I clean my faux sheepskin rug?

Sure enough, a real sheepskin rug is an expensive deal, and you always can consider getting a fake one. However, we should warn you that for fake sheepskin rugs it is common that the fibers won’t retain their shape when being pulled, according to Hunker. Real wool is also adept in moisture absorption; if you spill some water on it, it still stays warm and pretty dry, especially on underfur level.

All of the methods you learned with us today work well with the fake sheepskin too. In this case, you can also consider cleaning a rug with detergent and cold water in your bathtub.

How to clean a sheepskin rug?
White fake sheepskin rug

Let’s sum it up, or “how to wash a sheepskin rug: last words”.

Sheepskin rugs are a great decorative piece that you can use for your home. But they do ask for some nurture and care. When your rug gets stained, dusted, dirty, or sullen, there is a wide variety of ways to clean it quickly and efficiently. All that you have to do is to follow the instructions carefully, make sure you use proper temperature, right substance, correct proportions, and keep the products with bleach away from your rug. If you do so, you will have your sheepskin rug as good as new in no time!


Bedroom Decor Design in the Colors Kids Rooms

43 Nautical Bedroom Ideas That Will Bring Out The Sailor In You

It is not necessary to be a sailor to love nautical design and to materialize it in your bedroom. Nautical-themed rooms fill you with the feeling of freedom that you experience when you are on the ocean or any other reservoir.

A bedroom is exactly that place where you can and even should express yourself. It is your personal corner in the world which has to bring you positive emotions and plunge in comfort condition. No matter what others think about it. Even if you live in the heart of desert. The most important thing in design is your desire.

nautical theme bedroom

To create a nautical bedroom decor you need to include corresponding elements: boats, lifebuoys, anchors… and other sailing details. The traditional nautical color scheme consists of navy blue and white, however, natural wood and neutral colors suite too. More so, old schooners were made of wood.

Scroll down to see some amazing bedrooms in nautical style to get more ideas, or watch this video first (don’t forget to take a look at the list below, since the video shows only a small part of diverse design variants).

nautical bedroom ideas

A boat model near the bed is one of the brightest references to the nautical. Look how good these thematical striped bed linens in blue and white and a wicker basket (that performs the function of a bedside table) complete the themed interior.

nautical bedroom decor

This boat model calls attention to itself immediately and obviously indicates the style topic. Actually, it’s so charming and big, other words are not necessary here. It is the case when only one element changes the whole direction of the design theme.

nautical bedroom

Quite a frequent decision is a boat-shaped bed, this one is so spectacular that any kid would love to sail on it! The bluish carpet and blue walls also immerse in the nautical world here.

Like the idea? We also found a cool boat-shaped bed on Amazon! Here’s the picture of it:

nautical bedrooms

The next bedroom recalls a sailor’s home a lot, which is achieved by a combination of light wood and blue color. Besides, there are special sailing elements such as pillow with anchor and bunk bed similar to one in the ships.

boys nautical bedroom

Raise the sails! Fulfilled with a big amount of nautical decor, but at the same time simple, performed in a classic gray, blue and white color palette this bedroom is a great choice for admirers of the water element.

nautical themed bedroom

Welcome to the board! The concept of this unusual bedroom is an image of a huge luxurious boat berth. Round windows strengthen the impression of presence on the ship. One more feature is that this nautical theme bedroom seems both natural and modern.

nautical theme bedroom

The simplest way to bring sailing style in your room is to use throw pillows and nautical elements like a sailor’s cap. 

nautical bedroom ideas

This one is a more colorful example with red in the color palette. Here wooden planks are added to create support for a lifebuoy.

nautical bedroom decor

The perfect solution for a future sea conqueror or just a sea lover. Two globes, a picture of the ship bring dreams and memories, and a lot of drawers play the functional role of the room. The light color of the wood combines with the soft blue wall color ideally which creates a calm, pure, and a little bit lighthearted atmosphere in the present nautical themed bedroom.    

nautical bedroom

If you want to have a more girlie-styled bedroom then this is what you need. Brown wood and pink colors create a soft pleasant atmosphere. The reminders about the ocean here are a mirror in the shape of a ship wheel and the bed’s headboard similar to pink sails.

nautical bedrooms

So, now we can see an undoubtedly stylish, calm, and natural bedroom, the main highlight of which is the wooden oars above the bed. The other features that made the design really unique are a clock in the manner of a ship’s propellor, metallic lanterns, a nightstand made of thick rope, and a pillow with nautical ornament.

boys nautical bedroom

A less minimalistic variant is included in the design of your own collection of model boats and different things from the ocean like fish, corals, birds, small pieces from the ship. Here you can use your imagination.  Besides, this design solution looks interesting and each person choosing the idea has an individual collection.     

nautical themed bedroom

It is possible to turn a nursery into a nautical bedroom, too. Just use the necessary color palette and add some sailing elements like a lifebuoy.

nautical theme bedroom

Here the bedroom speaks for itself. A huge ship wheel did all the work perfectly. Note the usage of not traditional colors for nautical world: dark brown and beige look here harmonically.  

nautical bedroom ideas

One more idea of the base for lifebuoys is a fishing net. Traditional pictures of an anchor and a lifebuoy on the throw pillows add to the ocean style.

nautical bedroom decor

Here we have a quite a simple design but fresh, practical, and notable thanks to its blue wall with anchors and striped ornament.

nautical bedroom

Just look at this boat-themed children’s room. Almost every detail represents some object from sailing life: boat-shaped bed with the sail, chests, a carpet in the manner of water, chandeliers made in form of clouds. It is more similar to a boy’s nautical bedroom but if you bring here more cute homely details or take the same things but in more soft girlie style and colors, the room will be brilliant for girls, too.

nautical bedrooms

Even more nautical Bedroom Ideas

Didn’t find your perfect bedroom style yet? Then look down. We chose you some examples on Instagram and we’re leaving them here –

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Sixteen years ago when we moved into our house this was the first room we decided to update and decorate. With a house of boys we decided to go with a nautical ⛵️ theme but soon found that Georgia wasn’t the easiest place to find the decor we wanted. So, we took a road trip to St Augustine, Florida where we found the “motherload”🤗 From then on, when we would see nautical decor we would add it to our collection. Now, sixteen years later, this is still one of my favorite ♥️ rooms. swipe 👉for more pics Do you have a favorite room you’ve decorated? Happy Wednesday everyone☘️ ❤️Tonya Kay . #ldh2daily012yq . #beautifuldecorstyles #lovelydecorhomes #naturalinteriorstyles #homeswithpurpose #homestagers #homedecorations #interiordesigns #nauticaldecor #nauticalbedroom #boysbedroomdecor #reddecor #decorfromthesoul #potterybarnkids #potterybarnteen #potterybarnbedding #potterybarn

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Welp, I finished cleaning and decluttering this girls’ room from the “2 week Christmas break hoarding of ‘treasures’”. Anyone else’s kids do that?! Seriously…A trash bag full! Some days when I’m in here, I wish I was an 11 year old again and can have this room! #sorta 🤣🤣 I grew up in Florida and miss the weather and ocean SO much. Coming in here reminds me of those days and puts a smile on my face. . . . #cottonstemheartssimplicity #nautical #nauticalbedroom #antique #antiquebed #seashells #shellchandelier #shiplap #diy #babbfarmlife #garagereno #diylove #diywin #potterybarnkids #potterybarnbedding #cldecor #countrylivingmag #betterhomesandgardens #girlsbedroom #interiordesign #potterybarn #fixerupperstyle

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LI just wanted to say again, a big thank you for all of your kind words and support this week. Its been extremely exciting and so very lovely to hear you saying nice things about my art! Thank you to all of you who have bought from me already. Did you see that two of my abstract pieces sold before they made it into my shop! So happy they’re now in their new homes! I always love to see photos of my work in your homes, so keep tagging me @jennyevansartist so I can see them and feature you on here! Oooh, and also, don’t forget that if you sign up for my emails, you’ll get 10% your purchase – just head to the link in my bio. If you have any queries about any of the pieces in my Facebook shop, or want to ask me anything about what might be coming next, you can ask in the comments, DM me on here, or send me an email at [email protected] Thanks so much! . . . . . #artforyourwalls #fishart #limitededitionprints #giftsforfishlovers #nauticalthemedart #nauticalkidsroom #vintagestyleart #vintagestyleart #vintagekitchendecor #shabbychickitchen #countrykitchenart #countrykitchendecor #textileartist #embroideryartist #plymouthartist #plymouthcreatives #redaccent #redart #redhomedecor #wildlifeartist #mackerelart #artforinteriors #artforrestaurants #seafoodrestaurantdecor #homewaregifts #nauticalhome #nauticalbedroom #holidayhomedecor #beachhutdecor #beachhutstyle

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I’m so looking forward to putting the kids to bed tonight and just having an hour of me time. Once we say good night to them I don’t expect to see them till the morning. (Ok well maybe the little one that creeps in our bed some nights) And I don’t mean that in a harsh way, but I need my time too. By the time I’ve cooked dinner and hung out the last bits of washing it’s 9pm. So that hour before I go to bed I look forward to just watching tv or painting my nails or reading a book. That hour is like a golden hour of the day! 😂 #interior2you #metime #boysbedroomdecor #boysbedroomideas #sandersonwallpaper #treasuremapwallpaper #noaandnani #bunkbeds #nauticalbedroom #kidsbedroomdecor #cornerofmyhome #myhousethismonth #renolife #renovationproject #childhoodunplugged #myhomevibe #ourkidslivehere #housegoals #mumtime #kidsbedtime #evening_time #cornerofmyhome #honestlyparenting

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Parker’s big boy room! The big change we made in here was the layout and getting him a big bed! Luckily all of the decor from his nursery can grow with him! My friend is taking the rocking chair and then I will add some more storage baskets in that area. I have plans to add molding to the wall behind his bed, but we will get to that eventually! Swipe 👉🏻to see how it looked when we bought the house and swipe 👉🏻again to see how it was when it was his nursery. . . . . Shop this space! Click the link in my profile or screenshot this image for some product details. #liketkit . . . . #bigboyroom #kidsroomideas #kidsroomdesign #kidsroomstyle

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Nothing as crisp as navy and white! ⚓️

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Doppelter Spaß im Etagenbett. Für kleinere Kinderzimmer sind Etagenbetten ideal, weil sie nicht so viel Platz wegnehmen. Ohne die Etagenbettverbinder lassen sich die Couchbetten einzeln aufstellen oder mit der Spielbetterhöhung in zwei Hochbetten umbauen. Das Etagenbett wie auch unsere Spielbetten gibt es jeweils in 2 verschiedenen Höhen, je nach Platz und Vorliebe. . A bunk bed is twice the fun. For smaller bedrooms, bunk beds are ideal because they take up less floor space. Removing the bunk bed connector gives you two couch beds or – with the addition of two lower frames – two high-sleepers. Like all our high-sleeper variations, the bunk bed is available in two different heights, depending on available space and personal preference. . . . . . #bunkbed #etagenbett #hochbett #highsleeper #baldachinbett #spielbett #playbed #canopybed #couchbett #vielseitig #versatilefurniture #modular #sustainable #mitwachsend #isleofdogs #bedlinen #duvetcover #bettwäsche #isleofdogsdesign #kinderzimmerdeko #kidsroom #kidsinterior  #kidsroomdeco #qualityoverquantity #sailboat #segelboot #seaside #maritim #childrensfurniture #nauticalbedroom

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Bedroom Decor Living Rooms Tips

Curtain Colors to Go With Grey Walls

Choosing a wall color, people prefer going for something rather neutral that would give them space for creativity. No wonder that grey has been nailing this competition and now is on the top of its game. As it offers different backgrounds for the furnishings – from soft dove greys to deeper charcoals to the in-between greige – the options of decorations are also plentiful, including those for the curtain colors for grey walls. Everything depends on the vibe that you are creating.

Whether you want to roll with the classic curtains to match grey walls or substitute them with a more modern analog, like louver shutter, or combine the two – you simply cannot go wrong if combining them with grey walls. However, some top colors work best with such interior and that are used most frequently. Here, we’ve put them together in the list:

  • Different types of grey
  • Various kinds of whites
  • Shades of blue
  • Tans

You are very encouraged here to unleash your inner designer and set your imagination free. If you do not feel like putting too much effort though, or if you need some kick-start for the inspiration, we collected some wonderful combination examples with curtains for gray walls for you to use.

Sheer white curtains and medium grey walls

You will see, that in most bedrooms that we chose to be an example, there is used a trick where the curtain is hanged from a higher point than the top of the window. This trick gives an illusion of a higher ceiling and enlarges the space, “stretching” it up. Light sheer curtains add the airiness to the overall mood, and together with the light tone of the wall and the carpet, they do a good job making the room elegant and pure. And even relatively dark furniture parts do not weigh them down.

Curtains for grey walls
Sheer white curtains and medium grey walls

Charcoal grey curtains with medium grey walls

The charcoal curtains – whether they are sheer or thick – work as a great contrast to the lighter walls and floor. The choice of their material, as the choice of the furniture, will depend on the vibe that you are creating. Going for something more neutral and classic – darker materials to highlight the contrast and natural colors for the furniture to balance them. Feeling like making something more modern and fun? Add to this grey kingdom a touch of bright color in furniture and decorations: put a purple carpet or a yellow couch (or the two together?) and you are good to go.

Curtains for grey walls
Charcoal grey curtains with medium grey walls

Teal curtains next to medium grey walls

In this ensemble, it is beneficial to use cold tones for both curtains and walls. (Tip: mixing warm and cold tones in any one combination is very thin ice and a hard job, so we recommend you staying within one tone in an ensemble or combining neutral with cold or warm ones). Be ready for the teal curtains to give a colored shade to your walls and make them look slightly blueish. The thick material with deep color will add richness to the general mood. It is beneficial (yet not obligatory) to combine the curtains with the furniture group of the same teal color.

Curtains for medium grey walls
Teal curtains next to medium grey walls

Medium grey curtains together with medium grey walls

This couple is the classic example of monochromatic elegance – simple, yet dignified. And though the color of the curtains for a grey room can vary from the color of the walls (even if you do your best job to make them match when putting next to each other) due to the differences of the materials and their thickness, decorate the room with objects of the same soothing grey palette, and you get yourself a calm and peaceful getaway.

Curtains for medium grey walls
Medium grey curtains together with medium grey walls

Curtains and walls of the same tone

Talking about monochromatic groups, it works for the absolute majority of colors, not just medium grey. This is perfect timing to play with the texture and see what wonderful different shades (and shapes) it creates. Do not be afraid to try something bold – keeping it in one color smoothes down the texture differences so you will find it hard to lose track.

Curtains for grey walls
Curtains and walls of the same tone

Tan curtains and greige walls

Remember we talked about the mixture of cold and warm tones? As tough as this job is, it is not impossible, and this example will show you why. Greige color is on the top of its game now, it works well on both flat and textured surfaces (thus, you can use a brick wall, for instance), and supports well a wide palette of colors for the furniture. The warm tan of the curtains adds some coziness to the room, you can choose between sheer and thick material, however, if there are many details in the walls and furniture, it is recommended to choose the lighter variant.

Curtains for grey walls
Tan curtains and greige walls

Mossy green curtains against blueish grey walls

To bring in some nature vibe to the interior, consider combining blueish walls with greenish curtains (we recommend mossy green since it has already a hint of grey in it and goes well with blueish-grey, imitating sky and woods, but you are always encouraged to experiment and find new fascinating combinations of your own).

Depending on the density of the curtains material, the palette for the furniture will vary: thick curtains bring more color, thus you may want to stick to neutral tones for the furniture, while light sheer curtains do not make the overall look much heavier, so you will have an opportunity to play with the furniture colors more freely.

Curtains for grey walls
Mossy green curtains against blueish grey walls

Rose grey curtains and rose grey walls

Monochromatic looks can be different, so you do not have to stick to medium grey only. One way to bring life to the room in the monochrome is to add the print – it can be on curtains, can be on walls, can be on furniture or pieces of decoration. Here we suggest a delicate rose grey look for a nice relaxing atmosphere.

Curtains for grey walls
Rose grey curtains and rose grey walls

Mustard curtains and green-grey walls

The color of the curtain is constantly interacting with the wall color; depending on the tone and depth, they will influence each other differently. In this case, a bright yellow on the curtains brings up the green hues of the grey walls and makes the space more lively. The curtains used are not sheet, but neither too thick, thus they bring in just the perfect amount of brightness to balance the grey.

Curtains for grey walls
Mustard curtains and green-grey walls

Ocean blue sheer curtains and grey walls

In this simple look, there is not much texture used – the plain grey wall is combined with the blue sheet curtains. However, this simplicity enables us to bring the best out of these two colors and create a simulation of the ocean waves running high against the rocky shore.

Curtains for grey walls
Ocean blue sheer curtains and grey walls

Sheer teal curtains and grey walls

We already showed you a way to use teal curtains with grey palette walls – but this time we are doing it with sheer curtains to go with grey walls. If you compare the two (see “Teal curtains next to medium grey walls”), you will see how different the same color looks on the materials of different thicknesses.

Sheer curtains in this ensemble look almost turquoise with big windows full of light behind them. Sheer teal curtains are more playful than solid ones and call for modern decorations and furniture.

Curtains for grey walls
Sheer teal curtains and grey walls

Soft grey curtains with textured walls

As we mentioned before, to maintain a great balance of colors and textures, it is best to keep one simple and elaborate on the other one. That said if you introduce many different colors, do not mess with the textures, or keep it monochromatic and play with the surfaces. In this example, the textured concrete brings in different shades of grey and is accompanied by a dark floor and simple yet elegant draping curtains. The sofa and pillows match the colors of the floor and curtains, completing the overall look.

Curtains for grey walls
Soft grey curtains with textured walls

Greige curtains and greige walls

Did we say the monochromatic design solutions are extremely popular now? We will most likely repeat this some times again because they indeed are! This room offers you curtains that are textured, but the color that matches that one of the walls does not allow this texture to stand out. Such solid curtains take quite much attention on themselves, that is why the furniture and the decoration should be kept simple and not stand out.

Curtains for grey walls
Greige curtains and greige walls

Brown sofa with white curtains and grey walls

Brown sofa – whether it’s in textile or leather – is a classic design solution that works well in different interiors. In this example, we see how quite dense grey walls together with uplifting white sheer curtains create a great background to the classic furniture ensemble with the sofa in the lead.

Curtains for grey walls
Brown sofa with white curtains and grey walls

Creme colored curtains with dove drey walls

Even though the density of the grey on the walls is quite different, there is some resemblance between this look and the previous one – the curtains are used ceiling to floor for stretching the space upwards and are supported by soft grey walls, and the two of them together create an optimal background to almost any design.

Curtains for grey walls
Creme colored curtains with dove drey walls

A room in blue, grey, and white

As you know, the design is more complex than just matching the colors and it is not just the curtains and walls that should work together well. Here we prepared for you an example of the bedroom colored in blue, grey, and white – not just the walls and drapes, but also the bed, the sheets, the bedside tables, and even the armchair. This case may be specific due to the elaborate print used for the bed and the drapes (and as you may have noticed, it is the same for both), and such prints are hard to combine with other interior elements, however since these three cool colors work great together, the room does not look overloaded.

Curtains foe grey walls
A room in blue, grey, and white

Beige curtains with dark greige walls

Or vice versa! There are no strict rules in design as long as it resembles your vision and makes you feel exactly the way you want to feel. This room is a perfect representation of classic style, with some “light” elements in white color and “heavy” decorations in metal. Combined, they make a perfectly balanced elegant, and comfortable room.

Curtains foe grey walls
Beige curtains with dark greige walls

Charcoal grey curtains with light grey walls

The thick material of the curtains in this example makes the texture stand out, thus taking almost all the room from the walls and making them look almost colorless. Such curtains are indeed a solid interior design element and do require simplicity from the other elements in the same room.

Curtains for grey walls
Charcoal grey curtains with light grey walls

Summing it all up, when you look for the curtains that go with gray walls, think first about the feeling that you want to bring up for a person in the room. Whites, greys, and beiges are simple colors that make it very simple to keep things neutral. However, if you are going for a more lively vibe and have set your eyes on some bright colored curtains, remember that the light, the surface behind the curtain, the thickness of the material – these are the factors that will influence the color of your curtains constantly, making them change and vary.

That is why, before making the last decision we strongly suggest you check the colors out in different lighting and on different materials before making your final choice. In any case, there is no need to fret about what color curtains go with gray walls too much – take the one you like, try it, and if it did not work for your room, take another one and try again.


Kitchens & Dining Tips

How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen With Metal Studs

If you have a new open kitchen, you will feel unprecedented freedom. You have at least once in your life seen various cooking shows or visited people who grilled meat in their yard. You probably never had the idea of building such a cozy corner in your own yard. The idea of your own outdoor kitchen with metal studs is very tempting.

At first, it seems that this work is incredibly difficult and you are unlikely to be able to do it yourself. In fact, the complexity of building your own open kitchen is deceptive. You can really do everything yourself, all you need is the right set of tools and the willingness to devote a lot of time and effort to it. In our article, we will discuss in detail how to build your own open kitchen with your own hands and at the same time avoid catastrophic mistakes.

How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen With Metal Studs

Think About Buying One Of Them

how to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs

In fact, there is no special difficulty in building your own kitchen, there are things in your yard that will be much more difficult according to the project. But you will need a lot of time, financial investment, and effort. You will have to work hard to finally be able to enjoy cooking delicious food in your own kitchen in the open air. So decide for yourself whether you have enough time, money, and energy to get started on your own. The modern market provides a huge number of options for ready-made outdoor kitchen, but if you take it up yourself, you can create a unique and convenient platform for cooking.

Make the Barbeque Island Plans

how to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs

This is a very important step that you should not miss. Before you start building an open kitchen, you need a clear plan for it. First, you need to make sure to write down the exact dimensions of everything you want to see in your kitchen. These can be:

  • Boxes;
  • Sink;
  • Lattices;
  • Fridge;
  • Kitchen cabinet;
  • Plate and etc.

You should clearly imagine the final result before the construction process itself. The easiest way to do this is to get acquainted with the catalogs provided by various equipment suppliers. You can even download bbq island plans pdf from many sites. They usually contain a large selection of sizes for any equipment.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice from the masters. You can ask someone to evaluate your plan. This is very important and will save you from problems in the future. A fresh look at your plan may notice the mistakes you made, and it is important to correct them before you start the construction process. If you use the services of a contractor for the construction process, it will tell you how to improve your drawing and what changes to make to it.

Choose The Right Tools

how to build an outdoor kitchen with metal studs

Do not rush to get down to business until you are sure that you have all the necessary tools available. If you choose to work with steel studs, it means that some of the tools on the list will be very specific. If you don’t have them in stock, don’t panic. There are special stores where you can rent these tools. Here is a complete list of what you will need during construction:

  • Clamps;
  • Laser level;
  • Chalk box;
  • Fasteners;
  • Screw gun;
  • Hammer drill;
  • Level;
  • Metal cut-on saw.

How Many Metal Studs For Outdoor Kitchen Do You Need

barbeque island plans

Now that we have prepared the necessary drawing and purchased all the tools we need, we need to decide on the number of metal studs that we will need to build your open kitchen. Contractors recommend using one metal stud per twelve inches, especially when you are putting up walls. Don’t forget that you will need steel plates. They are used for the lower and upper parts in the kitchen design.

Draw Lines With Chalk

barbeque island plans

Chalk is useful to us in order to choose where each item of furniture you plan will go or a metal hairpin. If you are going to build on the floor, you can chalk out the area you are using. Markup is very important, and you will appreciate its usefulness when you start working on it. It is much more convenient and there is a higher chance that you will do everything correctly.

Screw-In the Tracks

bbq island plans pdf

If you look in any guide to building an outdoor kitchen metal frame, you will notice that everyone recommends starting by screwing down the bottom tracks. Follow exactly the chalk lines that you drew to mark the future kitchen, place the lower tracks. You need them in order to maintain the weight of the project during the entire construction process. Next, turn on the drill and drill holes: one in the metal stud, the other in the track. Fix this hole with a screw as tightly as possible. If you have a concrete surface at your disposal, then you will make your work easier if you use a regular puncher. It will save you a lot of time.

When you put the track, make sure that all the long lines and corners are exactly aligned with the markup. If necessary, correct any errors. Align the side flange to allow the overlap to easily fall into place. This is very important for the correct overlap of all corners. If you use longer tracks, you should block them at least six inches. When everything is installed, secure the resulting structure with a concrete screw to press it more firmly to the floor. So you will definitely get a reliable design and cannot worry about its strength.

Plumb the First Track

metal studs for outdoor kitchen

The upper and lower tracks are the most important part of the entire structure of outdoor kitchen steel framing. They must be vertical, so you cannot do without a laser level. If you use it, place the laser level in the lower middle of the track. Many contractors recommend using the laser level in all similar procedures, its use is quite simple and it effectively shows itself in construction. The Plumb line works on a similar principle.

Trim the Steel Studs

metal studs for outdoor kitchen

We continue to build the open kitchen of our dreams and the next step is to adjust all the metal studs. How do I do this? Take one flange of a metal stud and bend it up, cut it off at the bend with special scissors. If your kitchen project will include plumbing or electronics, cut off all the metal studs on one side. Remember that safety is an important thing in this class, so do not forget to wear protective gloves to protect your hands from injury.

If you need to cut several pieces at the same time, then a miter saw with a metal cutting blade is perfect for this task. There is another available option that will make it easier for you to cut off the metal studs. To start, score them with a knife on the front and back sides. Then send it back and forth until the metal stud snaps.

To Attach Metal Studs To The Tracks

outdoor kitchen metal frame

Use the C-clip pliers to attach the metal studs to the tracks. Use medium speed to insert the number eight pallet head screw in the middle. The screw should not measure less than half an inch. But even here, a small problem may stand in our way. You should use a clutch installation that can guide the screw to where it should be, but not with enough force to clean the hole, otherwise, you risk getting a weak connection to the structure.

Make Some Metal Headers

outdoor kitchen metal frame

If you plan to install equipment or furniture of a non-standard shape, this step is necessary. Cut the path a couple of inches more than the width of the hole you made. It is important that the length of each flange does not exceed one inch. When you have complied with all the sizes, fold the fabric ninety degrees and down by means of pliers. Perfect for those that are made of sheet metal, they are also called fixing.

Pour Concrete

how to build a bbq island with steel studs

Carefully consider what kind of kitchen you want to get at the end of the work and whether you should strengthen it properly. To do this, you will use concrete. It needs to be poured into the outer kitchen steel frame. So you will be one hundred percent sure that the kitchen will serve you for many years and will not be destroyed. If you don’t want to fill it, you can use concrete panels. If you do not have a lot of financial resources, you can buy wooden panels. This option is less stable, but it is economical.

Pull the Electrical Cables

how to build a bbq island with steel studs

Whether you decide to do this right now or put it off for later, you will still need to run several electrical cables through your structure. To do this, you should carefully look at the drawing that you prepared before the construction work began. The plastic sleeve that fits into each knockout can be very useful because it will save the cable from rubbing against the sharp edges of the metal. We recommend using plastic ties that are screwed to metal studs to get the best result.

Wood Blocking

how to build a bbq island with steel studs

If there are any spaces that are not closed yet, you can close them using wooden blocks. Perhaps some of the walls will remain uncovered, or you just want everything to look new. In any case, whatever you decide, wooden locks will do this task best.

Add Counters and Veneers

outdoor kitchen steel framing

So we got to the actual last step of our guide to building an open kitchen with metal studs, and this step will be adding countertops and veneer. Many people choose granite counters, as they have amazing strength. In the end, you can use any veneer you like: tile, stone, plaster, or combine several options. Remember the main rule: use only strong materials, as your kitchen is constantly outdoors under the influence of various weather conditions.

Take Сare Of Your New Outdoor Kitchen

outdoor kitchen steel framing

After that, you can install all the hardware you want. Ready, you can enjoy your brand new outdoor kitchen. But this is not the end of your work. You will need to take preventive measures to make the kitchen happy for a long time. For example, if you used wood for construction, you should cover it with high-quality wood paint, so that the material will serve you for a long time.

You have plenty of options for your outdoor kitchen: you can place a grill, a roaster, assemble a wood-burning pizza oven, a smokehouse, and much more. It all depends on the place you marked and your imagination. If you have children, you can place some playsets nearby so that they can have something to do while you cook a delicious meal.

How To Build A BBQ Island With Steel Studs

metal studs for outdoor kitchen

After all, learning how to build a street kitchen with metal studs is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. However, this takes a large amount of your time, and here, too, much depends on your initial idea. For this reason, many people prefer not to engage in the construction process themselves and hire a contractor or buy a ready-made street kitchen. But this option will not be able to compare with deep pride in their work, because the kitchen, built with their own hands, brings more satisfaction.